The Benghazi Brief

As sent by a reader, this extended recap shows breathtaking naiveté (among other facts) at the highest levels of the USG.


It’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Repost: The Urban Varmint Rifle

From the old place:

Lyudmila Pavlichenko sends:

The goal of this exercise is to find a commonly available but very effective caliber for use out to a maximum one thousand yards from a very compact and lightweight bolt-action rifle.

How compact? With a folding stock and a short barrel – perhaps even 16 inches – so that it meets the BATFE overall length regs and still fits into a gym bag or a back pack for urban and suburban toting convenience. Let’s face it, some days you might not want to stroll around town with your Remington 700 slung over your shoulder.

You can select many fine calibers, from .223 to .338 or beyond, and everybody has their favorites. But the goal of this caliber is not to stop elk or moose or military APCs in their tracks or to bust through cinderblock walls, so smaller is better in terms of recoil and the weight of the rifle platform. At the upper end of modern varminting we’re talking about 200-pound feral hogs, wild dogs and, in some places, even whitetail deer, among other highly destructive pest species, so that is what the caliber must be made for. Nothing much bigger than that.

Now in the end, we want the projectile leaving the barrel at over 3,000 fps, or you’re just not in the league you need to be in for true long range excellence. We want all three sides of the ballistic triangle: high muzzle velocity, high ballistic coefficient, and great accuracy. For a high ballistic coefficient make the bullet (the part that flies through the air, not the entire cartridge) l-o-n-g. (Ballistic coefficient or BC: the difference between bowling balls and javelins of identical weight thrown at the same speed. If you can’t guess which will fly further, stop reading now.)

It’s been demonstrated conclusively that even relatively tiny but l-o-n-g bullets are effective against enemy soldiers in combat. A case in point is the .223 Black Hills M262 cartridges firing 77 grain bullets, especially when compared to the dismal 62gr “green tips.” Field reports from our snipers and designated marksmen say that the humble .223 Black Hills 77gr bullets are creating very serious wounds even out at 700+ yards, comparable to the .308 in their terminal effects. (This is primarily when fired from M-16 A4s and A5s with 4X Trijicon optical sights.) So 77 grains is enough mass in a long, skinny bullet to “put the hurt on,” even though this “heavy” .223 is only going out of the muzzle at about 2,800 fps.

But since we want to get the speed back up to over 3,000 fps and in a slightly larger bullet, we have to start with a bigger shell-case than the tiny .223 Remington / 5.56mm. The anemic .223 brass just doesn’t have the powder capacity we need. So look for a genuine high velocity round that has standard loadings in the 3,300 fps range while firing bullets exceeding the weight of the Black Hills 77 gr. The .243 Winchester, a necked-down .308, nicely fits this bill.

Then we find the longest bullet we can for it, and we have a super deadly l-o-n-g bullet still going out of the muzzle at over 3,000 fps. That’s the goal: a long, fast bullet at least 100 gr. in total mass. This would be superior to the deadly Black Hills 77 gr .223 caliber bullet, both in mass and velocity, but with a much higher BC for outstanding velocity retention at long range. Yet in terms of recoil, it would still be a lightweight, so it could be loaded into a lightweight six-pound folding-stock rifle and still be comfortable even for small folks and non-riflepersons to shoot.

For non-ballisticians a simple example of the aerodynamic principles involved in short versus long bullets is to compare the 30-06 to the .270 Winchester, which is a necked-down “thirty-ought-six.” Both have common factory loadings of 150gr, but the 30-06 projectile is shorter and thicker. Both start out of the muzzle at about 3,000 fps, but the longer and slimmer .270 helps it retain its velocity further. (Yes, I know the serious reloaders are already tearing my numbers to shreds, but I am trying to introduce general principles.)

