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Cutting-edge geopolitical satire.

Damned Secessionists

The nerve of them – defying their nation’s constitution and refusing to remain tied to a group of venal, corrupt stooges.




Men and women who aspire to freedom.

Brothers and sisters.

Perhaps Just A Tiny Bit More

Another reader sends, in two parts:

Even the New York Times is unhappy.

I especially like the bit about previous Ebola strains documented to be airborne. Nothing, in theory, prevents this one from going airborne as well. In fact, given its sloppy genetic replication and the number of patients it is infecting, an airborne version is almost certain to arise.

Med supplies, soon, will be in short supply.

Ebola is typically considerd to be spread via contact only. Contact precautions require gloves & gowns. The airborne transmission we all fear is a bit trickier. Airborne precautions require negative pressure rooms, HEPA filters, and at least N95 masks, if not full on PAPR respirators.

Which of the above two standards are you more likely to find in a remote area in Africa? And are you cynical enough to consider that TPTB may claim you only need contact precautions, knowing that airborne precautions are impossible to provide?

While you are considering that, also remember that even large hospitals in the US only have limited negative pressure rooms. My hospital (I am a Pulmonary/Critical Care physician) has 400+ beds but only 10 negative pressure rooms.

Over in Africa they used the following equipment:

as well as N 95 masks

nitrile gloves

and goggles

I would load up on at least N95 masks–which must be fit tested to each user (don’t forget the kids) or full on PAPR masks, if you have money to burn.

With lots of batteries. And backup filters.

I would also include buckets of bleach (harder to store in bulk) or swimming pool bleach tablets (easier to store) as the Ebola virus does not tolerate bleach well, regardless of transmission. You should be able to wash all exposed surfaces (or yourself, or loved ones) for some protection.

If it is airborne, and you are out in the wild, the best defense is distance. Ebola, of any form, has a limited airborne range due to exposure to UV light, which is lethal for the virus. And this makes inherent sense: an infected chap sneezing next to you is more dangerous than the chap sneezing down the block.

Keeping you and loved ones protected at home will require a functional lockdown. You and the kids will need to stay at home with essentially no interaction with the world for about a month. Plastic sheeting, duct tape, & etc for the doors & windows may or may not be overkill; hard to tell. But a 1 month supply of food and water, along with the hygeine supplies mentioned above, would be the bare minimum. Remember to add additional water (does not have to be potable, collected rainwater will do) if you want to reconstitiute bleach from pool chlorine tabs.

This is scary, scary stuff. It would do, however, to remember that there was an outbreak of a highly related virus (Marburg) that showed a much lower case-fatality rate in developed countries with modern medical care, than it does in the African wild.

So even though this should be taken seriously, as long as the developed countries do not descend into Zombie movie levels of madness, we should have a fighting chance.

Part Two:


UpToDate is a website that is typically subscription only; it costs our hospital around $20,000 per year and is worth every penny.

It is the clear go-to favorite for medical information for physicians.

They have made their articles on Ebola freely accessable to the public.

You can either go to the general website, where it will be clearly obvious where the links are, or you can go here:

and here:

Both are full of links to the various CDC and WHO documents.

This will be at a fairly technical level and may be difficult to understand for the general reader. If, however, you are interested in the best possible summary of Ebola information, this is clearly it.

How the West Created the Islamic State

But…but…this couldn’t possibly be true.

Because John McCain.


And John Kerry.


And Marie Harf.


And Hillary Clinton.

hillary wooga

Sandia Report Draws Lessons Learned From 23 ‘Perfect Heists’

For educational purposes only; report here.

Remove clothes before ironing.

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

AmMerc: The Sniper Insurgent

Some thoughts on aimed fire.

You do have confirmed dope for your rig out beyond 300m, right?

Two From InformOps

Case Study: Drugs, Pirates & Tor – STFU

Some Good Advice

Security is rooted in behavior, not technology.

Good Advice

It’s the only way to be sure.

All Your Everything Are Belong To Us

UPDATE 1555 EDT 12 SEPT 14: Related piece on the fourth branch of gubmint – administrative law.

A look into the Bush/Obama doctrine of executive supremacy and its lineage (h/t Insty).

Pass this to your associates who believe that we still live in ‘Murika, rather than FUSA.

Fran P. said it best today:

The rough beast has reached Bethlehem.
You have no allies in any element of the State.
It’s come down to individuals and awakened communities.
Nothing will substitute for individual and local preparedness.
If you cherish freedom, make ready to defend it personally.
Each free American must stand his own ground.

Good luck.

Our tactical and operational situation is very much simplified.

Let’s make sure that individual freedom is central to the strategy served by those actions.

And then…

Let’s win.

Buppert: The Statist Quo – Breaking Bad and Worse

Copy of snake axe resist
Bill’s latest.

This secession stuff really has people worried.

Defy tyranny.

Stand for individual freedom.


No matter what.

More, More, More

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Hemorrhagic Epidemic Guy sends:

Seems to be picking up a bit. That whole exponential thing is a bitch.

New Who Sitrep

roadmapsitrep3_eng_ (1).PDF

WHO suspects um, numbers may actually be under-reported. Oh, andit’s spreading intensely in densely populated urban areas like Monrovia. Liberia reported a rise of 231 new cases in 2 days from 9/8 to 9/10.

