Ruminations On A Puerto Rican Revolution

Partisan, yes.

Leftist, certainly.

But think about other Deep-State-despised sections of FUSA.

If the Puerto Ricans can pull it off…

AJ And OK 15 July 2019


150 Questions To A Guerrilla

Via NCScout at AP.

Print and re-read for retention.

This material will be on the final exam.

Cappy: Do Humans Actually Have Value In An AI World?

There’s always one way.

144.1/Weaponized Design Sends

Above and below:

Full collection here.

For Widespread Distribution

From a reader.

Contemplations On A Post-FUSA World


Especially the last section.

Aesop: Ebola Reference Link Collection

For your link horde.

Next scheduled update in August.

Brushbeater: Identifying Commo Needs For Former Action Guys

Good orienting info to help recently-separated .mil folks work the comms angle in civilian life.

Brushbeater training courses

Earl Sends

Doesn’t Have To Be Somalia – Just Send Her Back To Shitholesota*

Maybe the Rightly-Guided One can now do one with the arms of Javanka up DJT’s blowhole after his ‘send her back’ walkback.

Just Because…

Via Gab.

DSR South: Check The Dates – November 8-9, 2019/Vicinity Of Anniston, AL

What: Drone Strike Rendezvous South

When: Veterans’ Day Weekend

Where: Vicinity of Anniston, AL; lots of hotels and other infrastructure supporting NASCAR Talladega events

Who: Anyone who can make it who is interested in meatspace interaction with like-minded folks

Why: All comms (including RF) must be considered irreparably compromised; you don’t have enough allies, so get to work making new meatspace acquaintances

How: Basic framework is a meat/greet/eat on Friday night at a local place on your own dime in a room apart from the usual customers. Saturday is self-directed interaction time, followed by a beef and pork feed somewhere, preferably executed by volunteers and funded by a hat-pass.

ACTION THIS POST: Indicate interest (e.g., “Me + 2”) so we can confirm date and get to work on operational details

Local attractions:

CMP South Store

CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park

Brushbeater: Privacy, Security, & Anonymity Course – 24-25 August


Pete, the privacy class is full as of two weeks ago, but we’re doing another one the first weekend in March.



If you are going to stay online, learn to do it smart.

Wretchard: Trump, Clarity, & 2020

A good overview.

Here’s the alternative.

Keep working on independence from national, state, and even big local systems; here’s a brief example of why.

Your nation is your family, like-minded friends, and the (very) local systems which feed and warm them.

More On The Vegas Shooting

Things that make you say, “Hmmm…”

Thanks to the reader who sent this doc along.

This Is Fine

NYT: Ebola Outbreak in Congo Is Declared a Global Health Emergency

Congolese Ebola victim may have entered Rwanda and Uganda – WHO

Z Blog: Self-Loathing As Political Philosophy

On Whitey and the equality con.

More in 2020.

Best .380 Defense Loads?

Via AP.

Other suggestions?

Aesop: Survival Tools


Other not-so-obvious essentials?


Left this post on permaculture and associated resources out of the last JM entry.

Fixed now.