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al-Britan Blues

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London, 2009

Two From Liberty & Lead

Sound Thinking



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Mueller’s Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standards

There will be a ugly, ugly fight for control of the USG.

Especially with the war drums a-pounding.

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There Has Already Been A Muslim Reformation


North America will not escape the lash.

Nor should it.


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(Remember: Her vote cancels yours)

Buppert: The Education Complex and Imperial Conditioning

Young Red cadres.

And enstupified slaves.

Read about the Red Guards youth movement.


Peking Review, No. 36 (9/2/1966), p. 17

Red Guards Destroy the Old and Establish the New

Since August 20, the young Red Guards of Peking, detachments of students, have taken to the streets. With the revolutionary rebel spirit of the proletariat, they have launched a furious offensive to sweep away reactionary, decadent bourgeois and feudal influences, and all old ideas, culture, customs and habits. This mounting revolutionary storm is sweeping the cities of the entire nation. “Let Mao Tse-tung’s thought occupy all positions; use it to transform the mental outlook of the whole of society; sweep away all ghosts and monsters; brush aside all stumbling-blocks and resolutely carry the great proletarian cultural revolution through to the end!” This is the militant aim of the young revolutionary fighters. Their revolutionary actions have everywhere received the enthusiastic support of the revolutionary masses.

In Peking. During the past week and more Red Guards have scored victory after victory as they pressed home their attack against the decadent customs and habits of the exploiting classes. Beating drums and singing revolutionary songs detachments of Red Guards are out in the streets doing propaganda work, holding aloft big portraits of Chairman Mao, extracts from Chairman Mao’s works, and great banners with the words: We are the critics of the old world; we are the builders of the new world. They have held street meetings, put up big-character posters and distributed leaflets in their attack against all the old ideas and habits of the exploiting classes. As a result of the proposals of the Red Guards and with the support of the revolutionary masses, shop signs which spread odious feudal and bourgeois ideas have been removed, and the names of many streets, lanes, parks, buildings and schools tainted with feudalism, capitalism or revisionism or which had no revolutionary significance have been replaced by revolutionary names. The service trades have thrown out obsolete rules and regulations.

Support for the revolutionary actions of the Red Guards has been expressed in countless big-character posters which the masses of revolutionary workers and staff have put up in the newly renamed major thoroughfares of the capital. They have also expressed their support with street demonstrations…

Guess who plays the obsolete social obstructors who must be crushed by any means necessary in the current franchise reboot?

And guess where?

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Britain has fallen.

The FUSA is in the sights of the Tyrants.

Live video (if YouTube keeps it up):

UPDATE 1330E 18MAR2018: The speech:

Yes, They Do

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Your Tax Dollars At Work


Robb: When ALL Gun Owners Are Shunned


Followed by “When Reds Start To Die At The Coffee Shops And Upscale Grocery Stores”.


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WaPo: FBI’s Andrew McCabe is fired a little more than 24 hours before he could retire


PJW & Molyneux On Western Civ

You are either helping to preserve or destroy it.

Choose wisely.

Black Pigeon Speaks

Looking Into The Future

More of the same will lead to more of the same.

And the major political parties both propose suicide as the answer.

Nice wall.

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MVT Tactical Manual – Small Unit Tactics

MVT Tactical Classes

My Suggestion Is “Collaborators”

GoV: It’s Not Totalitarian — But What Is It?