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Linked NYT story.

Optimists say this guarantees pro-MAGA wins in 2018 and 2020.

Realists say the Reds have gone all-in, and there will be unprecedented vote manipulation/theft in both elections.

The Reds are serious.

The permanent-bottom Washington Generals Never Trumpers GOP establishmentarians are not.

It is that simple.

In a fight between a man with a rock and a man with a gun, the more serious dude wins.

You have two years to gather everything you will need for the war.

And you really don’t have enough armed, trained, provisioned, medically-supported killers in your corner.

Russian Hysteria

H/t to SLL for this thoughtful piece on the IC’s madness.

See also this related piece by the same author.

When the gods battle, mortals quake.

Or they should.

Keep prepping.

CHS: The Schizophrenic Deep State is a Symptom, Not the Disease

And it, along with the rest of traditional America, is headed for a crack-up.

These are the good old days.

Denninger: The Higher-Education Scam


And uglier still, in the sense that at best, the system produces sub-par graduates.

Worst case?

Emotional cripples, with a Red-tinged explanation why they have to have moar subsidies.

Fred: Big-Picture Stuff

Signature in the Cell and Intelligent Design: An Introduction to Protracted Desperation

Interesting, including the links.

Sunday Reading

Z Blog: The Energy Of Religion

Christian Albion

Pax vobiscum.


This will not end well.

Those on the Trump train should remember:

If the Hillary-bots had stolen just a few more states, HRC would be Prez.

The vote-stealing will be epic in 2020.

And the permanent-bottom Washington Generals Dead Elephants will be flaccid in its face.

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Z Blog: A Garden Of Idiots

It can’t be fixed.

Any of it.

Deal with that.

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Aesop: Happy Peak Of Western Civilization Day


The Diplomad: A Letter To President Putin

How to get the Progs to love you.

The Intelligence Community And Trust

They seem nice.

And trustworthy.

See also Doubting The Intelligence Of The Intelligence Community.

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All A Lie?


That would mean….


I mean, one of the help at Bezos’ failing blog told us just today that the Deep State is all that is between us and catastrophe.

It can’t be.


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Weeping Angel Sends

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Thumbed Eagle approves.

The Coming War Over The Constitution

A decent opening bid; JCA is neither insane, stupid, nor ignorant.

But he abandons his line of thought far too early.

There is a very large group of people in this country that wants to tell others what to do, say, build, think, spend, reproduce, worship, and so forth.

There is another group that wants to live and let live.

There is another group, somewhat overlapping the first, that doesn’t really care what they have to do at their jobs, as long as they have secure lifetime employment, followed by generous retirement, funded by taxation at the state’s gunpoint.

Do you understand the alliances that form naturally between groups 1 and 3?

Do you understand that the USC/BoR was implemented to minimize the conflicts between these three groups?

And finally, do you understand that the USC/BoR has failed to do so to date, and is incapable of doing so in the future?

Reference to the Constitution and its impact on the burgeoning conflicts in FUSA is driving at highway speeds while gazing lovingly but exclusively at the rear-view mirror.

It will end badly for all.




Herschel: If You’re Going To Open Carry, Don’t Be A Prick

Be a good example, not a bad one.

Every little bit helps.

Radio Direction Finding 101

A detailed tutorial.

With references.

Who cares?

Your opponents may want to find you.

You may want to find your opponents.

RDF is one tool in the toolbox.

SLL: The Black Belt Strategist

Robert talks sense about Russia, the limits of geopolitical power, and FUSA.

He therefore is suspect, as are all publishers and readers of his material, according to Deputy Undersecretary For Burgeoning Delusions Lee Greenwood.

Who do you trust more – the US intelligence community or this man?

Strange times, indeed.

Cooling Arctic Summers and Cooling U.S. July and August — Are They Linked?

Readworthy, even if you aren’t a weather nerd.

Remember: Any MSM story on weather is nearly 100% guaranteed to be complete rubbish.

Bastardi and Watts are necessary data-driven curatives to the climate madness of the last twenty years.

See, e.g., this Bastardi plug via SiGB.

An Open Letter To Leftoid America, From Heritage America

Via Heartiste, and worth the read.

It is the irreconcilable differences behind the election schism that brings Yugoslavian-style autogenocide perilously closer with each outrage.

The Reds, for all intents and purposes, have never even been punched in the nose, let alone anything more sporty.

The Deplorables understand that if the Reds seize the remaining levers of state power, what will ensue is an existential struggle with only one winner.

Anybody reading this piece had better damned well be clear about that reality, as well.