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Generally, on the issue of duty owed and duty withheld.

Pray for discernment and wisdom.

A Message From Wideners


From over the transom:

Widener’s offers several different aspects that we think differentiate us from the competition while still offering very competitive prices. We have friendly customer service, ship the same day you order and most of our employees are, themselves, shooters and reloaders. You’ll find we have a great staff that care about all our customer’s needs along with a website that’s thorough and secure for any personal information that is exchanged.


Widener’s got its start in the late 70’s and has been supplying ammo and reloading supplies to shooters for decades. To have the opportunity to serve shooters that long in the competitive world of ammunition and shooting supplies, you need to do what you’ll say you’ll do and treat people right. There may be no better barometer than a decades-long track record to indicate the type of experience you’ll have with a retailer. Widener’s has been shipping packages for decades and we know how to get your ammo or reloading gear to your door in great condition.

No Backorders – Fast Shipping:

We don’t list products on our website that we don’t have in our physical inventory. That means no backorders and no questions about when your order will ship. In fact, the vast majority of our orders are in FedEx or UPS’ hands within 24-hours of the time you place your order. The past few years especially we’ve seen shooters place a premium on shipping speed and we’ve made our warehouse more efficient and brought on additional staff to ensure even when things are busy, orders get to our customers fast.

Customer Service:

When you call Widener’s, there’s a very strong chance you’ll get someone that picks up the phone right away. Plus, that person answering the phone has likely used the product you’re asking about. We don’t have temporary workers or non-English speaking folks answer the phone because we know the majority of our customers want to speak with someone who is knowledgeable about ammo and reloading, friendly, and easy to understand.

If you email us during business hours, our goal is a friendly, complete response to you within 15 minutes. We meet that goal on the majority of customer emails in and we think that has value. There’s peace of mind knowing the people you do business with are receptive and will do all they can to make sure you’re not stuck waiting.

Convenient Site Navigation and Customer Empowerment:

Even for customers that see ammo and reloading gear as a commodity, they value their time. If you have to navigate around a site with poor layout or struggle to understand the SKU of the product you’re looking at, you’re wasting time. We know that time is valuable and we’ve invested in to make it as easy to use as possible to save you time. We know we can’t foresee every question but you’ll find descriptions on all our products spelling out each product’s ideal use situation and all should be new-shooter friendly in terms of jargon.

I hope this helps!

I have used them for years.

Many others here do, too.

While we don’t take advertisers here at WRSA, we do support right-minded, customer-oriented merchants.

I hope you do, too.

The Shadow Government Is Here




TINVOWOOT, nor was there ever any.

You have, however, been graced with five weeks more time to get serious.

Your call.

Toughen your bodies.

Sharpen your minds.

Harden your hearts.

Stockman: “After March 15 Everything Will Grind To A Halt”


At least those bumming about the absence of SHTF will be happy.

If Stockman is right…

From Over The Transom


—– Forwarded message from PERSEC—–
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2017 PERSEC
Subject: Re: A Superb Read…
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Read it yesterday. Superbly done; first of a 3 part series. Actually calls out the ‘liberty movement’ and ‘militias’ in a way that should make them stop and look in the mirror…

Interested to hear your thoughts on it when you read it.

Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2017 PERSEC
Subject: A Superb Read…

Kindle works, too. If you have Amazon Prime, you can read for free. Bottom line is that if you received this, you really should read it. It’s a novel, but MAN, what a novel!! The beginning provides a concise, accurate description of the objectives, goals, and methods of the Marxists, which are coming more and more to fruition each day. I can’t wait to get into the meat of it….

He’s Back!


Good on ya, Stilt.

Bookmark the link; new stuff every M/W/F.


Suarez: Counter-Protest Driving


Part I

Part II

This material will be on the exam, which will be administered both before and after May Day.

Bonus question: The centennial of what famous event is being celebrated this year (by some, at least)?


Baugh On Building Your Business (And Thus Your Resiliency)


First three posts on the new SoftBaugh Blog:


Time Management Skills

Should I Incorporate?

More good stuff to come.

Brushbeater: Tempus Fugit


Save and print hard copy of this .pdf.

Then do what it says.

As BB notes:

“Map out your Signal (S6) plan and your footprint. It’s not like the movies. I promise.”


How To Use Red Teams And Be A Red Teamer: A Conversation with Mark Mateski


FREEFOR has numerous skill set gaps.

One big one is being able to think like its enemies.

This interview and related sources provide helpful insights.

From the CFR, no less.

Codrea: Perez DNC Win Over Ellison Spells Bigger Danger



Commie > Muzzie in 2017 America.

Not likely in 2037 America, but for now….

SLL: Plot Holes


Opening graf:

The Michael Flynn Affair is one of those movies where you figure out a jumble of things that don’t make sense as you walk out of the theater.


A Most Dangerous Idea


A guest at Virginia Freemen contemplates the concept of patriotism.

And its downsides.

No. Just No.


KdT on the real issue with autonomous cars.

Persistent surveillance.

Think through all of the implications of that phrase.



A response to those who think Calexit might happen.

Z Blog: More Essential Knowledge



Previous chapters in the series:





Via Maggie’s.

The MSM In Toto


Via Powerline.

Check out the rest.


Admin Day


Get out into meatspace.

I am.

Back later.

Day By Day


From Chris Muir.

UPDATE 2345E 24FEB2017: Updated version below, per comment by CM.


Buchanan On Secession


Anyone dismissing secession must be planning to vanquish their political enemies.

Anyone on Team Freedom actually have the combat power to do so?

Show your work.

Mr. Greenwood Doesn’t Understand….


But I’ll take a few.



GoV: Wilders May Be In Serious Danger


A report from The Netherlands.

Wilders has suspended public appearances prior to Election Day.

The Red/Green alliance has means and motive.

Opportunity is what they seek.




Via Twitter.

The Latest

app messenger header

Note especially the front-page story about a Red rally in Raleigh.