PHS: How To Run An Anonymous Twitter Account

Blue twitter bird

Hate it as you may, Twitter is an important part of the battlespace.

As with RF, observing is > 2x more important than sending.

Breaking The Anti-Immigrant Fever


Your Betters at Señor Slim’s failing blog tell you that you are bad.

Chateau Heartiste begs to differ.


Or submit.

End of option set.

New Time: TL Davis Interview Now At 7 PM Eastern On March 7th


Thanks in advance for help in spreading the word.

Concepts For A New Civil Defense Organization: Part II – Engineers


Part II in the series; Part I here.

Civil Defense Organization – Engineers

* By far the largest and most general of the three branches; “engineers” chosen as a generic term for the types of tasks to be handled by this cohort.

* On the scene (Ground Zero) of the incident.

* Has the most contact with the public.

* Members must be physically and mentally fit enough to carry out the tasks assigned to them.

* Because of the close contact in chaotic circumstances, strict integrity and background standards are required of this group. The possession of a CCW permit is the minimum standard as all of these individuals have been vetted by their local sheriff who has used state and FBI databases to ensure that the individuals have no serious prior criminal record.

* Works closely with local authorities, particularly the fire/rescue departments and local Red Cross chapter, prior to the disaster to maximize training, and, therefore, effectiveness.

* Tasks include, but are not limited to:

o Search and rescue – How to do it without aggravating an existing problem or becoming a victim themselves.

o Rudimentary fire fighting – This does not involve entering burning buildings and extinguishing them, but rather protecting exposures so fire doesn’t move from one building to the next.

o Helping set up field sanitation facilities for the displaced.

o Helping set up temporary shelter for the displaced.

o Clearing objects from roads so emergency traffic can pass.

o Hazard evaluation and mitigation.

o Running water rescue flotillas.

o Providing and coordinating ferry service across rivers if bridges are damaged in the event of an earthquake or similar disaster.

o If there are enough resources for equipment and training, building of Bailey Bridges or similar bridges over rivers where earthquakes have destroyed the existing bridges.

o Helping with the transport of the injured and evacuees.

o Helping train neighbors and coworkers with disaster preparedness.

o Helping provide radiation fallout reports in the event of a nuclear war or disaster.

o Helping other entities with resource distribution.

o Helping with the care of the deceased.

Derbyshire: The Spooks And The Hacks – Why Do They Hate Russia?


A clear explanation.

May reason prevail.

Fred: Internal Secession and the Road to Ruin – Two Countries

fred reed accept no substitutes

There is no fixing the the divide.

Absent force.

Diplomad: Madness & Chaos – The Left In The Time Of Trump


His latest.

Pay more attention to the Dead Elephants.

They have the shiv out on behalf of The Plan.


Spotted hyena dead elephant South Luangwa, Zambia

Good News


Le Pen Advances in French Polls as Security Concerns Sway Voters


The Latest

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Baugh: Trump Week In Review, 17 Feb 2017


Fourth week of the Trumpening, from a long perspective.

Interesting times.


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Thanks in advance.

Two From Winged Victory


Above and below.


Act fast; these are short-fuse designs.

Bracken Sends

Per Matt:

I stumbled across this 9 minute blog cast from 2016.

I think it’s dead-bang on.

“Former Red Team Planner For The Federal Government Talks About Civil War Scenarios”

SLL: Buy High, Sell Low?


Robert’s latest.


Suggestion: Make space in your Web wanders for his page on a daily basis. It’s really worth your time.

Imaginary News


Scott Adams explains.

Does your mental movies correspond to facts?

Do the movies of your associates also correspond?



Via Twitter.

Via Twitter



Die, MSM, die.

Freedom-loving people the world over laugh while you and your industry go extinct.

And your ilk become the new Katie Courics and Dan Rathers.




Via Twitter.

Selco: Going It Alone


Or “Your Plans Went to Pieces And Now You Are Improvising”.

Good luck.

Pants-Shitting Hysteria In 3…2…


UPDATE 1125E 17FEB2017: UK Daily Mail: Trump administration DENIES it’s considering mobilizing up to 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal aliens – but White House source says it ‘has been discussed’


ZH: Trump Considers Mobilization Of 100,000 National Guard Troops To “Round Up” Unauthorized Immigrants

Related: NYT – Mexican Consulates Flooded with Fearful Immigrants

Trump Considers Mobilization Of 100,000 National Guard Troops To “Round Up” Unauthorized Immigrants Freaking Criminals And Their Freaking Criminal Employers

NYT – Mexican Consulates Flooded with Fearful Immigrants Criminal Parasites Willing To Do Anything To Stay In The US On The Taxpayers’ Dime Rather Than Go Back To MX To Fix That Shithole


Fixed both for you.

Next: Close all but two Mexican consulates – one in NYC and one in Minneapolis – and send all other consular personnel home as enemy aliens.



