Weeping Angel Sends

Two designs apropos of the times:

Deus Vult (above)

Crusader Crest (below)

Get yours today.

Demographics & Destiny

Some light reading on the underfunded pension/retirement issue.

Anyone thinking “the kids” will pay for two generations’ worth of profligacy is delusional.

Tl;dr version:

Be able to raise your own food, pump your own water, live without medication, and defend to the death what you have.

Arithmetic doesn’t give a crap about your retirement plans.

Nor does anyone else.

Tempus fugit.

Finding The Positive

Mindset matters.

A lot.

How well can you manage yours?

It Is Worse Than It Seems

You might also check out this related work.

Venezuela: Collapse In Four Stages

H/t to Bracken for this ZH piece on the glories of socialism.

By 2024 at the latest, FUSA will be getting a good hard practicum on these subjects.

Plan and act accordingly.

The Unplanned Children Of The Planned Socialist Economy

More in this essential series.

Z Blog: The Dumbening

This is fine.

Even though you really can’t fix stupid.

GoV: Imprisoned By The Deep State

If they will do it to the notorious, just imagine what they are willing to do to the insignificant.

Welcome to socialist, totalitarian, thoroughly-unaccountable Socialist America.

With the IG report debacle, FUSA is fully manifest.

Think, plan, and act accordingly.

“You Knew How To Catch My Hand”

Happy Father’s Day.

Another Great, Gone

Thanks to SiGB for this sad news:

RIP Matt “Guitar” Murphy

Another cat to sit in with that Heckuva Band in Eternity.

A 63-Year-Old Rap Song


Boomers, pay attention to both the questions and the answer.

Your dotage is imminent.

Bracken Sends

Via Twitter.


Even Unto The End Of The World

For your contemplation.

We know that modernity promises that each shall be a god.

Whence modernity?


Lind: The Big One

Militaries need money.

What happens when national bankruptcy bites into the MIC?

War is a racket.

Generation Zyklon

Some transgenerational reading for your Saturday coffee time.

May the kids be all right.

You Can Stop “Respecting The Institution” Now


Heartiste wields the shiv on both Horowitz and the Feebs.

See also Bovard’s take.

Read both, then read the current WRSA masthead:

You now have been instructed on the rules of engagement. At the local, state, and Federal levels, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches will do as they wish – with little or no penalty. You and your people should act consistently at all times with this reality.

Spend some time this weekend thinking through what that situation requires you to do for yourself and your family.

Pro tip: It ain’t mainstream.

The mainstream is already in the gulag.

Either as prisoner or jailer.


Towards A Positive Western Identity


Destroy all those who think this way, says the current zeitgeist.

And all who might.

K Blog: Zero Greater Than Three

On the California Three-Way ballot initiative.

Good luck.

Z Blog: The Sacred Immigrant

Your masters.

Until you decide otherwise.

Brushbeater: An Introduction To The First Line Course


And consider signing up for classes.