(You can also get a nice l-o-n-g bullet with a slippery high BC in a .30 caliber and still achieve 3,000 fps, but then you have to step up to true magnums like the .300WinMag and many others, and most mortals consider them very punishing to fire, even from seriously big and heavy rifles. To say nothing of .338 Lapua and all the way up to fifty caliber Browning. Yes, you need these big guns to get out to 1,500 yards or further, but if you see all of your varminting inside of a thousand, why punish yourself with a heavy, awkward, hard-recoiling rifle? Even a .270 or a 7mm Remington Magnum might be at the far end of what is needed.)

My proposal: Get a .243 and load the heaviest bullets made for it, in a barrel with a twist that will stabilize it, such as 1 by 9. The heaviest standard factory loading for it is about 100gr at 3,100 fps coming out of the barrel. The necked-down .308 caliber known as the .243 was primarily made for “varmints” so folks were mainly loading little-bitty short bullets to hit tiny groundhogs out to about 500 yards, and not much further than that. If you want to “tack-drive” a tiny target at 200-500 yards, you want a lighter, shorter, ultra-high-velocity bullet, but they will quickly shed their velocity due to their low BC past much more than that range. For close to medium range work in .243, you might see 60 gr bullets stepping out at 3,700 fps. That’s fast, folks!

But for thousand yard match competition or long-range military or varmint use, the .243 solution would be to use a much heavier and longer bullet. Interestingly, the .243 can win thousand-yard matches against the latest exotics when launching a 115 grain slug with a very high BC. For reloaders, the necked-down .308 case of the .243 can pack enough powder to launch the 0.585 BC 115 gr DATP projectile at 3150 fps! You probably won’t find that in a factory loading, but the cartridge and the rifle can take it. But even the now-available factory 100gr hunting loads at 3,000 fps would be extremely effective against large varmints at all ranges.

Now, there are at least a dozen or two other calibers in the 6mm/.243 to 7mm/.270 range that could be considered for this same mission tasking, and no doubt every shooter has their own preferences. So why choose the .243 from among that cornucopia of calibers?

Read the rest.

Two From The Prof

Via Insty.


The Truth About Your Consent

KD keeps it real.

And, as each individual awakens to their own culpability in the current debacle and moves towards resistance, the ground under the oligarchs and their minions crumbles just a little bit.


However you can.

No matter what.

All You Need To Know About Officer Safety

WaPo: “I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.”

Any questions?


Tactical Tip – Don’t Be This Guy

From a reader, with the endorsement:

I wonder at what point he figured out something was missing?


Via Jim Sinclair.

Vice: The Islamic State

Watch and learn.

See also UK Daily Mail: ISIS supporters urge Ferguson demonstrators to embrace radical Islam

Religion of peace.

Word To The OGs In Da House

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Enter The Professional

Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 12.41.13 AM
As the proverb goes:

Anyone can commit murder, but it takes a professional to make it look like an accident.

Enter into Ferguson the veteran of both Waco and the largely-successful coverup.

Consider supporting IIIPSFA and its TOC fact-gathering mission.

Or do you think the MSM is going to tell you what is really going on?

UPDATE 2210 EDT 19 AUG 2014: The sentence above ["Enter into Ferguson the veteran of both Waco and the largely-successful coverup"] is erroneous. It should read “Enter into Ferguson the veteran of the largely-successful Waco coverup”. My apologies for the error.

Defining Deviancy Down – Permanently: Police States and Inner-City Economics

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 9.55.18 AM
Thoughts on the government-created-and-perpetuated poverty farm.

That Irish dude had it sussed nearly fifty years ago:

1. Contribute to the destruction of families, and you will reap horrible social costs.

2. Subsidize that destruction for decades, and you will get more horror.

Who knew?

Sand Cankles

From The Earl of Taint.

enhanced-buzz-22175-1333996013-11“Forty years from now, each of my buttocks will be THIS big…”

Iceni 26AD Sends

From a WRSA reader:

“Summertime…and the livin’ is…” intense.

Sorry…that word is the most accurate adjective in my little corner of the world.

