Open Letter to State Legislators Everywhere: The Other Side of the Article V Convention Issue


H/t to NCR for this essential post.

Opening line by Publius Huldah:

If there is an Article V convention, we will lose the Constitution we have, and another Constitution will be imposed.

Read the rest; it’s important.


Because the path ahead is now clear.

Not only will you not be able to vote your way out of this situation, but you also will not be able to avoid a bloody, terrible fight – except by submission.

It’s just that simple.

Let’s win.


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Via Twitter above and below.

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‘Tuesday Was Strike 2’: Russia Says Turkey’s Attack On Jet Was “Planned Provocation” As Ankara Moves Tanks Near Syrian Border


Read each of these three updates from ZH.

Do not lose sight of the fact that these are NATO member forces being used against Russian and Russian-allied forces.

Now, let’s brighten things up a bit with this toe-tapper from 1960:


A Rotten Turkey For Thanksgiving


Money graf from the Sinclair shop:

…I believe this episode was no mistake and was fully planned. I think the “stress” on the Western financial system is coming to a full blown head and can no longer be hidden like the crazy aunt in the basement. As I have said all along, the collapse when it comes will need “cover” to hide the real and true cause. Starting a war with Russia even as unthinkable and unwinnable for anyone as it is will only serve to cover the foundational policy flaws of the Ponzi scheme…

Enjoy your pie tomorrow.

Population Bomber

Barack Obomber 1

Stilton plays it serious.


Remember that.

See also this related piece from GoV.

Do Not Underestimate The Issues Here


Reuters: Russian jet hit inside Syria after incursion into Turkey, says U.S. official

Kremlin: Remarks by President Putin Monday 24 Nov 2015

Sputnik: One Dead as Russian Mi-8 Helicopter Attacked During Rescue Mission in Syria

Statement by Russian General Staff; original in Russian from RT

Statement by the NATO Secretary General after the extraordinary NAC meeting: “…[W]e stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our NATO Ally, Turkey…”

NYT: Per Participant In NATO Meeting, “The Russian Su-24 that was struck was over the Hatay region of Turkey for about 17 seconds…”

Telegraph (UK) feed on incident

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 9.36.56 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.28.29 AM


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.55.07 PM

Via Kenny.


Barnhardt: Monday Miscellany

barnhardt fingerpoint

Including an announcement regarding another upcoming Barnhardt video.

Moar Freedumb!


POTUS Releases Plans For 2,224 New Regulations Over Next Months

And that is just the Fall 2015 plan.

Lind: The Enablers


In France and throughout the West, Islam and its allies are not the ultimate enemy.

It is that vast majority amongst the so-called elites that despise the civilization that begat them.

And are committed to its destruction.

WRSA has been focusing on Europe recently for one simple reason:

After Europe, then America.

Doubters are welcome.

But make sure that you have provisioned against the worst case.

Tempus fugit.

And Team Mo is ascendant.

Brushbeater: Working With And Without An Antenna Tuner


Important comms material.

Competence, working towards fluency, is achieved now in the good times, when you have the ability to diagnose and fix errors without major consequence.

Got field work?

SLL: Telling Details

slomo train wreck

Alternate title: Slow Motion Train Wreck.

Consumers are tapped out.

Heavy industries are flatlining.

Weed sales are up.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Guerrillamerica: Burner Phone Advice


With one other tip: Always ask yourself if you really need to make this call.

Just remember: they hate us for our freedumb.

lee greenwood spiffy flag jacket grrrrr

Don’t Fall For The Lies Pushed By Haters Of American Freedom

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.45.49 AM

Should actually read “USA And Its Allies Are Still Helping ISIS”.

Goodthinkers will also reflexively know to avoid similar dissimulations in this story about the Mighty 8th Air Force US airpower’s effectiveness in Syria.

Support your President.

Buy more war bonds.

Nothing But Dirty, Rotten, No-Good Commie Lies


An alternative perspective on post-1991 international relations between the US, Western Europe, and what remains of the former Soviet Union.

