Voters Get A Choice: Do As They’re Told


The latest from SLL.

There is no voting our way out of this mess.

So just keep voting.

Geheime Staatspolizei Briefer

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Read and distribute.

Good thing there are no secret facilities in Amerika for special processing of those miscreants who threaten Reich safety.

That would be really bad.



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In the ear with a piece of rebar.

See also this gem:

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Partisan Radio – Volumes I And II


From AmRRON:

This is the 12 minute introduction to Partisan Radio. These will be 20 to 30 minute podcasts designed to provide information, procedures, and training related to disaster, prepper, patriot communications in a grid-up or grid-down environment. Much more to come!

Welcome to Partisan Radio Volume 2! In this episode:

– Scanners, features, and recommended models
– Intelligence (Locating forms and reporting to NCS)
– Real World – Hurricane Katrina 911 Call using Ham Radio

Rightful Liberty Report

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Bookmark the site.

Read the explanation.

Visit often.

And yes, it does look familiar…

The word is “homage“.

Well done.

FO: The ICS System And FREEFOR

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G1’s got a piece at Forward Observer that’s worth your time.


US Army Radicalization Guide

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Via this link.

.pdf here.

Union Chief Leo Gerard Says U.S. Refinery Strike Could Spread

Workers from the USW union walk a picket line outside the Shell Oil Deer Park Refinery in Deer Park, Texas

H/t to NCR for this piece on OPFOR battlespace prep.

Labor discord.

In an essential industry.

What a surprise.

Meatspace Beckons


Money quote from Belmont Club: Losing The Internet:

Will the administration give you a “freer and more open Internet” than you have now? Or more to the point, will giving it over to the feds enhance security? We are in all probability doomed by this move. The difference is we know it. The administration has not yet figured out that in incompetent hands even the finest weapon can be turned around to face its hapless wielder.

Boy, will they be surprised.

Read the whole thing.

Got hard copy?

Homan Square

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Guardian (UK): The disappeared – Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’

CPD DPAO Greenwood could only sputter forth a Tourette’s-like cacaphony of syllables, spittle, and sibilance when asked for comment, ending with “Murika!”.

Tiny Dancer’s town.




Well, I’ll be…



Russia Missile Obama HS 2.24.15

Comrade Ushanka explains.


Takuan Seiyo: Oppression Instead Of Admission


Part IV is just as compelling as the author’s previous entries in this series.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Except the names of the newly-slaughtered.




No matter what.

Guerrillamerica: Three Types Of Insurgencies


Read both the post and the comments.

As always.

Related material/links here; follow-on here.

Mosby: Aristotle Thinks You’re An Asshole


Thoughts on relationships.

Tempus fugit.

Well, Of Course It Is

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The Internet breaks the narrative stranglehold on perception that has existed since the rise of newspapers and, later, other mass media.

Truly free speech?

Of course it must be destroyed.

“Regulatory capture”, indeed.

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Two From SLL


A Half-Hearted Tribute to George Herbert Walker Bush

The War Party’s Death Couple: How Kagan + Nuland Peddle Neocon Aggression


NPFD 2015/1: Draft 5WH

Copy of resist bw finger solo

Feel free to make suggestions in comments or at

Staff types who want to SMESSCS it or SMEAC it are welcome to do so.

Final version to be released NLT 0500Z 26 FEB 2015.

WHAT: National Patriot Field Day 2015 (NPFD 2015/1, pronounced “nip-fed twenty-fifteen slash one”) – Continental FTX

WHEN: 1300Z 19 APRIL 2015 – 0100Z 20 APRIL 2015

WHERE: CONUS (at a minimum)

WHO: You and your team; see below

WHY: Demonstrating that skills learned over the past six years can be applied successfully in the field in coordination/communication with other like-minded freedom-loving people located across North America

HOW: Entirely at teams’ discretion, subject to provisions below

CONCEPT: NPFD will provide an opportunity for patriots of all interests, abilities, and skills to field those talents over a 12-hour period and communicate their wins/losses/corrective actions to local, regional, and national UHF/VHF/HF networks.