Let me start at the beginning.

My eldest son and his four children came for a summer “vacation” for two weeks. I thought…”two weeks…we’ll put up a pool, the tent, set up cots, and they will have a blast.” Of course, I was just thinking such things. We did put up a pool, set up the tent, cots, air mattresses, fans, flashlights, ipods…plus…get a few more garden hoes, work gloves, laundry detergent, towels, wash cloths, Clorox, insect repellent, anti-itch medication, shampoo, soap, bathroom tissue…you get the picture.

Two months later, after an intense though successful house hunting expedition for my newly enlarged social circle, working from sun up to “can’t see” dealing with children raised in metropolitan areas, products of government indoctrination, uh…public schools, and whose ideas of physical labor are limited to the short walk from bedroom to dining room, while being (horrors) required to remove ear buds, headphones and unplug from electrical outlets before sitting down to supper, for the most part, and my whole perspective has changed.

One reason for writing this little note is to advocate for the real world, real time, preps test. It will prove invaluable to your future sense of well being, and as well, give you some ideas about just how unprepared we are for any influx of the uneducated, ill-prepared, willfully unknowing, blissfully unaware loved ones who will, not may, will, show up in any crisis lasting more than 24 hours.

Now, before I really get into the details of this little soiree, please understand that I love my son, and by extension, his children.

We had several projects in the hopper when my vacationing progeny arrived. We were in the process of harvesting a rather large potato crop, demolishing an old house for materials, replanting beans and tomatoes, clearing land for a garden expansion, building new compost bins for freshly produced compost materials, during canning season, along with the daily chores of hearth, home, and hobby farm.

I will spare you the more depressing details…and joyfully admit that my reputation, (care to hazard a guess?) has been irrevocably cemented, of, for, and by, the progeny. Being a grandmother has its rewards.

First…if one expects physical labor, one must be prepared to feed and feed well, those from whom one expects physical labor. Nutritional and caloric intake must be balanced. Calorie laden breakfasts are a must. Protein must be included at lunch, (“dinner, 12 noon,” for those in the South) and full, satisfying dinners, (“supper,” again for those uninitiated in Southern culture) which include a healthy protein, vegetables from the garden, (odd things never seen on metropolitan dinner tables) like fresh tomato wedges, cucumbers and onions in vinegar and water, fried okra, squash, skillet fried red skinned potatoes, steamed green beans, purple hull peas, and fresh biscuits, with jam, or honey, for dessert, most days. Occasionally, black berry cobbler, fresh peaches for dessert, along with cornbread, stews, chili, spaghetti, and other easy meals are acceptable.

Remember: Double, if not triple, all recipes. Which brings me to the point of this little note.

If you think that 100 pounds of flour will be sufficient…stock 400 pounds of flour. If you think 18 eggs will serve 9 sufficiently, either make omelets with plenty of vegetable filler, or serve 24 eggs. That is…if you expect physical performance, you must fuel it, and to fuel it, you must rethink your supplies. In rethinking your supplies, it would be wise indeed to build additional chicken coops, and double the number of laying hens, who will set their eggs, to better insure a sufficient supply of eggs, and chicken pot pies.

NOTE: In an environment like this, the chef must serve plates, just like they do in a finer restaurants…buffets are out of the question…unless the chef plans on losing weight by reducing caloric intake. Progeny’s eyes are bigger than progeny’s stomachs. One meal should be sufficient to prove this point. If it takes two meals to learn this lesson, you need to pay closer attention, though the longer it takes for you to grasp this point, the dogs will surely love you more. There is an upside to this…dogs love your company, and you will reach a point at which you prefer theirs. I promise.

I digress…

So…be prepared to put on the DI boots…find your DI voice, take pride in being able to outwork teen aged boys. Face it…it is either take pride in it, or fall into the deepest, most fear driven depression you are likely to experience, when considering the future.

