Petraeus: As Tech Increases, Human Nature Endures

Quoth the self-admitted adulterer and unlawful distributor of classified information.

Read the article anyway.


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Nailed It

From over the transom.


Porter reminds POTUS why he was elected.

If the borders are not closed, the FUSA will not have a chance of recovery.


Fencing In The Plebes Via Social Media

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It’s For Your Own Good

Highway Authorities Are Tracking You

Got something to hide?

Goodthinkers don’t worry about such things.


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Now That’s A Recruiting Poster

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Notice How It’s Never A Lawyer Taking The Plunge

ZH: Another Financier’s Career Comes To A Sudden Stop

Que sera, sera.

A Reader Sends

From over the transom:

I wonder how many WRSA readers could even begin such a course with the requisite mindset, minimum physical conditioning, and gear.

What percentage could complete it in a reasonable time and outcome (i.e. not die, get injured, actually hit 50% of the targets, not lose/break half their stuff)?

I ran a couple of combat courses when I was much younger in the Marines. I was in fantastic shape with a first class USMC Physical Fitness Score back then. I dreaded running them. Those exercises where some of the most physically and mentally exhausting things I have done in my life. They are also some of the best training you can get.

Nowhere else can you so be so quickly and forcefully put face to face with your own shortcomings and those of your teammates.

If someone were expecting future times to become a lot more 3rd worldish would it not behoove them to participate in such events? Even better set one up and make it a team competition affair with Robin Sage exercise style recreational breaks between the dumb brute physical stuff where your team has a luxurious five minutes or so to plan, create, and execute some puckishly demented task with inadequate material resources, under ridiculous temporal constraints, and physically arduous conditions.

It’s way better to find out who the really weak people are in your group now than sometime in the future if life gets REALLY stressful.

A Clearly-Defined Issue For Once


Does the desire of non-citizens to migrate at will wherever and for whatever duration they wish trump the existence of the nation-state, its borders, and its laws?

More tersely:

Is it your country, or is it simply a squatting place for whatever wretched refuse chooses to occupy it?

Coming soon to the national stage.

Summer 2017.

DTG: Essentials Of Camouflage Paint Application

An extended post on what not to do and what to do.

Practice, followed by assessment both up close and at rational distance, makes better.

Insty: The GOP’s Manifest Failure


Ryan is a quisling.

And an incompetent one at that.

Might it be that someone has him by the curlies?

Mind Control, Anyone?

From ZH; make sure to read the links at the article.

A Message From Boston AntiFa

If you don’t understand the problem, you are behind the curve.

Molyneux & Cernovich: Why The Fake News Media Keeps Losing


Just How Tolerant Are You?

From GoV.

Fight badthink.

Diversity is our strength.

New Woodpile’s Here!


K Blog: Intolerable

LA public schools division.

Part of the national Neu Johannesburg social initiative.

Supplemental: Left-Wing Armed Demo In PHX

See also original post.

Anybody here got access to Soros money?

Cappy: Why I Don’t Care About The London Attack

Or, remaining sane and productive in a world gone both moronic and mad.

Most people will fare badly in the coming excitement.

For the very same reason that many of those same people will fare badly if the slow bleed/cultural death by anemia path is kept.

Bad perception.

Bad analysis.

Bad decision-making.

Bad planning.

Bad execution.

Bad judgment re both allies and enemies.

In other words:

‘Bad luck’.

Good luck with all that.

Every day that you are still on the right side of the grass and no one is shooting at you is a good day.

Live that way.

Sparks31 Down-Grid Comms Class, 27-28 May

Details here.

You won’t regret it.

At all.

More On The IoT

Internet of things.

Surveillance nodes in every aspect of your life.

Collecting and reporting 24x7x365.

Kunstler: Why?

JHK skewers the propagandists behind the Villian of the Moment:

…What might Russia realistically get from the USA if Vladimir Putin was the master hypnotist that Democrats make him out to be?

Do we suppose Putin wants more living space for Russia’s people? Hmmmm. Russia’s population these days, around 145 million, is less than half the USA’s and it’s rattling around in the geographically largest nation in the world. Do they want our oil? Maybe, but Russia being the world’s top oil producer suggests they’ve already got their hands full with their own operations? Do they want Hollywood? The video game industry? The US porn empire? Do they covet our Chick-fil-A chains and Waffle Houses? Would they like to induce the Kardashians to live in Moscow? Is it Nascar they’re really after?…

Read it all.

And for the kids in the fusion centers, note this well:

No one — other than the cretins in the mainstream news media — believes a single damned word that comes out of any .gov outlet, be it former or current, wetware or online.






The PTB’s plan won’t work.

Even if they succeed in eliminating the current POTUS.

Especially in the face of speeches like this:

(Via Twitter; story here)

Barnhardt: Back To Work

NB the section on Obamacare repeal.

Crooks, all the way down.


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The Reds Want To Rule

The 21st-century civil war has already started in America.

Simply because we are only now in the stretching phases does not make that fact any less true.

Sessions: Sanctuary Cities, My Ass

Story and video from ZH.

WSJ coverage.

Next step: Big Food, for intentional violation of immigration/employment laws.


Bash The Fash

From over the transom.

Nigel Invades California

UK Daily Mail: Brexit Bad Boys Turn Their Focus To Calexit

Good on them.

Free people choosing to question the manner of their government.

If you don’t or you can’t, you aren’t.