Essential elements of the FTX are as follows:

1) Peaceful demonstration of freedom-minded skills; keep it respectful and legal
2) Team planning and execution in support of coordinated effort, with comms up through local net and onward
3) All teams who complete their self-defined missions within parameters (honor system) and communicate their results with the FTX net are eligible for noogies and potential better prizes
4) Local/regional/national/international(?) comms will need to be established and maintained for the 12-hour FTX period plus a one-hour bumper prior to and after the ground teams (1200Z 19 APRIL – 0200Z 20 APRIL)
5) The more varied participants, the more challenging the FTX– so contact your associates in the re-enactor, EMCOMMS, EMS, and any other disciplines to encourage their participation, as per the following hypothetical examples:

- The 7th Motor Cavalry Regiment (Provisional) [a military vehicle collectors’ association] participates in NPFD by deploying to a New England Patriots Day celebration and uses the vintage HF equipment in their rigs to serve as a regional net hub on both voice and CW

- COPTHWART, a national anti-police-brutality activist group, participates in NPFD by obtaining imagery and identifiers of all LE personnel and vehicles supervising a “Stop WWIII Now!” protest on the National Mall, sending runners with thumbdrives containing digital data and imagery to predetermined locations for link-up and dissemination with HF voice/data communicators on the NPFD net

- Bush Medics CONUS, a scratch team of EMTs, NPs, PAs, and MDs created to provide remote medical assistance to NPFD participants, supports local medics in various AOs by HF voice/data to local NPFD stations, who transmits the Bush Medics’ info to field teams via VHF/UHF handheld

- Elements of the Coonass Thwackers, a Louisiana militia, navigate a complex route through bayou country to approach a mock UN checkpoint, where they attack and capture all UN personnel and radio the immediately-actionable intelligence obtained to their local and regional nets, who use HF to pass the information to designated POCs on the other side of North America

- Auxiliary members of the fictional Blue Ridge Resistance observe pre-determined events, then use burner phones and prowords to communicate their observations successfully to another burner phone being used by the local NPFD radio net

- A 3-person special reconnaisance team outside of Boston covertly make the observations and collect the imagery required by their mission. They then transmit their fundings via proxy server to a predesignated internet site maintained by the NPFD team.

CONCLUSION: There will be a great deal of work needed to take NPFD 2015 from concept to executable plan by 15 APRIL. If you want to help, send your proposed COA to


WeaponsMan: Freebie!


WM explains.

Thanks both to him and the author.

Heh: Illinois SB 1788 Proves That Lists Work Both Ways



Creates the State’s Attorney Privacy Act. Prohibits a person, business, association, or government agency from publicly posting or displaying the personal information of a State’s Attorney after the State’s Attorney has made a written request to not post or display the personal information. Allows for injunctive or declaratory relief. Prohibits a person, business, or association from soliciting, selling, or trading on the Internet a State’s Attorney’s personal information with the intent to pose an imminent and serious threat to the health and safety of the State’s Attorney or the State’s Attorney’s immediate family. Makes it a Class 3 felony to knowingly post personal information of a State’s Attorney or the State’s Attorney’s immediate family, if the person knows or reasonably should know the posting poses an imminent and serious threat to the health and safety of the State’s Attorney or his or her immediate family, and the posting is a proximate cause of bodily injury or death of the State’s Attorney or a member of his or her immediate family. Provides an exemption from the felony offense for employees of a government agency acting in good faith, while carrying out a public function. Makes corresponding changes in the Freedom of Information Act, the Election Code, the Illinois Identification Card Act, and the Illinois Vehicle Code. Effective immediately.

Keep resisting.


Two From Bracken

The Last Valley – Pt I (above; follow link for remaining parts)

Hogwarts: Hypothermia And Cold Injuries


Their latest.



The Only Good Communist Is A Dead Communist


From a reader; advise in comments on interest in a run of these “Dead Che” shirts.

Sàt Công.


Anarchy Can Never Work

i need leaders to steal from me

H/t to NCR for this explanation of why your betters must control and steal from everything you do.

For your own good.

Get back to work for the Man.


There’s $17 trillion of .gov debt that you did not incur on which you must pay interest.

Plus several score trillions more of unfunded welfare promises that you have to make good.

All constitutional, sayeth your betters-in-robes on the Supreme Court.