On a more positive note…triple your soaps supplies. All soaps. Hand soaps, liquid soaps, dish detergents, laundry detergents, bleach, baking sodas, and cleansers.

The number one motivator, once you have survived the 24-48 hour withdrawal symptoms, which include anger, moodiness, attempted bargaining and deal making, poorly veiled passive-aggressive hypochondria, and sulking, is the removal of any and all objects which operate on the “1’s and 0’s” platforms. In fact…if it has to be plugged in, charged, or has a screen of any type, it should be collected, and stored in a climate controlled, secured environment, for the duration of the visit. Unless of course, you prefer your progeny to simply hole up in a corner, out of sight, out of mind, and out of the way, but I highly advise resisting the temptation to take that course.

The second best motivator for encouraging movement to the great outdoors is to…drum roll, please…turn off the AC. Believe me…you will need the energy cost savings to shore up the increased supplies demands.

The third best and multi-tasking strategy is to acquire and fill a swimming pool. It will entertain, cool, and exercise creatures, great and small, as well as provide a viable water storage capability. Solar blankets and housing for the filtering system will protect during cold weather, and you will be able to keep the water clean, circulated, and viable for the gardens, and with additional filtration and purification, drinking, and cooking.

I don’t expect the progeny to have made these observations…and if they actually wrote an AAR re: “Nana’s Summer Camp and Work Program,” I imagine one would not know the two reports were related any more than East is related to West.

Hope springs eternal…

In conclusion, I look forward to receiving similar AARs (After Action Reports) from all of you. Please, no matter what, test your theories, your preps, and your limitations.

Guerrillamerica: Another Case For Hearts And Minds

Sam C. puts it crisply:

…In post-SHTF life, the populace – your neighbors – are absolutely your greatest threat. If they’re not stealing from you, then they’re dependent on handouts from the regime, and if they’re not doing either of those, then they’re turning you in for a reward…

Read the whole thing.

If you can’t persuasively deliver a reality-based thirty-second speech on why Miss Betty down the hill should support FREEFOR – even at considerable risk to her life – you have some very important work to do.

Tempus fugit.


Codrea: Connecticut response to gun law challenge reveals plan to gut Second Amendment

Martin: Things we will not do as government applies heavier jackboot to the throat


Bracken Sends

Via FB.

Resistance Observations: Iraq to Freemanistan

Food for thought and further deliberation; Part I above – remainder at the link.

Thanks to David for the vid work.


Webcrawling from a GVDL quickie led to this discovery:

On April 30, 1995, William S. Lind published an op ed in The Washington Post that foresaw a future breakup of the United States, driven by multiculturalism. The piece described not only America’s second civil war, but also a recovery of our traditional, Western, Christian culture. That cultural and moral recovery was led by a new country located in the northeast, which named itself Victoria because it had returned to Victorian values.

Mr. Lind’s op ed has since been turned into a book, Victoria: A Novel of Fourth Generation War, by “Thomas Hobbes,” the well-known theorist of the state and author of Leviathan.

Forest Service Moves On Water Rights, Volunteers As Confidence Targets

Read this piece from Rawles’ shop, then ask yourself:

Why do they think they can get away with this?

Local, local, local.

From The St. Louis Craigslist

Screen shot 2014-08-16 at 9.25.19 PM

(H/t ZH commenter)

Scottish Secession

st andrews cross
Yes vote advancing despite currency fears – poll


More background

Crazy talk.

Next thing you know, some woolheaded radicals will be shouting that “it it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Brain Hurt – No Make Thinky

From a WRSA reader.


Buppert: An Intrusion Of Coproaches – Sheriff Andy Is Shown The Door

The mask drops further.

Here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

Fred: Burn, Ferguson, Burn

Reason and common sense.

A/k/a hatespeech, circa 2014.

It will get worse.

Because conflict serves the interests of the puppetmasters.

You ready?

Constitutional Mythbusting

How to use the USC/BoR to achieve tyranny.

Watch it and pass on.