Aesop: What Happens Now?

Some Things We Should Be Able To Agree On

TINVOWOOT is a no-shit thing, save as a situational tactic.

If you want to keep what you have now – let alone achieve a modicum of actual, non-Orwellian freedom – you are going to have to be ready, willing, able to fight to the death against the Reds and win.

And then do it.

Nothing less.

Because the Reds aren’t quitting until they win.

How many have the names, addresses, and imagery of Communists in your AO who need special handling?

How about the intel needed on whether the popo in your area will be pension-guarding, sympathetic, or actively hostile?

How’s your PT?

Rifle and handgun competence?

Teamwork skills (followship and leadership)?

Keep working.

The Virginia Commie Blues is coming to your state.

And politics are just a tactic.

Not a path to victory.

The Dark Road After Richmond

Moving forward.

Build your skills.

Build your stores.

Build your teams.

Build your plans.

The Flaming Twenties are only three weeks old.

AAR/Lessons Learned: RIC – Open Thread


In the spirit of the reader above, be candid yet constructive in your comments:



Other folks:



Other folks:



Other folks:

Historian: Reflections On Richmond

Some thoughts, and a glance back at recent history on the power of a few.

AmSpec: Virginia Is For (Gun) Lovers

Only in-person account I’ve seen from trad right media.

Wonder why that is?

Know Your Enemies: Everytown

A look at Everytown’s finances.

Denninger On Rights


Get your mind right.

It takes time, but do the work.

Government is a creation of humans, and as such, is inherently flawed.

Free your own mind first.

All the rest will go better.


Via Gab.

Radio Contra #6

The latest from NC Scout.

Mosby: Queer for Gear – An Equipment Product Review

Given TINVOWOOT, best be thinking about some PPE upgrades.

Or not.

RIC: Multiple POVs

First, from a participant, in two parts; PERSEC info edited as shown:

PART I: OK hope I got all this right.
My husband is down in Richmond at the gun rally, wanted to let you know everything OK there, the crowd is very large, almost everyone smiling and festive atmosphere, most people are armed in some way, folks from all walks of life, other states, feeling very sure and confident, local cops all smiling and looking like they are having a good tome too. XXXX wants you to know specifically “resistance is very fertile” lots of awesome signs like “not enough handcuffs” and “ever to tyrants” “prove the general state of mind.” “Yakking it up” with strangers he says “people are far more aware of how serious things are than you would know not being here”, and “that TINVOWOOT though understood, still wonderful hope and intent to do so, because there are things worth it”.

May have you another update, XXXX went back to the truck for lunch, may head back home, he went by himself and has a head cold, Some more, “hard to estimate numbers because you can not see everyone at the same time but it is like it was at Tea Party rally” “Alex Jones in a jacked up truck looks like a tank with a PA system pumping up the crowd, couple guys carrying 50 caliber rifles” “looks like nothing bad will happen” “so many armed people you are crazy to start anything unless your a total idiot” “The naysayers about going are only mistaken because even it it goes bad this is a win and a fine example for everyone to resist and not comply” “big BFYTW”[END PART I]

PART II: 10-4 thanks Pete!

Incredible event. Shitlords everywhere. A sea of hard honorable men armed to the fucking teeth. And not a hitler clinton mao bloomberg stalin northam soros obama or bush in sight.
We Freemen will never be denied. This is what our civilization under the blanket of lies and hate is.
We are Legion.
We Won already, our enemies simply can not fathom they already lost. A heavily armed civilization is a great civilization. Time to bring back the wearing and public display of swords knives and other pig stickers, with grace and class, this will do more than all the flying boolits in the world.
Nothing happened because any who attended knew exactly we would never tolerate anything but respect and dignity of self and dignity of Liberty. Politely with honor and great prudence we all had a bone in our teeth. Everything they have tried to emasculate and disarm us failed utterly. An armed to the teeth plurality who refuse to take council of their fears can not be denied.
Our Rifles are the center of our history. This all truly begins with each of us and our rifles then it is a shitload of us, everything good and right follows, everything else is total unacceptable bullshit. If one does not like that, our guns back that truth of us up. What you going to do about it asshole?
This is the most legitimate thing imaginable, possible, and in action something which happened yesterday. We turned from a legion of men separated, isolated, disenfranchised, into A Legion. This will spread like the grass roots open source wildfire it is. Nothing can stop this. We changed the entire dialectic yesterday. We own the dialectic.

