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Stilton: Earth Day Whirled View

Do read it all.

Bovard’s Latest On Comey

Everyone is a teacher.

Comey teaches how not to be.

Equal-time comment for the copsuckers who are either ignorant of or willfully blind themselves to the lifelong history of abuse and dishonesty at the Bureau:

Bracken version:

Indict, try, convict, disbar, and imprison.

Crimes Against Humanity

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Totally Legit

Government accidentally sends file on “remote mind control” methods to journalist

Government is just a word for the things we do together.

At gunpoint.

Held by perverted psychopaths.

ACLU: The Supreme Court Gives Police a Green Light to ‘Shoot First and Think Later’

Officer safety.

First among equals in the Founders’ brilliant hierarchy of checks and balances.

Read the case.

Lee Greenwood approves.


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It sure is a good thing the useful idiot Reds (as opposed to the smart ones, who will use the useful idiots as cannon fodder) don’t think about things such as this article:

Scoped Hunting Rifles as Long-Range Rifles

Whatever you do, don’t shitpost this link on your socials, especially if your addressees includes snowflakes and other pinkthinkers.

They will obsess over anti-Communist deer hunters shooting them in the belly with a .30-06 as they come out of Ye Olde Shoppe Of Dogge Hayr And Herbs.

And we don’t want that.

Autodelegitimization: Irredeemable Scourge of Slavery Edition [Now Updated With Special Meme Machine Of Hate Bonus Content]

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Destroyers destroying other Destroyers.


Loathsome Hatespeech

Z Blog: Why Did Women Go Nuts?

Women Gone Nuts

Two From Aesop

The 2018 Quincy Adams Wagstaff Lecture

Time To Get Down To The Rat Killin’

Quote Of The Week

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Another Great Design

Maybe for delivery to the SAC of your local BATFE office?

It is a holiday for them, after all.

Order info here.

Buppert: 19 April 1775

A reminder that when people are intent on taking advantage of you, they ultimately will need to be shot if they persist.

How competent – in tools, skills, and mindset – are you for that task?

The Bad People are not going to stop.

They will need to be stopped.

Or they will win.

Winter Is Coming

Part I

Part II

Part III

Brushbeater: Updates on CommRadio’s CTX-10


You are working on your comms gear, right?

When You Put It That Way…

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War is a racket.

Bracken Sends

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144:1 Sends


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Git sum.

Never Forget

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Public Health Hazard