Robb: The London Terrorist Attack and the JCC Bomb Threats

(NYT graphic)

Lessons to be learned.

If one cares about such things.

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TOWR: New Webinar Offering – Countering Infiltration for Individuals and Small Groups

Details here.

Or you can just ignore the threat.

That’ll work.

Remember That Your Government & Its Parasites Hate You And Your Culture

Then it all makes sense.

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Holter: “We Have Already Passed The Point Of No Return”

33 minutes and worth your time.

K Blog: The Virtue Inferno

You and your ilk are chum to be murdered, minced, and ladled over the side as a sacrament to the Elites’ ego-worship.

And your betters have no intention of altering course.


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Any Other Perspective Is Waaaaacisss

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Narrative Shift: The United States Of Cognitive Dissonance

Money graf:

…Imagine the subject strapped in a chair like Alex was in Clockwork Orange, barraged with images of frightening terrorists until his mind accepts them as “the enemy,” at which point “the enemy” is immediately switched, and now it’s Hitler that is coming to get him, which, after a time, he comes to accept (and forgets the former terrorist “enemy”), at which point “the enemy” is switched once again, and now it’s Putin and the Russians who are after him. And so on … until his mind just snaps and surrenders to whatever official “reality” is being fed into it any given day. At which point you have rendered the subject a totally compliant, scramble-headed, functionally psychotic member of society, whose attention span is about twenty seconds, and whose brain you can fill full of fancy pharmaceuticals to keep it from completely melting down in response to the stress of the cognitive dissonance that it has to deal with on a daily basis…

TL Davis: Russian Roulette

His latest.

Read TL’s piece, then watch the William Binney interview from last night, posted below.

Then ask yourself:

What now?

Binney on Tucker Carlson, 24 March 2017

Got meatspace?

H/t Bracken

In Apparent Need Of Loud And Constant Repetition


“…Your tribe does not hold what it has because of some piece of paper or the airy notions of dead ancestors. You hold what you have because you hold it against all challenges. That’s the iron law of life on this planet…”

Z Man

God Bless The Right-Wing SJWs

The good thing about being surrounded?

Your options are clear.

Z Man: The Political Class Murders Itself

Were it literally true.


The MSM Begins To Cover Organized Pedophilia

A PG-rated article on one example.

May more coverage follow.

In a world filled with snowflakes young and old demanding protection from mere words, real Evil runs riot.

Yeager: Running With The Maquis, 1944

A piece of the legend.


A Bi-Partisan Policy Statement

From over the transom.

SLL: The Useful And The Useless

Here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

Canada Passes Anti-Blasphemy Rule

Details at Vlad’s shop.

Stupid Europeans.

Good thing we are separated by the Atlantic.

Followed By Salting Of The Fields, One Hopes

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But Clarence, That Would Mean That Everyone Was In On It…

Read all of the Freedom Watch letter excerpted above.

Never forget these two images:

A/k/a The Future For Those Reliant On The ‘Net For Alt-Media Info

UPDATE 2330EDT 22MAR2017: See also A Single Command Allows The CIA To Commandeer 318 Models Of Cisco Switches

UK and European ISPs Now Blocking Jihad Watch — How You Can Combat Online Censorship

Pay attention to the do-it-yourself IT info there, as well.

Europa ist verloren.

And North America will follow shortly thereafter, on current course and speed.

From The People Who Brought You Fast & Furious, Benghazi, And The MENA Regional Conflagration

Via WeaselZippers, from a reader.

And you think there is a political solution?

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Buppert: Setting The Conditions For Insurgency

Money quote:

…If the police in America do go “full retard” and get their war-face on to tackle this emerging phenomenon, there will be no retreat and the resistance will increase in size and the escalation-domination-kinetic complex that informs all American policing methodologies is going to lead to the emergence of some rather sporty activities for which they are not prepared…

The country into which you were born no longer exists.

The belief systems into which you were educated indoctrinated no longer have any reasonable basis in fact.

The Internet of Things panopticon will put the crowning touch on governmental/corporate omnisurveillance within a few more years, thereby ensuring that the 21st-century version of “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state” is actually feasible, at least for anyone who remains online.

This is not good, folks.

But the worst of all?

Very, very few from the Old Country are actively pursuing knowledge, skills, technology and cultural transfer to the bright kids of the GenX and Millennial cohorts.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

None but ourselves can free our minds.

And without minds freed of the myths of FUSA, freedom is as good as dead in the West.

Insert Shocked Face Emoji

Via Twitter above and below:

UK Telegraph: London attack – Police officer and shot terrorist among four dead after car ploughs into pedestrians near Parliament

Days Since Last Muzzie Madness

Rivers of Blood speech transcript

Quote Of The Week

“…Put women in charge of a country and they will set about creating danger and chaos so that the males will come rescue them. That’s where the swarthy rapists from the south come in. Europe and America settled their differences and ran out of dragons to slay, so the gals created new one in the form of Muslim lunatics imported into the West…”

— Z Man, here

Do read it all.

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MVT: Max Talk 001 – Team Formations

2017 MVT Training Information

Live hard.

Die free.

Stilton: Comeytose

Simply scathing.

Read it all.

Know that there is absolutely nothing at all on the level with the Feds of any ilk.


And their lust for still moar power grows every day.

This will not end well.