VCDL accomplished a truly amazing feat. These guys define what it is not to be denied.[END PART II]

Next: Aesop: Thanks For Wasting Your Time, along with Ouch and O, The Butthurt!.

Next: Anglin: Following the Disgusting Display in Virginia, We Can Hopefully Stop Hearing About Impending Violent Revolution

Next: NCR: Inevitable And Naysayers

Final: Virginia Senate advances ‘red flag’ gun law, despite rally, b/w WaPo: Democrats reject bills to further relax gun laws one day after pro-gun rally

Food for thought and cold-eyed analysis.

Culper Shop: 2020 Training Calendar

Your S-2 (intel) shop likely needs help.

Here it is.

Tempus fugit.

More Pix From RIC

H/t to VCDL for this link.

See also these shots sent by a reader:

Later today, there will be an open-thread AAR/Lessons Learned.

Get your constructive thoughts together.

Especially when the Red gun confiscation show comes to your state.

The Reds are serious.

They were not defeated on Monday.

Only publicly shamed.

And only children believe that mass-murderer wannabes can be shamed.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Herschel: Jack Wilson & Steve Willeford Meet

Watch the vid, but pay special attention to the comment.

Especially in light of the Virginia legislators’ BFYTW in this other post at Herschel’s shop:

Reds Say Richmond Rally Will Not Stop Gun Control In Virginia

If anything, amongst Northam and the other Commies, thousands of armed Virginians and their allies demonstrates why all of those damned Deplorables must be disarmed:

An armed and dangerous electorate can’t be robbed, raped, and murdered.

By their political leaders or any other criminal vermin.

Get and stay dangerous.

There will be war.

And not just in Virginia.

On Set: Richmond Rally

0919E: All ok now.

All ages, men and women, young folks and old.

Armed and unarmed.

Perfect weather, if you like clear, sunny. And chilly.

Richmond PD being first class.

Crowd spirit very high.

Extra cell service on site.

Impossible to get good crowd count, as no overwatch available; 10k +++

Many still arriving at outside perimeters all around.

Going to get another POV now.


More asap.

UPDATE 1023E 20JAN2020:


Can’t get anywhere near Killbox entry; too many patriots in the way :-).

Crowd remains cool and cooperative with each other.

Impossible to get even a SWAG count of attendees, but they continue to come in by the dozens in front of me as I type.

Local radio promises to broadcast live from 1100-1200; go to
for coverage.

Cops all cool, even while talking with strangers with slung rifles.

Air assets include at least two helicopters and a orbiting fixed wing; two quadcopter drones < 1000AGL

Update asap.

UPDATE 1053E 20JAN2020:

Truckers are circling the perimeter in support.

People still filing into area.

Godspeed for all.


Quoting two others trying to beat the crowds:

A good, successful day.

Stay tuned to the station above for the speeches and any wrap-up.

Kudos to my overwatch team.

OFF SET UPDATE: H/t Insty for this elevation shot; assume this crowd density around much of the Northam perimeter:

OFF SET #2: Decent MSM coverage:

OFF SET #3: UK Daily Mail sez 22,000 in crowd:

OFF SET #4: Gateway Pundit quotes LEO estimating 25,000 total, all peaceful:

Law Enforcement Estimates 25,000 People Attended Virginia Gun Rights Rally, ‘All Peaceful’

VCDL 2336E 19JAN2020


Godspeed to all participants of goodwill.

St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan,
and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls.

H – 11 RUMINT Links

Ongoing link dump:

Down to the nut-cuttin’

A Note for Fellow Second Amendment Supporters Rallying in Virginia

An Open Letter To All Those Attending Virginia’s Lobby Day

Right to fences

Northam explains

VCDL Update 1618E 19JAN2020


Godspeed to all en route and those already on set.

Ammoland: Don’t Take The Bait In Richmond


Virginia Governor Sets a Trap for Lobby Day – 20 January, 2020

We’ll know soon enough.

Godspeed to all en route and those already on the set.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.