Two From MDT


Leadership Realities

Be Prepared To Be The Man From Day One

One related point from the best boss I will ever have:

The most important job of a leader is to build new leaders.

DTG: The Basics


How well do you perform these tasks?

Tempus fugit.

Still More Endarkenment


Via ChicagoBoyz.

Cronies and phonies, in lieu of reality.

This will not end well.

The Great Call

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More on the Barnhardt Doctrine, from Jim Sinclair’s shop.

Got sustainability?

Quote Of The Week


“…Given that the “normal rules” of American politics have delivered America into the hands of a permanent ruling class content to preside over a hyper-regulated, corrupt, cronyist, indebted borderless ruin mitigated according to taste by a deranged hyper-sexualized identity-politics totalitarianism hunting down homophobic bakers and confederate-flag decals, I’m rather relaxed about that. Your mileage may vary.

But the fact is that in a two-party system the Democratic Party is relatively effective at delivering to its voters the world they want to live in.

The Republican Party not so much…”

Mark Steyn



Cold Fury links two epic expositions.

Read ’em all.

May the Diversity be with you.


ID Patcon AARs

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It’s where it’s at.


On The Road


Normal service soon.

WeaponsMan: Simplify


If You Have Only One Carbine

Here’s the longer-barrel BCM upper for those who don’t wish to play BATFEIEIO games.

Spend the saved $ on training and practice ammo.


Porretto: On Propaganda


Know the Five Rules.

The bad People do.

The Costly, Deadly Dangers of Traffic Stops in the American Police State


The latest from John Whitehead.

Remember: the policeman is your friend.

Two From Mosby


Focus On The 25m Target

What Training Classes Should I Take?

How goes your training?

MVT: Buddy Position Awareness


When shooting those who need killing, keep track of your pals.

Friendly fire isn’t.

DTG: Some Thoughts On Ruck Training


Work hard now.

Or cry later.

Your choice.

Two From SLL


Crisis Progress Report IX: Landfall

Welcome To Hell, Pope Francis

Rig for storm.

The Left Must Bleed


Operation Goethe.


Meet broom.

(H/t GVDL)

Ol’ Remus: Trading Doomsday

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Another in the occasional series.

(H/t FNC)

Does “Creative Destruction” Include the State?


CHS asks the question.

Fascism (i.e., private ownership with government control) answers.

Do you understand yet?

He’s A Good Officer!


Herschel sends.

You know about the problem.

Massachusetts readers, your ball.

Buppert: Individual Liberty And Freedom Is Simple

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A brief post.

And worth your while.