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Come On – It’s Not Like The Dude Was Going To Use That Stuff Any More

From a reader:

CT State Trooper Pleads Guilty In Theft From Dying Motorist

I think they just hate cops.


PAP 26mm

thread protecter (2)

Hello WRSA Reader:

In the last couple of months, we have had a number of request for us to manufacture a muzzle break for the PAP AK-47 style pistol. We just added it to our line of solvent traps/muzzle brakes.

It is made of hammer forged hardened steel. It’s parkerized, works great as a flash suppressor, and it does tame the recoil a good bit.

As most AK pistol shooters know, your barrel will get very dirty very fast, and a dirty gun is just wrong! So add the NAPA or WIX 4003/24003 filter with our muzzle brake adaptors so you can recover your expensive solvents and help clean up our environment at the same time. In our own testing, this solvent trap works better than the $900.00 ones on the market.

There is no doubt that the most accurate rifle is a properly cleaned rifle. The ability to use penetrating solvents, over a controlled period of time, is paramount to a properly cleaned rifle. Not every one of us has the ability to spend hundreds of dollars on a one time use solvent; but every one of us has a responsibility to the environment around us, and a responsibility to leave it clean for that next generation. You might join us in the thought, that our world is in need of a thorough clean up these days. These brakes can help you do your part.

Shoot Green
Be Green
Stay Clean

From A Reader


Via The Fundamental Transformation Desk

WaPo: Dangerous journeys taken by migrants to the United States

The Obama Dallas Immigration Visit – The Curious Case of Obama’s “Faith Leaders” and Obama’s “Faith-Based Groups”…

kevin-dinninStooge, but one with more than $200 million in that sweet and easy gubmint cheese…

(H/t Rev. Swank Lodgins)

Guerrillamerica: Identifying SHTF Indicators

Better damned well have your scanners (literal and metaphorical) set on “high”.

Your life and that of those around you depend on it.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

Tangentially related FBI presser here.

Things Not To Do


Because that would be wrong.

Community Organizer Sends

From the local dead-drop:

Rather than focus on tactics, which vary somewhat depending on terrain and situation (British…thoughts aside.) let us consider the Principles of War as a series promoting nationwide coordination and synchronization.


UNITY OF COMMAND - For every objective, ensures unity of effort.

Command is the authority that a commander in the armed forces lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of rank or assignment. It is also one of the elements of a lawful combatant. Command includes the authority and responsibility for effectively using available resources and for planning the employment of, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling military forces for the accomplishment of assigned missions. It also includes responsibility for health, welfare, morale, and discipline of assigned personnel. The elements of command are authority, decision-making, and leadership.

Success in command is impossible without control. Within command and control, control is the regulation of forces and battlefield operating systems to accomplish the mission in accordance with the commander’s intent. It includes collecting, processing, displaying, storing, and disseminating relevant information for creating the common operational picture, and using information, primarily by the staff, during the operations process. Control allows commanders to disseminate their commander’s intent, execute decisions, and adjust their operations to reflect changing reality and enemy actions. It allows commanders to modify their commander’s visualization to account for changing circumstances. Control also allows commanders to identify times and points requiring new decisions during preparation and execution.

A decent overview. Some self-study required.

Since guerrillas do not [initially] seek to fight a single decisive battle but rather a series of independent fights, command and control is necessarily decentralized to support small unit (platoon and squad) sized actions. This is NOT to say there is no coordination to achieve an end goal.

Unity of effort exists primarily at the strategic/political level only. Because the aim of guerrilla warfare is to harass, weaken, and demoralize the enemy (as well as gather supplies, confidence, and information) rather than to seek decisive battle, numerous independently led actions at the operational and tactical levels are necessarily connected to the strategic goals. As mentioned earlier, failure to coordinate efforts will result in the piecemeal destruction of FREEFOR, tactically, legally, and in the eyes of their support base.

An example:

OP MURRIETA (California, that is.)