As noted in the title, believe not a single word of this filthy Russian PSYOP.

And whatever you do, don’t research the matter yourself.


Syrian Arab News Agency

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.08.18 AM

Added to blogroll under “Foreign Media”.

Do I buy everything there?

No, just as I don’t buy everything that is in US or other Western media.

One of the joys of the ‘Net is immediate access to foreign news.

No postal delays or HF static.

Other suggestions welcome.



How do you solve a problem like Sharia?

Ol’ Remus


The latest.


With Open Gates

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.58.35 AM

Breitbart London has the video.

Please take the 19 minutes to watch it.

Know the transnational elites here in FUSA have the same fate planned for Americans.

Those elites hold all of the levers of state power.

And they are being used against your family.

The Bad People will not stop on their own.

Strengthen your bodies.

Develop your minds.

Increase your skills.

Harden your hearts.

Derbyshire: Obama’s Agenda And The Treason of the Establishment


Money quote:

“Migrants are the camel’s nose under the tent. The second and subsequent generations are the camel.”

Read it all, along with this related piece from Sultan Knish:

Obama Wants To Defeat America, Not ISIS


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.42.34 PM


The NGO Shuffle


Thanks to the reader who sent the graphic above; related story here; original link here.

See also this invaluable resource, now added to the blogroll.

Start here, and then keep reading (likely aghast):

More Rohingya (Burmese) Muslims on way to US

More to come.


Stats: First Million-Visitor Year

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On track as well for a new record in total views by EOY.

Thanks to all who read, link, comment, pass on, contribute, and support.


Buppert: Reading Is Fundamental To Freedom


There is only one entity on this earth who can legitimately control you, assuming you are an adult of nominal mental capacity.

Hint: It ain’t the Feds or their transnational socialist pals.

Nor is it the staties.

Nor the local yokels.

Dare to be free.

Or if that is too much, dare to imagine being free.

Every journey begins with a single step.

Be encouraged.

And be encouraging to others.

WeaponsMan: The Rest Of The Story

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.21.25 AM

Original post.

WM’s addendum/corrective:

Great Research, Weak Conclusions on Defective Small-Arms Parts


A Suggestion From Ol’ Remus

From the latest Woodpile Report:

In the 1930s, Britain produced a light tracked vehicle, open top, about three tons, twelve feet long, a boxy welded affair powered by a V8 gas engine. Road speed was thirty miles an hour. The intent was to field a general purpose, lightly armored vehicle mounting various weaponry, and capable of towing a field piece. In 1940 the various configurations were blended into one, hence the name “universal”. About 113,000 were built and fielded, as late as 1960. See an excellent YouTube video here [above].

The Universal Carrier evolved from a mini-tank typical of the 1920s, a development that did much to shed its antique appearance. But underneath it was the same basic machine and therein lay its advantages. They were cheap, for one. And everything that made it work was simple, accessible and repairable. Hammer-and-wrench repairable, no electronic diagnostics or finely calibrated gadgets, just bolts and springs and levers.

Needless to say, the UC became less universal through field modifications and special applications using the platform, but the concept remained largely intact. They were exported to Russia under Lend Lease, copied by Canada and Australia, captured and used by Germany and, after the war, distributed all over the world. The Universal Carrier is the resounding success of WWII most of us have never heard of.

Neither tanks, armored cars or APCs, the Universal Carrier was as beloved by the Brits as was the Jeep by the Yanks. By way of the ultimate homage, as the M3/M5 Stuart light tank became ineffective toward the end of the war, the Brits made “super” Universal Carriers out of them by removing the turret and other topside encumberances. See this YouTube video for excellent footage of one, beginning at the 20 second mark. The thing looks downright contemporary.

The Universal Carrier would be a worthy project for garage mechanics with home machine shops, and even a little thought conjures up some interesting variations. In a shtf scenario, a community home defense outfit could find a use for these. The fear factor for the bad guys would peg the needle. Until then they’d be useful around the homestead.

Technicals, lads.

Or did you plan on being purely footborne infantry?