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Ebola Virus

CBSPhilly: Drexel Study Claims 21 Day Quarantine For Ebola Might Not Be Long Enough


Paper: On the Quarantine Period for Ebola Virus


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Ivy Mike: Psychosis

IM on an issue bigger than Big E – bugfuckery.

It’s what’s for the foreseeable future.

You ready?

A More Genteel Version Of “Pressurewashing The Vomit” – “Carrying The Clipboard”

carrying the clipboard (pressure washer)
Via Staples Office Supply, who adds, “We not only have lots of clipboards, but red Swingline staplers as well.”

carrying the clipboard (top men)

Ebola air

Denk yoo veddy much.

Ebola Linkdump – 16 OCT – PM

Ebola 6
UK Daily Mail: Ebola-stricken nurse Amber Vinson may have had symptoms almost a week ago – BEFORE she left Dallas for Ohio, went bridesmaid dress shopping, and flew BACK to Texas

Airline: CDC Warned Ebolanurse #2 ‘May Have Been Symptomatic’ On Board

Dallas Ebola Conundrum: Duncan Family Members and Emergency Room Staff Not Ill

POTUS Signs EO Activating Certain Elements of Special Reserves And IRR

Priest, air passenger among six hospitalized in Spain for Ebola tests

Sharyl Attkisson: POTUS “isn’t canceling fundraisers & holding cabinet meetings because only 3 people in the US are going to contract Ebola”

NYT: Tests Prove Negative for Ebola in Yale Graduate Student

TPH: Yer Out!

Ebola: A Nurse’s Perspective

The Ebola Crisis as a Crisis of Public Trust


12_monkeys(Graphics via Ivy Mike)

Ebola patient’s Amber Joy Vinson’s outbound plane to Cleveland made 26 flights after her initial trip

ZH: Researchers Expect Over 20 US Ebola Cases In Weeks, “You Don’t Want To Know Worst Case”

Steyn: Protocol Theatre

Breitbart: Anna Younker, the owner of a bridal shop that nurse Amber Vinson visited for several hours on Saturday, October 11, said that she thought local officials were handling the situation in a “not serious way” in an interview on Thursday’s “OutFront” on CNN.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

Ebola LinkDump – 16 OCT

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 8.49.05 AM
Another Nail In The Coffin: Expecting Miracles

Still Chasing Their Tails

Fox: CDC considers adding names of health workers monitored for Ebola to no-fly list

WSJ: Air France Flight Grounded in Madrid Over Suspected Ebola Virus Case

Congressman: 100 West Africans Per Day Apply For US Visas; State Department Still Processing

Solon, OH Closes Two Schools As Ebola Precaution, Based On Staff Member Travel On Frontier Airlines

Cleveland Teacher May Have Had Contact With Ebolanurse #2

NYT: Lax Federal Guidelines On Ebola Led To Poor Hospital Training

UK Daily Mail: ‘Who’s the idiot with the clipboard?’ Disbelief and panic as mystery man WITHOUT a hazmat suit helps second Ebola nurse board her plane to Atlanta, disposes waste and then climbs aboard


Statement by RNs at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital as provided to National Nurses United

How To Make Homemade Chlorine Bleach

WeaponsMan: Essential Videos On Dry Firing

“My ratio of dry fire to live fire is 100 to 1. I cannot overemphasize the importance of dry fire.”

Three From Max V

15% Discount Now Available for III% Society For America Members

Rightful Liberty: Taxes

Rightful Liberty: Your Action Plan

Live hard.

Die free.


Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 10.53.06 PM
The above is from Drudge via Twitter.

A reader asks:

What would really help now is a discussion of what decision points would drive the decision to self-quarantine and what observables we can use to make those decisions.


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Hurry-Up Ebola Blogging: WRSA Procedure Changes

To permit the easiest posting on the run (metaphorically now, possibly literally later), we are tomorrow going to one major Ebola post per day labelled “LinkDump”, to which all subsequent posts will be appended.

To keep up, scroll to the bottom of the linkdump, and you’ll have the latest at WRSA.

It’ll help keep the typesetting to a minimum and the info-sharing to the max.

Thanks and keep it going to everyone who is reading and sharing these links, as well as those who are contributing via comments.

Stay low.

Keep moving.

Buy more food.

Tempus fugit.


Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 9.20.56 PM

Related ZH commentary.

Finally, Some Good News

“We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for strategic stability.”

– President Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation

Now there’s a fast way to viral decontamination.


Frontier Plane Took 5 More Planeloads of Pax After Ebolanurse II Traveled (With A 99.5F Fever):

…Frontier Airlines is working closely with the CDC to identify and notify all passengers on the flight. The airline also says the plane has been thoroughly cleaned and was removed from service following CDC notification early Wednesday morning.

However, according to Flighttracker, the plane was used for five additional flights on Tuesday before it was removed from service. Those flights include a return flight to Cleveland, Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (FLL), FLL to Cleveland, Cleveland to Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), and ATL to Cleveland…

Open question to Aesop and other medical professionals:

How does one clean a jetliner to remove possible Ebola contamination?

WHO: 21 Days Is Not The Maximum Incubation Period For Ebola

…Recent studies conducted in West Africa have demonstrated that 95% of confirmed cases have an incubation period in the range of 1 to 21 days; 98% have an incubation period that falls within the 1 to 42 day interval. WHO is therefore confident that detection of no new cases, with active surveillance in place, throughout this 42-day period means that an Ebola outbreak is indeed over…

The time is indeed now.

Make your plans accordingly.

Preps For Ebola In America

LAT: Fever Not Present In Some 13% Of Early Ebola Cases

“This nurse, Nurse Vinson, did in fact call the CDC several times before taking that flight and said she has a temperature, a fever of 99.5, and the person at the CDC looked at a chart and because her temperature wasn’t 100.4 or higher she didn’t officially fall into the category of high risk.”

Freiden Acknowledges CDC Knew 2nd Nurse Had Fever, But OK’d Her Travel By Commercial Air

Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 9.23.26 PM

ZH: Dallas Commissioners Will Declare State Of Disaster Tomorrow Over Ebola

WaPo: An epidemic of fear and anxiety hits Americans amid Ebola outbreak

NYT: You’re A Big Limp-Wristing Sissy If You Are Concerned About Ebola In America [actual title: Experts Offer Steps for Avoiding Public Hysteria, a Different Contagious Threat]

Ebola Breaking News Feed

For your information.


Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 12.04.47 PM

Grumpy cat, indeed.

ACTION: Squeeze Your Sources

A commenter recently snarked in substance that along with the doom, the commentariat should be using their networks to collect and disseminate what is really happening re the Big E.

Three issues concern me greatly, especially with the next patient noted in Dallas (along with her flight itinerary; see also ZH: CDC Demands 132 Passengers That Flew With 2nd Ebola Patient Report For Testing):

Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 11.24.42 AM

1) Radio silence re Greenshirty Mopemore’s associates, especially the GF

2) RUMINT re other patients in other parts of the country

3) State/local government discussions/plans amongst emergency management professionals

So, if you can press your contacts for the lowdown, now is the time to do so.

Comment below as needed.

InformOps: Save Your Important Websites Offline

I posted this before, but here it is again. I highly suggest you mirror your most important sites.

Given the recent uncertainties around Ebola and whether it will spread or be contained, it might be prudent if you had entire copies of your most valuable website resources available during any power interruption or if you need to relocate to an area without internet.

Med Resources Re Pandemics & Disasters

From a reader:

Matt Bracken had posted a bit on Facebook looking at historical pandemics and the response to them.

In that context, the following caught my eye:

The American College of Chest Physicians (which includes critical care) published this week their recommendations for care of critically ill patients during pandemics and disasters. As we may (or may not) be looking down the barrel of something similar, I thought it would be of interest to your readers.

Keep in mind this is rather technical and provides general guidelines; you still need someone with serious medical training in your Tribe.

All of these articles are downloadable in PDF form, should you want to save them for later.

This is the link for the entire issue of that journal, TOC below:

Executive Summary: Care of the critically ill during pandemics and disasters.
Surge capacity principles
Surge capacity logistics
Evacuation of the ICU
Special populations
Systems level planning, coordination, and communication
Business and Continuity
Engagement and Education
Legal Preparedness
Ethical Considerations
Resource poor setting


Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 9.50.13 AM
Nurses’ Union: Ebola Patient Left In Open Area Of ER For Hours


Kudos to THP and the CDC!

