The Visegrad Group’s Exit From Liberal Democracy




Herschel: A Hit Dog Always Hollers


NYT: Armed Sheriff’s Deputy ‘Never Went In’ During Florida Shooting; Has Since Resigned


Curiouser and curiouser.

#HelicopterTwitter: Variations On A Theme

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Parkland: Another POV



Cui bono?

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Denninger: OK, Kids, 21 It Is


The adults are taking over.

Or will, eventually.

Extend The Franchise To 12 Year Olds – Let The Children Lead Us With Their Wisdom

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And Then There’s This…

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From Over The Transom: NRA Rumint

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Of note… saw this on 4chan this afternoon (at least where I am at). It may be a LARP, but nevertheless it is useful to consider this and get those letters to your congresscritters ready to go if it proves out (copied here to save readers the work, from here

I work or the NRA – this is a HEADS UP Anonymous (ID: arkVr3Y/) 02/22/18(Thu)03:58:52 No.161408383 [Reply]

I’ve been in the GC’s office for just under 18 months, and yesterday I was apprised of a massive development that’ll go public on Friday.

Many of you will think im full of shit, that’s fine, just screen cap this post so you know you have an anon on the inside when you realize I was for real

“Advancement Leadership” is a big-dick division of the NRA, and has been working on this plan since before the FL shooting

Leadership has decided to introduce a bill to the house this coming Monday, after announcing on Friday, that completely overhauls two major federal regulatory structures:

1. Application review for ATF’s 4473 licensing procedure for firearms dealers, making it incredibly more comprehensive (and expensive, by about $3,400); and

2. Review procedures and accessibility for the FBI’s NICS background check system for individual gun purchasers.

Part of the bill actually calls for amending HIPAA, allowing the FBI to access health and treatment history for all individual gun purchasers with a live application in the NICS system.

Everyone in the GCs office (where I am) is preparing for an onslaught from RKBA activists (i.e. cancelling corporate memberships, threatening legal action, etc).

Robert Brown (currently on board of directors, founder of Soldier of Fortune) caught wind of it and is threatening to resign and start his own group.

Underling but more notable Exec VP – LaPierre – will not be at the press conference. Not sure why, as he’s the face of the NRA, but I havne’t heard a good answer.

Friday was chosen as the announcement date for obvious reasons: give the hardline RKBA activists some time to settle down, and lobbyists time to prep congress for Monday.

Acting NRA Pres Pete Brownell will announce the proposal of legislation with President Trump on Friday at a press conference, again – without LaPierre – and give Republicans all the credit for “reasonable steps forward.”

General summary: firearm ownership gets harder starting Friday.

In summary: gigantic if genuine.

ACTION: Call 1 (800) 672-3888, ask for NRA-ILA, ask to confirm or deny, and give them what-for.

Pass the word.

Milk That Cow For All The Blood It’s Got

Aesop on the Parkland “Children’s Crusade”.

Buy more ammo.


SiGB: Heavy Lift Primer

A good start.




Hateful And Hurtful

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Justice Thomas: The Founders’ Grandson

Part I

Part II

The good Justice should avoid hunting camps in Texas, methinks.

The Case Against Google

Worth your time.

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Z Blog: In Praise Of A “Truth & Reconciliation Commission”

(Special Counsel Mueller indicates how small one’s brain would have to be in order to ever talk to the FBI about anything.)

Then again, the Swamp is still winning.

So why should they confess to anything?

Brushbeater: A Recent Course Review


Get trained.

Tempus fugit.

Media Legitimacy Intensifies…

Meet David Hogg.

He despises you.


Rather than demanding access control and armed personnel at public schools, he and his ilk would disarm you and your family.

The kid will go far.

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A Question

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Codrea: Can There Be No Peace Between Our Peoples?

At current course and speed, no.

Totally Legit

If true:

Former CNN Producer Behind Anti-Gun Protests


Faceberg linky.

Any corrob?


How we got here.

Not the political/form of government aspect.

The “your property is mine if it is for a good reason and I won’t get killed or trying to take it” part.

A lesson learned?

The survivors will learn that answer.

The Weiner List

GVDL posts the contact list from Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

For educational purposes only.

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

Using Mils


In the margin also under “Shooting Resources”.

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Good Question

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And follow-up question:

What will you do for an encore?

New Woodpile’s Here!


Two From Aesop

Great Ideas File

Once And For All

TL Davis: Child Sacrifice By The Left

Parkland and its consequences.

FL State Bill

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Floridians, call your reps.

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