A Quickie From Tesla’s Kid


Even the NYT is starting to get it.

Kill coal, then what?

Boom Boom – Out Go The Lights:

O’er The Land of the Freeeeeeeeee…


And the home of the brave:

‘I am in Camden Yards and cannot leave': Baseball stadium locked down due to riots


Thanks be to Gaia for the ascension of the Lightbringer, who has healed us all at last:

Using Alinsky Tactics To Smear Publius Huldah


To defeat the message, destroy the messenger.

Watch Publius eviscerate the Article V “false friends” and understand why the statists and their stooges are pushing so hard:

As some corrupt Chicago politician once said:

Punch back twice as hard.



Codrea: ‘Kapo’ von Furstenberg gives Giffords ‘gun control’ award at UN

Understand that these people despise you and your values.

And that they will not stop until you are destroyed.

Existential struggle.

It’s what’s coming.

Any questions?


Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 0.33.57

Oligarchs Über Alles, 2016

Officer Krupke, Call Your PIO


Via Jim Sinclair.

“Safe Spaces” And The Mote In America’s Eye


More ‘safety’.

Less freedom.

Welcome to FUSA.

(H/t Tam)

This Is The 100th Anniversary Of The Armenian Genocide Of Christians




Any questions?


More On Miksche

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 23.22.48

Background re author cited in this post, courtesy of Bill Buppert:

Miksche, Ferdinand Otto, 1904-1992, Lieutenant Colonel, writer on military affairs.

Born in Karvinna, Teschen, Austrian Silesia, 1904; education included the Schiller-Gymnasium, Teschen, Oberrealschule, Kaschau, and the Imperial Military College; enrolled as a Cadet, Ludovika Military Academy, Budapest, Hungary [1924]; conscripted into Czechoslovakian Army [1927]; service as a Reserve Officer in an artillery regiment, Kosice and Mukacevo, Slovakia [1927-1930]; Lt, 1930; served in the International Brigades, Spanish Civil War, Spain, 1936-1939; Capt, 1936; Maj, 1938; commanded artillery battalion, Battle of the Ebro, 1939; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; evacuated from France to UK with Czech Legion, 1940; appointed Capt in the British Army [1940]; service with the Czechoslovak Independent Bde Group, 1940-1941; joined Free French forces as a Maj, 1941; served on personal staff of Free French Brig Gen Charles de Gaulle, and in the Troisième Bureau, assisting in the development for the planned invasion of Normandy, France, 1941-1944; author and military strategist, 1941-1992; awarded French Légion d’Honneur, 1944; Assistant to the Czech Military Mission, and adviser on central European affairs to the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF), 1945; awarded US Medal of Freedom, 1946; Czechoslovakian Military Attaché, Paris, France, and Brussels, Belgium, 1946-1947; joined French Army, 1948; Lecturer in Tactics, Instituto de Altos Estudos Militares, Caxias, Portugal, 1950-1955; awarded Order of the Portuguese Empire [1955]; died, 1992. Publications: Blitzkrieg (Faber and Faber, London, 1941); Paratroops. The history, organisation and tactical use of airborne formations (Faber and Faber, London, 1943); Is bombing decisive? (Allen and Unwin, London, 1943); Blitzkrieg. Étude sur la tactique allemande de 1937 à 1943 (Harmondsworth, New York, USA, 1944); War between continents , with François Pierre Edmond (Faber and Faber, London, 1948); Les erreurs stratégiques de Hitler (Payot, Paris, France, 1945); Secret forces. The technique of underground movements (Faber and Faber, London, 1950); Unconditional surrender. The roots of World War III (Faber and Faber, London, 1952); Danubian Federation. A study of past mistakes and future possibilities in a vital region of Europe (published by author, printed by Kenion Press, Slough, Berkshire, 1953); Donauföderation (Forschungsinstitut für Fragen and Donausraumes, Salzburg, Austria, 1953); Atomic weapons and armies (Faber and Faber, London, 1955); Tactique de la guerre atomique (Payot, Paris, France, 1955); La faillite de la stratégie atomique (Presses de la Cité, Paris, France, 1958); The failure of atomic strategy and a new proposal for the defence of the West (Faber and Faber, London, 1959); Kapitulation ihne Krieg (Seewald Verlag, Stuttgart, West Germany, 1965); Die Zukunft der Bundeswehr (Seewald Verlag, Stuttgart, West Germany, 1967); Rüstungswettlauf (Seewald Verlag, Stuttgart, West Germany, 1972); Vom Kriegsbild (Seewald Verlag, Stuttgart, West Germany, 1976); Bis 2000 (Seewald Verlag, Stuttgart, West Germany, 1979); Moskaus indirekte Strategie: Erfolge und Niederlage (Seewald Verlag, Stuttgart, West Germany, 1983); Das Ende der Gegenwart (Seewald Verlag, Stuttgart, West Germany, 1991).


You’ll even see him mentioned in this arcane but eminently useful read, titled “Security and Coordination In A Clandestine Organization”.

He is also an influence here; I recommend this for cascade resilience in underground organizations:

http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download doi=

Esoteric but insightful.

Focus and resilience are two primary factors to come out on top in conflict in self-learning mechanisms such as undergrounds and guerrilla forces.


Bill Buppert

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Fresh Off The Presses


The current edition of the Appalachian Messenger is out. Click here for the full edition.

There are links on the site to downloadable PDFs in both 11×17 and 8.5×11 formats. We encourage everyone to download and spread this information freely.

Cadet Command Responds


WeaponsMan provides the latest.

The Imperium falls bit by bit…


Content tonight.

The Court Of Tortured Language

zombie supreme court

KD whizzes all over the Lairds of Just-us.

You Constitutionalists remember:

Your post-war end-state proposal requires adherents to accept 200+ years of this kind of judicial cant under the judicial doctrines of “precedent” and “stare decisis“.

No sale.



WeaponsMan explains.

You might want to share your thoughts with the BG responsible.

useless effing bint

Excerpt from “Secret Forces”, by F.O. Miksche

secret forces

Juan Martín Díez sends, via this classic:

“…But Napoleon’s famous maxim, ‘the whole secret of the art of war lies in making oneself the master of the communications’, is truer than ever and the lines of supply, on which [vehicles] rely for fuel, constitute the Achilles’ heel of all [vehicular] forces. To harass and army’s lines of communication is to paralyse its moral strength; to destroy its means of intercommunication-by which orders and reports pass-is to paralyse the sensory connection between brain and body. The destruction of radio stations and telegraph installations makes an [army] deaf and dumb…”

Attack the PD motorpools, repeater sites, and follow with night letters to garages, gas stations, and radio repair businesses.

Don’t fight the MRAPs.





Spread the word.

SLL: The Government That Cried Wolf


Fomenting FUD so as to grow and consolidate government power.

For use against you.

Any questions?

Porretto: Creeping Totalitarian Report


It ain’t just in Wisconsin.

The Bad People believe they are untouchable.

Things will need to get much worse than now before people will get more serious.

Hillary 2016.

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Some Perspective

On this thread from Tom Baugh:

Oathkeepers is learning from its past experiences and is becoming more effective at each engagement in its role as a FreeFor PR arm.

Don’t like the word PR? Well, the simple fact is that OK is a political, mindspace outfit. It is NOT a militia, nor does it have a military role, and if it, as an umbrella organization, tried to do both it would succeed at neither. The Ferguson (http://starvingthemonkeys.com/articles/OathkeepersDefendFerguson.html) defense is a great example of how they adjusted from previous mistakes to make that a PR win by combining the best mix of national and local assets. And, if they can do a good enough job with their PR role, the military side of things will keep gathering dust in the closet.

Fine by me, even if it means I don’t get to participate in their thing.

As a note for the newbies, Stewart Rhodes of the Oathkeepers wouldn’t piss on me to put me out if I was on fire, nor would he, because of my associations and stated objectives, want me within a hundred miles of any of their activities, and has, without reservation and in public, distanced himself from yours truly, individually.

So what?

In the past, I have had specific, objective criticisms, which they have now addressed, not as any deliberate reaction to my input, but as a refinement of their place in the FreeFor complex. What is more important to me is that Oathkeepers, after a few bumpy years, is now doing important work along its axis, especially among, and with, the rank-and-file membership, and deserves my support, and the support of anyone I can rally to their cause, completely independent of whether they might rally to mine.

The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State


Serious people act seriously.


Max V: Land Nav Courses


Like this, but want FTF instruction over two days?

Go here.

Tempus fugit.

Guerrillamerica: Doobie Brother On The Revolution In Intelligence



Got IPC?

You should.

DumpDC Endorses Hillary Clinton For President


Worse is better.


Her Vote Cancels Your Vote


Via Captain Capitalism.

But at least their ignorance is matched by their inflated senses of achievement and entitlement!

NPFD 2015/1 Hot Wash


Detailed AARs to follow, but a few key points:

– Many thanks to all who participated

– Special thanks to those who tried to get through on HF; my Buckmaster 7-bander antenna was just too damned low; that will not be repeated

– The OpPlan had too many freqs for the available staff; another key lesson

– Alt comms made the day

– Our 2m net control did yeoman’s work on making that mode the most successful of the day

– Thanks again to all