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SK: The Colonization Of The West

Read the latest from Sultan Knish.

Understand that just as the German National Socialists were happy to ally themselves with Muslim leaders, so too have been the American Socialists – from Frank “Hot Wheels” Roosevelt and the House of Saud down to the transnationalist ruling class of America, circa 2012.

Embrace the horror.

Learn about Yugoslavia and its evisceration.

It’s coming.

And do you really think the flaccid, anemic American institutions of today will do anything but supplicate before their new masters?

Based on exactly what, do you so suppose?

Get ready.


On Doing Something

Two men speak truth:

Kerodin: The 2012 Liberty Plan

CTL: Show Up

Excerpt from #2:

…Every one of those people out protesting and gathering that you call communists are exercising their redress of grievances, and some of them are willing to take the lumps for what they believe in. Every time they are out there, and for as long as they are out there, means they are advancing. As long as the Tea Party, III Percenters, and Patriots sit at home watching it all on television and unfold before them … as long as your voice goes unheard … you are handing the field to them. When the field is completely taken, you will have a snowball’s chance in hell of taking it back. That means your children, and their children, and their children… will live in absolute rule of those who have taken the field … from you…


Our property.

Our families.

Every bit of each is already in play.

Whether or not anyone chooses to believe so.

OpFor gets it.

Do you?

AP: Six Fundamentals Of Reconnaissance





Bracken Sends

From over the transom:

I just noticed something that was so obvious all along.

Fast and Furious stands for False Flag.

It’s a false flag operation, to blame Mexican mass murders on law-abiding American gun dealers and gun owners and the 2nd Amd. The mass murders would not be blamed on the ATF, DOJ or Holder, but on their political enemies, the “bitter clingers.”

False Flag.

Instead of two fictional ATF middle grades shooting into a football stadium to provoke a backlash against “assault rifles,” (as in my first novel), they actually handed 2,000 “assault rifles” to cartel killers, knowing exactly how they would be used.

They just used DEA and FBI “informants” as cutouts, conduits and killers. Just like in the old Boston days, but with a vastly greater body count.

Here it is.

Fast and Furious stands for False Flag. It’s a joke to them, probably cooked up between Newell and O’Reilly.

– Matt Bracken

A Sunday Contemplation

Please take the time to read AP’s work here, along with its embed.

Then read and think through the commentary.

There are those who exult idealistic martyrdom as the right path in the coming Cataclysm.

To those, I sincerely say, “God bless you”.

As for me and mine, I am a child of the Pacific war.

With everything that that heritage implies.

Sorting time’s almost finished.

Be right with the Code of your choosing.

Tempus fugit.

DumpDC: Unalienable Rights

Russell lays it out.

Don’t go wobbly.



As noted by Miss Barnhardt, consider an Aquapod kit for at least one of your bathtubs:

If you are planning on staying around your house after the war starts and not bugging out or mustering for combat, then this product makes sense. It is also great for those in hurricane zones, obviously.

Think break-up of Yugoslavia, and the ordinary people who died running a sniper’s gantlet trying to get water.

No kidding.


Euroland Explained

From Zero Hedge comes this explanation of the Euroland financial system save of last week.

In completely unrelated news, ammunition and quicklime futures are looking higher at the Monday open.

Dragging Theory Into The Streets

Sam links to Arctic Patriot.

Read both pieces, and ponder.

Tempus fugit.

GardenSERF: A Message To America From Amerika

Read and watch everything in GS’s latest essay.

Where have all the anti-Communists gone?

Long time passing…

Where have all the anti-Communists gone?

Long, long time ago…

EuroWar 2018

From Saturday’s UK Daily Mail.

I prefer the extended crystal-ball-gazing from GoV:

Part I

Part 2

Part 3

No matter.

They’ve got it coming.

Military Medical Course Downloads

A reader sends this link-load on things medical.

Download and make offline accessible.

You’re gonna need ‘em.

The National Emergency Will Continue Beyond October 27, 2011

Read it all.

Do you understand yet?

(h/t to a Georgia patriot)

Codevilla: The Lost Decade

Read all of this recap of American defeat since 2001.

I am torn.

From a standpoint of limited Constitutional government, Pax Americana was always illegitimate.

And yet…

And yet…

What faces those who believe in individual freedom in the coming decades post-Pax is almost too terrible to contemplate.

Harden your hearts.

Toughen your bodies.

Pass on your skills, experience, assets, and mindset.

No quarter.


You were once a great Nation but you ought to be proud still having free-minded living men (as far as i have been reading this discussion).

Here, in France, we are all slaves and used to be like this for a long time.

I would say most of us enjoy it, except maybe 1 out of 50000 like me.

You have so many possibilities we do not have here (great men who fought or are still fighting for liberty, guns’ laws, large territory, large human base)

Despair is your only ennemy.
Have faith.

P.S.: I apologize for my english !

– Commenter Lolo, in response to this post