Situation: OPFOR is massing stinking badges to force acceptance of illegal immigrants.

Local: Designated external* militia responders infiltrate and assemble at designated area(s). Militia commander assumes command of militias and provides guidance IAW local requirements and coordination, subject to non-militia political leadership.

Nationwide: FREEFOR, everydamnwhere, begins a synchronized campaign designed to keep OPFOR from massing, as well as complicating their targeting.

FREEFOR follows OPFOR members to home/work, photographing them, night letters, reporting on blogs, etc., to create…concern that FREEFOR may act to prevent their deployment or in their absence.


*This complicates OPFOR targeting of locals for retribution. Let the locals serve as auxiliary/underground, particularly when the overt visitors disperse. You didn’t think they’d just let you ride off into the sunset, again, did you?

Centralized planning, decentralized execution.



It’s All In The Costume, Man

SF Gate: Fake screener probes passengers at SFO

The reader who sent this piece noted:

Consider, if you would, that if some drunkard can pull this off, what about someone with a little intelligence and chutzpah… The emperor has no clothes.


How Stands The Union?

sabot wrench
Defiance, disdain, and sabotage.

As stretching exercises for the Big Game.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

Buppert: Virtue is the Cornerstone of Civilization, Not Law

hitler legal
Bill’s latest.

If you have not yet achieved competence at committing multiple felonies, then you are dangerously low on the learning curve.

And the study does not become easier in the kinetic environment.

Would You Help Me Hide A Body?

Parody of a number from “Frozen”, via a WRSA reader.


Gabba Gabba Hey!

From a reader.

Hey, ho…

Let’s go!

Beats the hell out of some crappy French love poetry.

Just sayin’….

hey ho let's go

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.


As sent by a reader, see this BOLO:

Law Enforcement needs your help! Someone has been purposely placing sharpened rebar on and near forest roads in the Happy Jack area. Spiked pieces of rebar slashed at least eight tires over the weekend. It appears the rebar is being placed in areas frequented by off-highway vehicles (OHV). If you have any info about who may be doing this, contact Forest Service law enforcement at 928-527-3511.

“The end of the rebar has been flattened and sharpened to a point and the exposed point has been painted to blend in with the road surface,” said Mogollon Rim District Ranger Linda Wadleigh. “The objects pose a serious threat to everyone, and that doesn’t just mean people recreating on a motorcycle or OHV, it includes people walking, hiking and even wildlife. We are taking this very seriously and asking the public to keep an eye out and report suspicious activity in the area.”


Your Masters At Work

nsa is the cats ass
GCHQ’s dark arts: Leaked documents reveal online manipulation, Facebook, YouTube snooping

As GCHQ does, so do the wankers at Langley.

Suck it, stooges.

(H/t TM)


Good Questions

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 16.45.01
A reader sends this NC Renegade link with the following endorsement:

If you have any contacts in the military, it would be a good idea to ask why so many vehicles are on the road, why are they battle ready and why are they not marked as US military?

Open thread below.

First dibs on “normal reserve summer training”.

The Federal Government Must Arrest President Obama for Recklessly Endangering the Entire Country by the Intentional Release of Communicable Diseases

Read the whole thing at NC Renegade.

Good on ya.

Rule 4, right?


Mosby: Apocalypse Advertising: Prepper/Patriot PSYOP Primer, Part Two

JM sends:

In the previous installment of this article series, we briefly discussed some of the foundational concepts for effective psychological operations, and introduced the seven-step PSYOP process. In this article, we will begin to discuss the seven steps in more detail.

Read it all.

Sierra12: Night Vision Equipment Selection

Devices and accoutrements, explained.

Well done.

Ol’ Remus: Are We There Yet?

A series of hammer blows from the latest edition, which opens as follows:

Imagine everything familiar collapsing like an accordion in the time between your morning coffee and your first midday yawn. It may happen just that way. In fact, it’s difficult to see how it can happen any other way.

