Thread on the FBI, Waco, and an utterly-corrupt FedGov institution that needs to be razed like Mt. Carmel two days after the assault.

New Woodpile’s Here!

Finish your soup, then go read the latest from Ol’ Remus.

Be A Good ComRed

And mock the filthy Reds until their heads explode.

Get yours today.


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Either the Red/Green alliance is crushed, or Western Civ will be.

Have you checked the scoreboard lately?

Act accordingly.

Maine Dems Kill Bill That Would Have Banned Female Genital Mutilation

Can you understand now why the term “FUSA” (former USA) is used here at WRSA?

Get the names of all legislators who supported this madness.

Publish them everywhere.

TACB: DoubleBadthink

You can’t say such things.

What will the GoodThinkers say?

Bracken: Free Kindle Download Monday & Tuesday

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Z Blog: Letter To The Alt-Right


…The alt-right had momentum when one wing stuck to making sensible arguments about the demographic reality of our age and what it means for the future. Meanwhile, the other wing took these ideas and used them in the meme war and comment sections of web sites. The reason the people in charge are dumping comment sections and purging social media of anyone with a whiff of heresy is they fear this more than anything. The alt-right needs to get back to what works…


The Greatest Genocide

“Islam” means peace.

Three From Herschel

Unifying theme:

The War has already started.

Note To The Gun Controllers: You Don’t Get To Know My Dope

Amalgamated Bank Pressures Ruger To Support Gun Control Measures

GOP Splits As Banks Take On The Gun Industry

Suktan Knish: Big Banks Target the Bill of Rights


The Reds and their allies hate you.

They want you disarmed.


And when there is no more blood to be squeezed from the turnip, murdered.

Never forget that reality.


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Misunderstanding Opposition To Diversity

Or, “Why It Became ‘Hate’ To Believe That A Person’s Character Is Decisive”.

Affirmative action is racism.

First, the Boers…


On The Demise Of Nation States

Pax Americana is fading.

Bankruptcy (moral and financial) has killed it.

And with it, every system and society of the post-1945 world.

Exciting – and dangerous – times.

Continue to help the Normies make the transition.

Always remember that you too thought what you had been taught in school was real.


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Earth Day, My Ass

Badthink via Twitter.

18 Spectacularly Wrong Predictions Associated With The First “Earth Day” in 1970

Via Watt’s Up With That?

Doctor Death From Damascus?

Or not so much?

If the FUSA/al-Britani/Macron alliance says it so, bet against the claim.

Anyone seen any actual facts that support the claim that Assad gassed people?

TACB: The Buckdancer’s Lament

Observing the intersection of IQ, genetics, documented criminal behavior, and race.

While expecting a rational discussion of such topics, along with sound policies stemming from same.

Good luck with that.

Boomer Bummer

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ZH: Visualizing The Pension Time Bomb – $400 Trillion By 2050

But hey!

At least inflation will cut into the purchasing power of that funding gap.


Wait a minute.