50 Mutations in the first month

Viruses mutate and change with each infection there is a chance of a new variant being formed and propagated. More hosts = more chances for a significant mutation to take place.

Old Grey Lady says “airborne risk” means someone needs to take over “Command and Control” and suggests the UN Blue Helmeted Smurf brigades be called into the AO.



Break out the cigars?

Cuba is sending 165 medical professionals to help. “Cuba is world-famous for its ability to train outstanding doctors and nurses and for its generosity in helping fellow countries on the route to progress,” says Dr Chan.”


Excellent – they will arrive October 1st (by then things will be quite different on the ground).

Ignore the parts about energy, focus on understanding exponential:

Vaya con Dios!


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Uh, yeah.

Totally coincidental; h/t Iowahawk. Read the comments back at FLOTUS, btw.

WeaponsMan does a much better job (of course).



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Nice beard.


Check out ZH: “Western Sanctions Will Make Moscow Back The Chinese Yuan Against The Dollar”, citing this China Daily USA editorial.

Key grafs (but read it all):

…China has a very important relationship to keep with the US. Playing a long game, Beijing usually avoids direct collisions with Washington, and means to profit from the US-initiated globalization to the fullest extent possible. Like Russia, however, China would also want to carve out a comfort zone for itself along its eastern borders and shores, and, like Russia again, it faces the reality of the US’ physical presence and US-led alliances there. What Washington is now doing in an effort to contain Moscow in Eastern Europe provides important information to Beijing in East Asia.

There is more to Beijing’s reaction than just watching and drawing conclusions. The apparently long-term rupture of Russia’s relations with the West offers an opportunity to the Chinese leadership to enhance its already close relationship with the Kremlin and thus turn the global geopolitical balance in its favor – not unlike former US president Richard Nixon and former secretary of state Henry Kissinger who reached out to Chairman Mao Zedong in 1972. The Russians, angry with Washington, are now more amenable to giving China wider access to their energy riches and their advanced military technology. The Western sanctions pushing Russia out of the international financial system are also making Moscow more ready and willing to back the Chinese yuan against the US dollar.

A Sino-Russian military alliance against the US is still a rather long shot. Yet the two countries’ political, economic and military alignment is getting thicker. An expellee from the G8, which is now back to G7, Russia is now eagerly embracing the non-West, particularly in Asia and Latin America…

Sic transit gloria mundi.

Barack Obama


Putin Xi Sept 2014

Totawwy Waaaaacisss

WashTimes: PC military? Army worried too many white men lead combat units

Dispense forthwith with all pretense of merit.

Drive out all competent white officers, NCOs, and enlisted men.

Return them to CONUS forthwith with their careers wrecked and the true nature of their government burned into their souls.

Please don’t throw me in dat dere briar patch!!!

Chicago Style

Captain’s Journal: Chicago Police Raid Settled Out Of Court

Best thing?

The settlement is paid out of taxpayers’ funds.

How about no personal immunity from lawsuit just because you are cops?

shiny badges don't

Risk And Opportunity

H/t to AM for this EW link.


Digital systems pushing unprecedented power into the heads of smart, creative insurgents.

Someone should write a book.

Don’t Lose – You Won’t Like It: 1945 Edition

H/t to Brock for this tale of Anglo-American perfidy at the end of “the last good war”.

Related reading here


and here.


Don’t lose.

No matter what.


Latest chapter.



Max V: Student AAR – Combat Patrol 30 Aug – 1 Sep

It was dark.

The kind of dark where you can’t see a foot in front of you. Your support hand is out front touching your battle buddy as you move down the steep slope. You reach the bottom, cross a small wooded expanse and come upon a power line clearing. Halt command is passed down and the group moves into a herringbone formation with 360 security. The squad leader signals for linear danger crossing. As rear security, you and your battle buddy move up to the front and individually cross the open area.

Scanning the woods on the far side, down the clear cut, and covering your sector you signal back to the rest of the squad. The whole squad moves silently across the danger area. Moving forward and navigating the steep terrain, the objective is spotted. Squad leader signals for halt and you take a knee. The canopy is thick here, darkness reigns. You can barely make out the outline of the man next to you. The half moon lights up the outline of the trees above but no light makes it to the forest floor. The only light comes from small, miniscule patches of bioluminescent fungi eerily glowing off decaying logs. Above the trees and over the next ridge the sky is momentarily lit from heat lightening racing from cloud to cloud.

Suddenly the sentry at the objective starts lighting up the woods with a flashlight. Has the enemy spotted us? Your heart starts racing. Everyone goes prone and does their best impression of a log…

Read the rest.

MVT schedule – current through July, 2015.

Get it while you can.

Survival Rendezvous – Young, AZ – November 8-11, 2014

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Flyer here.

Contact for more info.

Local, local, local.

The Globe In Play

PSYOPS: Russia and the Menace of Unreality

Nyquist: Opening Moscow’s Bag of Political and Strategic Tricks

ZH: Spain Moving Towards Civil War

ZH: Chinese Majority Believes War With Japan Only A Mater Of Time

9/11 Hatespeech

engine 6
Tolerance on 9/11

Of course it’s a one-way street.

You are not of the chosen groups.

Nor was my cousin.

Truthers, let it go on this one, eh?

Normal, everyday people were murdered that day.

“By whom?” doesn’t matter today.


Via a reader.

Guerrillamerica: Top 4 Kinetic Threats


Got your naughty/nice list?

Tempus fugit.