Back in 2001, the Argentine economy all but collapsed. In a matter of days, the country went from mild recession to full-blown economic crisis. The currency went into freefall. Police were out in the streets shooting protestors. Unemployment and crime rates soared overnight. And the nation defaulted on its debt.
 – Simon Black at, July 10, 2014

It’s said we’re in hard times, and we are in hard times. But as hard times go, these are the good days. There are those who have known real-and-for-true hard times. Not the poverty porn hawked around by social activists or the tiresome stories peddled in the movies. Actual hard times are ahead, not hard times by comparison but long term destitution with real privation, when we’ll fear a lot more than fear itself.

Ahead, stretching to the horizon, lies deepest 1932 but without the civility and yes, without the relative plenty. The Great Depression will be something to aspire to, where even migrant field hands drove cars to work. Actually it doesn’t all lie ahead, some of it is already behind us. Truth is, we arrived a while back. We’re like the Okies in that first month without a good rain, or the laid off employee who thought he was between jobs. The era of hustle and opportunity that lifted all boats ended a long while ago. We’ve fallen below the event horizon. Gravity is in charge now. We’ve entered an era of relentlessly deepening want. In not much time it will beggar belief, then plunge directly to the heart of catastrophe. You’ll never again use the word hungry as lightly as you do now.

You needn’t fear the Mad Max scenario ‘though, not for long – there’ll not be the wherewithal to support it. Nor should you fear DC overmuch, other than rogue Free Corps and last ditchers and everyone taking control of everything and arresting each other. It will remain an obnoxious meddler at the outset and a while longer, but it’ll be mostly habit. DC’s broke. In fact, it’s broker than you are. Meddling gets prohibitively expensive absent voluntary compliance. We’ve already seen DC metastasize from a dignified bribery and extortion racket with a credible claim to utility into smash-and-grab street thuggery. But more importantly, DC has become exclusively self-referential, a dead short in the circuitry, irrelevant to the problems at hand other than as an extravagant consumer of wattage.

The Tenth Amendment movement looks more dynamic every day, in fact, they’re already preparing Uncle Sam’s commitment papers in the back room. He doesn’t like it one bit. Too bad. We’ve had a family meeting and that’s the way it has to be. You see, not only is our formerly beloved Uncle paying his bills with counterfeit trolley tokens and IOUs, and not only does he get violent just because he can, he’s getting, well—bizarre. When we’re on the phone, he listens in, then says he didn’t. And he insists we expose ourselves to him as a condition of travel. Stuff like that. The senile demand attention in, you know, odd ways. Our descendents will wonder why we ever took him seriously but we remember him in his youth, when he was a quirky but okay guy.

What you should really fear is scarcity. It’s unAmerican to say this, but what you have is all you’re likely to have and chances are you won’t keep all of that. So, are you planning a mountain retreat with a well and a hand pump, more than a tank of gas from the nearest urban center, away from lines of drift, solar powered hot tub with optional foot massage? If you’re not there now, or nearly so, you’re not going to get there. In other words, time’s up. Get your affairs in order where you are, because where you are is where you’re going to be. And what you have is what you’re going to have.

Societies are normally this badly wounded coming out of catastrophes, not entering them. Which means we’re in no condition for what’s coming, and what’s coming is something not seen since feudal times. Everything’s on the table, including civilization itself. We’ve run out of good outcomes.

There isn’t even a name for what’s coming…

Read the rest.

Tempus fugit.

Thoughts on the Politicization of Absolutely Everything

Snapshot of today.

Now extrapolate to next year.

Especially given that “worse, better”.

Pass The Word

Git sum.

Thanks, Matt.


Put aside the pro-Ukie slant of this Foreign Policy blogpiece (H/t WRSA reader).

What lessons can be learned by FREEFOR?

Open thread….

JC Dodge: Patrol Cap (or any other) Modification For Night Time Ops

Got your cat-eyes?

You should.

Tempus fugit.