NYT: New Ebola Cases In Africa May Reach 10,000 Per Week

Camus: The Plague

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 11.41.06 PM
As recommended by Bracken.

If your morale can withstand it.

What Has Been Lost

47 Years Ago Today: The Fastest Manned Aircraft Flight Ever

Balls that clanked when he walked.

Americans – a lot of them – had such equipment.

(H/t GVDL)

Bracken: When Ferguson Meets Ebola

Bracken sends:

When Ferguson Meets Ebola

For understanding why our official medicos and politicos are mishandling the Ebola threat so badly, read The Plague by Camus again, and reflect that it was based on ancient human impulses that never change. Look at the 1918-19 flu for some other lessons. Millions died. Very big mistakes were made and important lessons learned, most of them forgotten.

The “good news” in this mess is that the cities that get hit first and worst by Ebola will provide lessons for the rest of us. I think we will learn the hard way to segregate standard hospitals from fever/Ebola treatment centers. Admitting a flood of Ebola patients is a sure way to nuke a hospital as effectively as a bio-weapon WMD attack over time. The hospital will be contaminated and much of the staff dead, of the ones who didn’t run away early.

Eventually we’ll see newly-created fever camps become the only refuge available to anybody showing flu symptoms. Hospitals will turn them away, maybe with police assistance and the offer of a handy bus driven by a fellow in a haz-mat suit to take them to their new/last home. What’s behind Door Number Two? Don’t worry, you’ll find out later. Maybe you only have the still-spreading Enterovirus D-68, AKA the Guatemalan Flu. You won’t know for sure until your eyeballs are bleeding. Unless maybe you caught the big-E from the guy vomiting on the next cot over. Maybe you just had a nasty cold when they brought you in last week.

And this begs the question, what happens when 1 or 2% of a city have died: who will go to work? People will self-quarantine at home and the economy will crash. And what about the police, fire fighters, EMTs, and hospital crews? What about the crews down at your local power plant, or food distribution center? Think they will all become Mother Teresas, martyring alongside the lepers for the greater good? Think they will not stay home?

But even in the resulting economic crash, unfairness will be ferreted out. Is it fair that some people have prepared, and have several months-worth of food on hand? Is that fair, when the supermarkets were all looted in the general panic, and there have been no more food deliveries, and the EBT system is not functioning? Is it fair that some, who have prepared, will be able to simply ride out the Ebola pandemic to boot?

So the already latently violent among the starving will be very motivated to come out and play. Starving goblins, millions of them. What about the goblins who may think they have already contracted Ebola, and have a week until they die? Or if they believe they will certainly contract the deadly virus soon? And what if they firmly believe by then that Ebola was a CIA/Mossad plot to wipe out Africans and people of African ancestry?

Many American blacks are already angry. What happens to that anger when the epidemic strikes them? What happens when Ebola comes to Ferguson, USA, across most of the fifty states? Already brainwashed to a near fever-pitch of racial anger by professional agitators, it is my fear that after the plague hits they will then become super-beyond-belief pissed, and eager to share their case of Ebola with any white overlords and oppressors who come in range as their final act.

If you thought you were going to die in a week, most painfully and horribly, and you already had a giant hate-on for whitey, what might you do as some of your very final acts upon this earth? What will flash mobs of people that angry do? For just one example, home invasions in search of food and perceived retribution, will explode.

Talk about your perfect social storms?

No, worse.

Talk about your zombie apocalypse.

I’ll say it again:

Alas, Brave New Babylon.




ZH, quoting CIDRAP: “We Believe There Is Scientific Evidence Ebola Has The Potential To Be Airborne”

CIDRAP: Health workers need optimal respiratory protection for Ebola

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 8.45.42 PMNot this

Monday Madness

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 4.43.17 AM
ABC: “‘Breach in protocol’ Led to New Ebola Diagnosis, Says CDC Director


Rape Rape

Through The Looking Glass

UK Daily Mail: CDC Ebola response in disarray: Agency blasted for ‘scapegoating’ infected Texas nurse for ‘breach in protocol’ while treating Dallas patient – as experts say US medics are unprepared for outbreak

Open thread: gonna crowdsource things today while I travel.

H/t Banzai for the graphics.



UPDATE 13 OCT 2014:

Rose Fertilizer

No Ebola Checks At Brussels Airport After Inbound Flights From Liberia

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 1.01.26 PM