Brushbeater: Scenario-Based Training

RTWT, which begins:

TSHTF a year ago. An un-Constitutional regime has invited an Occupation force from a number of mostly socialist or communist countries to subdue the Resistance that arose after TSHTF. You have volunteered for duty with the Resistance, and after vetting and interviews, you have been assigned as the local communications coordinator for a new Resistance outpost being sent from the Appalachian Redoubt area, which is firmly controlled by the Resistance, to set up in the Asheville NC metro area , which is probably not. The Occupation has attempted to expand its influence in the Carolinas during this past winter, leapfrogging from the coastal areas around Savannah, Charleston and Wilmington, major coastal port areas into Raleigh, Charlotte and Columbia. The move inland is presently occurring along the I26 and I40 corridors towards Asheville North Caroline area, and the Resistance is attempting to stem that expansion. You will be approaching the area via mule pack train from Resistance held areas to the southwest and northeast of the Ashville Metro area.

Local radio transmissions and possession of any radio transmission equipment is forbidden under the ’emergency regulations’ promulgated by the Occupation except for cooperating law enforcement and Occupation forces, and all amateur radio licenses have been revoked. Local broadcast media are broadcasting only Occupation propaganda; national and local news is fabricated. The Internet in the occupied area is down except for ‘approved’ content, and registered access points, and Resistance Intelligence has confirmed reports that any user attempting to access unapproved Internet sites is arrested and removed from the area, whereabouts unknown. House to house confiscations of prohibited equipment, including firearms, radios and similar, together with arrests of those holding them have commenced in Greenville and Spartanburg to the southeast, and in Morganton and Statesville to the east. Scouting parties of Occupation troops have been seen in the Asheville area, but no Occupation in force has yet occurred. Information is fragmentary, but Resistance Intelligence believes that the Occupation intends to move into the Tennessee Valley area, possibly to regain control of the power generating facilities there. Asheville appears to be the next target in the Carolinas.

There have been numerous but unconfirmed reports of loud explosions in the area around and to the east of Asheville, and unconfirmed reports of Predator drone and other UAV operation based out of the Greenville and Charlotte airports. There have been rumors of the use of poison gas against civilian populations in the Charlotte and Columbia areas, which are held by the Occupation, but these rumors have not been confirmed to your knowledge, and Resistance Intelligence is not aware of any use of lethal gas in the Asheville area. There are believed to be at least two companies of air-mobile troops armed with Warsaw Pact caliber weapons, with a mix of helicopters of unknown type based at RDU airport, and another in Charlotte . Light armored vehicles of unknown type are reportedly active throughout the area.

Gunfire, including automatic weapons fire, is common. Occupation forces appear to be primarily attempting to maintain control of the cities via control of food distribution and to a secondary extent to control the food producing areas, but there is considerable unrest and widespread random violence.

Shipments of food to Occupied cities arrive by truck and rail from the Coast; there has been no observation of rail traffic on the line north from Spartanburg, but Intelligence states that the Occupation is bringing more troops in from other countries in response to the stiffening resistance. Back country patrols are not common, but do occur primarily along main roads. It is late spring/early summertime; weather is generally warm to hot, with good visibility.

Intelligence believes that the local authorities are not aware of the presence of Resistance operations in this disputed area, and it is imperative that they NOT get any idea that the organized Resistance has any presence here at the present time. Discovery of Resistance operation in other locations has been met with deployment of significant EW assets by the Occupation and loss of Resistance assets. Cruise missiles using EMP weapons are confirmed to have been employed against Resistance communication sites both here on the East Coast and at Resistance HQ in the West. This new outpost will immediately include an NVIS transmission station and HF listening post for communication with Resistance HQ, and will eventually include Resistance radio broadcasts and VHF links to the east if and when capable. Discretion is paramount.

Your duties include but are not limited to:

You will report to the Comm Boss for this outpost, who in turn reports to the local commander.
Coordinating communications with the 3 security (covert observation) checkpoints overlooking the access routes to the HF operating location. These checkpoints may be up to 1000 meters away from the HF station;
Coordinating communications with the HF operating position from the local communication station you are in charge of, which is NOT co-located with the HF station, and organizing and setting up that post upon your arrival;
Coordinating relocation of your VHF post as required by the local commander to support the HF station, or as needed for local communications capability.
Training your assigned personnel and ensuring their fitness for duty;
Monitoring local communications, from 25 mHz up, for indicators of interest, including but not limited to:

low band VHF (State police, highway and local government public works departments, etc.)
airband comms, including Asheville and Charlotte international airport ground operations and other local airports especially Greenville and Spartanburg as well as air traffic control;
Asheville, Henderson and other local police frequencies.
AM and FM broadcasts.
Local railroad radio communications, especially the Spartanburg yard.
Satellite communications from birds orbited prior to TSHTF.
DF of various local RF sources ranging from local MURS/FRS/GMRS to local police to various encrypted Occupation sources to locate radio transmission sites in the greater Asheville and Henderson area.
Monitoring and communicating with the area security patrol (s) as needed.
Set up and testing of an emergency channel transmit/receive link to preset coordinates which can be anywhere from Asheville to Walnut along the highway 25 corridor relocating on an irregular basis.

You were told prior to your departure for Asheville that you have the following equipment available in the Asheville Metro area…

Hie thee now to Brushbeater’s shop, where you should engage the exercise.

Seems Like A Good Place To Serve The Vice-Chair Of The Clinton Foundation With A Federal Grand Jury Subpoena

Chelsea Clintion To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award Next Month For Nothing…Other Than Building Her Politico-Dynastic ‘Cred’

(H/t Maggie’s)