GoV: Paul Weston – “June 18th, 2017 Marked the Beginning of the European Civil War”

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New Woodpile’s Here!

Paperboy was late.


GVDL: The Parable of the White Whale and the Good Ship “America”


Or perhaps harpooned and hemorrhaging.

Time and events will tell.

The Boomer Question

Content of character, or color of skin?

Fifty years on, what is dominant?

Must-Read Booklist

H/t to BB for this essential collection.

If the reachable young (and not so young) folks in your circle are not reading and discussing these works, you are wrong.

Minds, then hearts.

Max Sends

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Live hard.

Die free.

Brushbeater: Data Books & What Should Be In Them

This material will be on the final exam.

Whether you learn it or not.

Pattern Analysis

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WoG: Do The Math!

Codrea warns of yet another catastrophe in the making.

“93 millions Americans a day…”

Hokey smokes.

Meet Sabo

UK Guardian: Is Sabo the right-wing Banksy?



Ossoff’s Loss Shows Things Could Get Much Worse for Democrats

Patriot Tony Foreman Medical Fund


We only have each other.

Finally, A 2020 POTUS Candidate Upon Whom We Can All Agree

Eric Holder joins the anti-Trump resistance — and mulls a presidential campaign of his own

Funny That

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Remember: BFYTW works both ways.

Up your monitoring efforts to detect that message being delivered to you amongst all of the noise.

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Perish The Thought


A Democrat-controlled House would overturn the election and impeach Trump

Undercommissar For American Values Lee Greenwood was unavailable for comment.

This Too Is Fine

BBC: Personal details of nearly 200 million US citizens exposed

This Is Fine

Open thread; more anon.

The Polity: Little Children Or Citizens?

An optimist’s POV.


GoV: Tragic Prelude, Revisited

A clear-eyed of the past, present, and future.

Assassination lists and all.

Use the weekend well.

Tempus fugit.


Wretchard on FUSA and its decrepit institutions.


A quick but important thought experiment:

What if the bi-partisan, tri-branched, bicameral legislative, life-tenured judicial, unmentioned-but-created-and-now-immensely-powerful administrative bureaucratic, and boundlessly-empowered executive system of the venerated US Constitution actually is working exactly as intended?

What then, American?


August 12, 2017

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A Reminder From Sabo


Totally Legit

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I have every confidence in the world that the Bureau will perform as it always does.



The No-Shit Bottom Line

From a WRSA commenter:

I keep thinking what happens after Trump. If nothing substantial and foundational occurs before he leaves office or is deposed. All arguments aside as to what Trump and MAGA can or can not accomplish, if the motherfuckers we all despise are left to pick up where obama left off, to me this above, is the prime directive.

Think about it. Trump AD, if the “swamp” isn’t drained, is going to be payback time for all us deplorables who voted Trump in. Bank on it.

It’s what we got to be planning for. Whether Ol’ Trump does good or not, it is a pretty sure bet the color revolution of 11-8 will never be permitted to happen again, and you know the entire uniparty will be burning the midnight oil to assure no more Trumps.

Remember who we are talking about here. A class of debauchery. Where even pedophilia and child snuff films is a right of passage into the elitist class. You think going after us deplorables will not happen? These will be the same who murdered LeVoy Finnicum, who make up laws out of their ass to suit whatever circumstances require.

I’m not saying anything new here, we all know what these motherfuckers are and are capable of. They will be thinking of rooting anyone who will defy them out.

At best we get 7.5 more years. They will probably JFK or depose Trump before then at the rate things are going. It don’t look good in that department. But Trump is a pretty interesting guy, he is not a quitter or a loser, and has a big set of balls. It’s the potential after Trump for Amerika stage II that we got to be getting ready for. Short of hanging everyone of the motherfuckers, how are they got rid of?

And if the Normies don’t pull the suppository pacifiers out of their arses and wake up, it’s gonna be real sporty for us dirt people.

Know Your Foe

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Accountability files.




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Those local, bi-partisan accountability files won’t build themselves.

Tempus fugit.



Always more Cossacks!

Ham Radio Advice From Warrior Capitalist

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Support each.