Concepts For A New Civil Defense Organization: Part I – Overview


A reader sends the first of a series:

I don’t expect .gov at any level to be smart enough to embrace these ideas, but no matter: folks in their neighborhoods can do so without the need for Big Brother/Sister/Intersected Confused Person looking over their shoulders. Suggestion for improvement from comments will be considered gratefully for future iterations.

Concepts for a 21st Century Civil Defense Organization


* World is becoming increasingly unstable at all levels from local to international.

* Infrastructure is both old and very tech dependent, leaving it vulnerable to both natural disaster and deliberate attack.

* Conversely, the population is becoming increasingly dependent on this infrastructure for all aspects of life and yet less able than ever to repair it or able to work without it in the event of its loss or severe damage.

* Governments at all levels simply do not have the resources to large scale or wide spread damage to the system.


* Develop a new Civil Defense Organization.

* This organization is not designed to replace government services on a day to day basis, but is there to supplement the regular structures when the scope of the problem makes it impossible for the traditional organizations to meet the need.

* The organization can be created by any private or public institution from a small church or informal neighborhood group all the way up to the Federal Government, with a heavy emphasis on local involvement.

* Ideally, the organizations will be physically centered around local fire halls, schools, and churches, due to their central location and existing infrastructure (e.g., parking for vehicles, communications, sanitation, and bulk cooking facilities.

* Most equipment and training will be provided by the Civil Defense Organization members themselves, thus minimizing or even eliminating the costs to the government.

* Some form of government recognition is preferred as it will allow for inter organizational training before a disaster strikes.

* The mere presence of such an organization will allow for the constructive use of tension in the event of disaster, as well as providing a calming effect. This should help reduce panic and civil unrest.

* Members can help their neighbors become better prepared to face disaster.

* Properly done, it will help FEMA and other agencies with the more efficient distribution of resources. A properly and uniformly trained local Civil Defense Organization can more accurately assess actual needs and distribute material where it needs to go as it will know the area better.

Overview of functions and organization:

* Will consist of three branches, a very brief overview of each follows:

o Medical – Helps provide local on site medical support at the scene of a disaster until regular medical channels can handle the demand.

o Communications – Consists of licensed Ham radio operators that provide alternate communications in the event that the regular commo systems are down.

o Engineers – By far the largest group, with the most general and varied responsibilities. Helps to provide and/or assist local fire suppression, barrier construction/maintenance, initial search and rescue, road clearing, hazard evaluation and mitigation, etc.

* Recruiting:

o Members will be CCW holders, although rational consideration will be given to others (e.g., medical professionals, electricians, etc).

o This is to ensure that all members have been screened to some extent and have no serious legal or mental issues. The CCW permit is the only widely available low/no cost screening method that ensures this.

Via Gab



Mosby: Calling Your Shots


More excellence from JM.

Read, learn, do.



Paris Burning Map


UK Express

Religion of peace.



The Saker: Flynn By The Numbers


BLUF: Bad consequences.

For POTUS and the Deplorables.

And anyone else who doesn’t want a US/NATO war versus Russia.

MVT: 2017 Schedule Update


Quality training, more geographically available than ever before.

Get it while you can.

Live hard.

Die free.

Bracken Sends A Link


You may not be interested in war.

But it certainly is interested in you.


Preparing For Conflict


H/t to the reader who sent this document.

Can you hear that barely-audible drumbeat?

It will get louder.

And its meaning will become clear.

Something I Do Not Pay The Intel Community For Is Sedition


A good Deep State Coup overview, especially with this and this.

See also “Kill Mike Flynn”: How Spooks Played The Game

And this.

Use the time remaining well.

There is no happy ending forthcoming.

WeaponsMan: Shooting The Whitworth

Fun stuff with the rifle used by our Confederate sharpshooter on the masthead.

Previous Whitworth work by WM here and here.



A Reminder To WRSA’s Illegal Immigrant Audience Segment


No work for you today!

Vibrancy is our diverse strength through tolerance and humanity.

Oh, and screw the filthy gringos.

The Second-Tier Folks Bringing You War With Russia In Its Own Backyard


Via Twitter.

Good luck with that.

Punchline contest for graphic open now in comments.

FO Podcast: CSG On EDC, E&E, and the Gray Man



BLUF from Culper: In this week’s podcast, I talk about what I learned at the GroundRod Primer course, and also interview “K” from Combat Studies Group about Everyday Carry (EDC), Escape and Evasion (E&E), and the Gray Man concept.

Very, Very Bad


Look out below:

Super-soaker: Atmospheric River taking aim on beleaguered #OrovilleDam


GoV: Orbán Speech – Soros Organizations Bring 100,000s of Migrants to Europe

Link and transcript.

This man knows where he stands.

And for whom he works.