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Quote Of The Week

“Who’s talking to the BLM mechanic out there in Nevada? How about their dry cleaner? And where they get their doughnuts?”

– WRSA Reader



DIY Weapons In Syria – The Hell Cannon

Name: Hell
Function: Explosive barrel Cannon
Specifications:It can fire more than fifteen types of shells that weigh more than forty kilograms. It also has two locally-made rocket launchers (Rohingya)
Range: 1.5 kilometers
Effectiveness: Up to 200 square meters
Projectile: Propane gas cylinder
Cost of the shell: 15000 Syrian Pounds
Country of Origin: Syria
Manufacture: Ahrar Al-Shamal Battalions

See also

10 Improvised Weapons Made By Syrian Rebels


Mosby: Tactical Intelligence Considerations (With Relevance To Bunkerville)

Protesters gather at the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville, Nevada
Detailed, pungent, useful commentary.


Mosby: New Kids On The Block

From John Mosby:

One of the complaints I often hear via email is the cost involved in traveling to training. Training itself, whether with me, Max V, Mason-Dixon, or any of a variety of other trainers, is not particularly expensive. Getting TO that training CAN be though. With trainers working all along the eastern seaboard, and throughout the midwest, as well as here in the mountain northwest, one of the shortcomings in training has been the southwest. I’ve done a few classes there, and will continue to do so in the future, but it’s not a place I go regularly (or at all in summer!).

Fortunately, there’s a new kid on the block ready to step in and do their part. Sierra12 (www.sierra12.com) is run by a couple of combat arm vets from the Army and Marine Corps who have been in a couple of classes with me, and know what they are doing. They’ve helped AI classes, and generally can be trusted to know what the fuck they are talking about in the context of their classes.

Most important of all, since they conduct at least some of their training on the same place I do training in Arizona, and I’ve had discussions about them with the land owner, I can attest that they won’t rape your cattle, steal your women, or show you a bunch of stupid bullshit that will get your ass killed earlier than fate decrees.

Perhaps most important of all, while I was doing important shit like taking classes for work, they were actually doing what they believe in and standing on the line in Nevada. Support their efforts.

If you’re in the SW, check them out.





ZH: Police Killed In China For Malpractice


Who knew?

Mess with people enough, and they fight back.

With only rocks, if necessary.

Good to know.


Guerrillamerica: Threat Characteristics and TO&E


If you don’t know the answers to these questions in your AO, you are in trouble:

What is the strength and disposition of ALL regime forces in the Area of Operations (AO)?

How are they organized?

What equipment do they have?

Bonus: Anyone with a brain can and should be a collector.

Injuries or infirmities do not disqualify.



From over the transom:

There are three ways to win a battle:

Head to head - the most expensive and dangerous way.
Head to head – but taking the bad guys head out of the fight. Psyops, disinfo ops, pbs, etc.
Forfeit – making it so the bad guys can’t show up. Photo and publish photos of all involved LE. Photo and publish photos of all their license plates and vehicles possible.

Sidewall punctures of tires. Run the bad guys costs way up; eliminate their mobility – at worst, get charged with malicious mischief.

And most importantly, “own” the language, grammar, and terms used. Identify the politicians and BLM as the bad guys. Do not use a single term, word, label, or definition currently used by the useful idiots at BLM.

Remove the word “militia” from use and replace with “law-abiding citizens”.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

Buppert: Question Obedience, Not Authority


You ultimately control the game.

Withdraw consent.

lg By any means

Guerrillamerica: OPSEC Class This Wednesday

Sam has the details at his place.

Be there if you can.

The Emotions Of Socialism

If you do not yet understand that freedom-loving people are engaged in a religious war with the Collectivists, this GoV piece will help.

There is no compromise with religious fanatics.

There is isolation (which has failed due to their successful Long March).

There is victory.

And there is defeat.

Choose wisely.

The Admixture Of Military And Law Enforcement

Herschel posts an important article on Regime force synthesis.

Related thoughts from Sam K. and this LRC piece.

And if anyone in FREEFOR thinks they will be able to operate successfully against these threats without a robust Intel function, they are kidding themselves.

Good news?

Tactics (such as evidence collection, intel-based targeting, and personnel duty syntheses) work both ways.

Comms, The Feds, & Next Time

TL raises the issue.

The Bad People will be interdicting communications from the next hotspot – count on it.

NightWatcher sends:


In regard to a communication protocol for events such as Bunkerville, I dug up some old pictures I remember from Waco. Our communication system is only slightly better than that practiced by the Branch Davidians.

We can do far better than this.

Please refer your readers to the AmRRON/TAPRN (American Redoubt RadioNetwork/The American Preparedness Network) website to help this program along:


Pictures attached.

Tempus fugit.


Sparks31: Request For Info/Want More Classes?

Sparks31 is willing to add more dates, but needs space.

Can you help?

Ping him at his place.


JC Dodge: Holsters – A Subjective Analysis of the Waist Mounted Handgun Conveyance

Read and learn.

Share your holster learning experiences in comments.

TL Davis: A Terrorist Government

TL provides more proof that “FUSA” (former United States of America) is the correct term these days.

Alea iacta est.


Visual Resistance

From various places – enjoy!




harry reids world

Zoomie: For That Asshole Harry Reid – Pan Fried Rebellion

Copy of proud domestic terrorist
More at his place.


$10 DIY Alarm System That Calls Your Cellphone

Excellent cost/benefit ratio.

American ingenuity.

It’s what will win this war.

DumpDC: Patriot Games & The Upcoming Unpleasantness

Russell returns with some observations on the accelerating events.

You ready?

Tempus fugit.

Up Yours, Bloomberg

David posts a great response to Mad Dwarf Bloomberg’s new $50 million dollar genocide-preparation campaign, which has already crapped itself.

And look: the feces are now spreading.

It’s true:



Ten-Day Tapestry

Tensmiths recounts and explains the past ten days.



#bundyranch: Volunteer And Rumor-Quashing Hotlines Established

From Oathkeepers:

We have set up two phone numbers for Bundy Ranch related issues.

The first number is for those wishing to volunteer for watch and other duties at the ranch and also for those who wish to send supplies to the ranch and need to know how best to send those supplies. Please do not call this number unless you wish to volunteer or send/donate supplies to the ranch. The individual on the phone will have a list of needed supplies. The main point of this number is to be able to establish a tentative schedule in order to best have all positions covered. We need people now but if you can’t make it for a few days or weeks we ask that you still call the line because we WILL have a need long term and we would like to get our roster fleshed out. If you are calling to volunteer be prepared to provide contact info, an estimated arrival date, the length of time you may wish to stay and give us some idea of the skills and equipment you have to offer.

Anyone volunteering for security/watch duty MUST put themselves under the leadership of the on-site security team leader, Jerry DeLemus, an Oath Keeper and the leader of the largest 912 Project group in New Hampshire.

The Watch Roster Hotline number is: 702-793-9217

The second number is to verify or quash Bundy Ranch related rumors. If you are hearing rumors, positive or negative, that are potentially of great importance use this number to get information directly from the folks on site. PLEASE use good judgement before calling this number. If we are overwhelmed with nonsense the line will be of no use.

The Rumor Verification Hotline number is: 702-793-9219


Today: Georgia Oathkeepers Rally – GA State Capitol – 1300 EDT – 19 April 2014

The rain is almost over.

Hope to see you there.

FTF time with your allies is a good thing.

Get your GAOK shirts here; POC is patriotranger@hotmail.com: