TACB: Critical Race Theory & You

This is fine.

Because social justice.

And reasons.

Z Blog: The Between Time

Between madness and mass graves.

With hordes of Buckley-wannabes extolling the ecological benefits of your family’s extermination.

No way out but through.

In Support Of Equality And The People

Via FreeZoxee.

“We understand how hard and costly it is to regain our country”

Read PA’s intro.

Then watch the vid.

Polska walczy.

Tempus Fugit, Med Supplies Edition

A comment by Aesop:

1) The “Opioid Crisis” is well-understood by everyone in the medical field to be NOT Grandma and Uncle ODing on Rx opioids, but rather heroin junkies dying from using Smack cut with acetyl (garage-brewed only) fentanyl. It is Darwinism in action, and it’s a feature, not a bug.
500 junkies a day dying from fatal overdoes? What down side?
MOAR, please.

2) You don’t need Fish Mox.
You need Fish everything.
And even then, you’ll be missing a few rather vital options, but something is better than nothing.
You should also have recent editions of Tarascon’s Pocket Pharmacopeia to give you dosages and normal course, a good nursing drug reference (Mosby’s, etc.) to lay out do’s and don’ts etc., and a current/recent PDR to understand everything about the drugs in question. All available from Amazon, and most all on the shelf at Barnes & Noble brick-and-mortar stores. You should have them anyways by now if you’re serious. If you don’t, you’re prepping for 18th cent. medical care, i.e. “have a slug of whiskey and bite on this leather strap” standards of care, and expect commensurate survival/mortality rates.

3) Once you realize that a bottle of 30 pills is probably only barely enough for one person for one, or maybe two courses of treatment if yu’re lucky, you’ll start to grok why you should probably be adding to your stockpile like a fiend if you anticipate a true post-civilizational existence. (Because 4x day x 10 days is 40 pills, or 1 1/3 of the smaller bottles.) This is why commercial pharmacies buy bottles of 500 pills. Stored properly, most of these don’t “expire” so you should probably be buying a new bottle of each annually, and storing them in succession, sealed in a dark, cool, dry location.

4) Work on this now.
Five minutes after they crack down on this (like ammunition, gun parts, etc.) and you can’t get it anymore, is six minutes too late, forever.

5) Think about
> tooth infections
> EENT (eye, ear, nose, throat) infections
> skin infections
> puncture wounds (knife, GSW, bites, everyday injuries)
> respiratory infections (pneumonia, etc.)
> gut infections
> systemic sepsis treatment
> post-op prophylaxis
That’s probably 80-95% of what is commonly treated with Abx, or should be.

The Enemy Within

A letter from Whittaker Chambers, dated 1954.

Backgrounder on Chambers.

His memoir.

Derbyshire: On Nationalism

A useful explainer.

What very few FUSAns understand:

Going into the mid-20th century, socialism became the Earth’s dominant political organizing principle. Where Communism, the murderously mature form of socialism, remained in its fetal form, people appreciated the “social safety net” and supported it. If WWI resulted in the death of the European monarchies, WWII is best understood as a gang-fight between distinguishable yet kin-related socialists: the Fascist, NSDAP, and Japanese gangs on one side, and the British, US, and Soviet gangs on the other side. In 1945, FDR’s socialist gang and that of Stalin stood astride the globe.

Now, seventy plus years later, the EU, UK, and FUSA strive to join their socialist brethren in the PRC and India in the goals of central economic planning (and, when possible, total population control) and regional hegemony. Not coincidentally, civilian disarmament and heritage population replacement are other shared goals.

In FUSA, the switch from genteel American socialism to hard-line-deadly Maoism is in the works. You, dear reader, are in its sights. Make no mistake about that.

Without a coherent fighting principle around which trad Americans can organize (locally only, in meatspace only, amongst trusted, hard-hearted allies only), the Reds will seize the remaining levers of power between now and 2024. Once in complete control, the vestiges of trad American culture (and believers) will be swept forever into the dumpster of multiculti power for power’s sake.

There will be no reset for the foreseeable future.

One man, one vote, one time.

Thus, believers in private property, the sanctity of the individual, traditional families, free speech, and limited government have only a blink of history in which to abandon their illusions and prepare for the Great North American Death Match.

No one is coming to save you.

Very many of your “countrymen” are in fact the enemy, and will have to be treated as such.

There is no opposition political party to fight meaningfully against the victory of American Communism.

Most of your relatives will be willing to betray you to the authorities.

No one in government at any level is your friend.

Nor, except in extraordinarily rare circumstances, is any clergy or any other member of churchianity.

Your dependency on government support, where applicable, is a monstrous vulnerability.

And most importantly, you really and truly don’t yet have enough ammo, food, medication, and hard-hearted friends to prevail against the Reds.

Tempus fugit.

(Click to enlarge for agitprop)

Which Way, Mr. President?

Opening with the above, the piece continues.


And pass it on.

Related: To what distance can you keep aimed centerfire rifle fire on a 9″ target?

Do you know?

Are you working on improving your performance?

Repeat after me:

There is no voting our way out of this.

And the Reds are coming to murder you.

Aesop: Looking Ahead To 2020

Good news?

Time to get your act together.

Bad news?

The Reds are going to go for all of the marbles.

And there is no effective opposition party.

Repeat after me:

There is no effective opposition party to counter the Communists.


Lind: Invasion

Existential questions.

And getting the answer wrong.

Just think of all the great tacos and other culture being delivered to us.

Thank goodness for those donated buses.

Prepper Medicine: What You Think You Know Can Kill You

More quality content from American Partisan.

They are an everyday stop for you, aren’t they?

True Colors

Thoughts on the self-anointed Ruling Class.

They hate you.

They want you and your family disarmed, robbed into penury, and ultimately, extinct.

You have no ability to change their minds through bargaining or political pressure.

You will have to fight for your life and those of your family in the upcoming Great North American Death Match.


Not easy.

Another Statist Genocide-Enabler Flaps His Lips

Texas NPR: San Antonio Surgeon Among NRA Members Supporting New Gun Safety Measures

Doc, here’s the hard reality:

– First off, howzabout this:

– A whole bunch of folks aren’t going to comply.

– Quite a few within that no-comply group are going to be extremely pissed.

– A subset of the really-pissed crowd are going to go in pursuit of the traitors who betrayed them.

Good luck with all that.

The funny thing with the NPR crowd is that they see the NRA as their enemy.

It is to laugh.

The Way Of Decay

On the passage of time.

You might spend the weekend buttressing your skills and/or stores.

Might not like the next act.

She Seems Nice

Joe Huffman links to a girl with a plan.

To murder gunowners en masse.

Make sure you read the whole thing.

And then have those around you do the same.

The Reds plan to kill you and your family.

It’s just that simple.

Shelter & Sleep In A Non-Permissive Environment

Good article.

Vital information.

In the Coming Excitement, you will be on the run at various points.

It will be how you know you are still alive.

Open thread on topic of practical tips for successful evasion.

Tempus fugit.

Dawghouse Sends

For those wanting to induce a drone strike, Reginald Denny re-enactment party, or Close Encounter with Officer Safety…

Seriously, it’s his gig and I wish him well.

Christmas is coming…

GA: Angry Manatee Promises Not To Lose Next Time


Breitbart coverage.

More sad trombone bellowings.

Angry loser is angry..

Meanwhile, In Florida, The Hand Count Begins

From the Rightly-Guided One.

UPDATE 1215E 16NOV2018:

Florida Recount: Hand counts in Senate and Ag Sec races

And Georgia is going full Abrams:

Final county certifies Kemp as Gov winner; Lesbian Manatee vows to keep going

HuffPo: Manatee plans to use false affidavits and whining to obtain new election due to irregularities

UPDATE 1155E 16NOV2018: Via Twitter:

Black Pigeon Speaks

Der Krieg kommt.