werf i must mit mein flammen thrust

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SLL: The Builders

Robert’s latest.

There will be a morning after.

Plan for that as well.

F&F: The Zombies Are Already Here

Their latest.



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Gab Group For WRSA Comments

Kudos to the guys who did the work.



Long live badthink and hatespeech!

A Call To Globalization

Herschel sends.


There will be blood.

Plan accordingly.

Abolishing Whiteness Has Never Been More Urgent

Your betters instruct you on the sin of your existence.

Culture War 2.0

Or, “If Logic itself is denied, then you’d best have more killers on your side than do the Lunatics”.

This thing ends in a negotiated divorce, much bloodshed, or some combo of both.

Plan accordingly.

GoV: When Justice Isn’t

A SJW recap, Fall 2019.

Know this:

Except at the far margins, trad Westerners are not even close to the fight; as such, they are doomed.

Plan accordingly.

Deft Systems: How to Make Your Own MGRS / USNG Maps

For educational purposes only.

Your electronics will fail, or worse yet, serve as a beacon to the antiterrorist forces hunting you.

Got old-school land nav?

Tempus fugit.

Why Is The US Even In Ukraine?

Good question.

Bad answers.

Including violation of SecState Baker’s “not one inch East” promise re NATO during the USSR’s breakup.

Deputy Under-Secretary For Really Dumbshit Initiatives Greenwood will now read a brief statement:

Barr Speech

Vid above; transcript here.

H/t DS, whose linking post is a standalone read itself.

Stacy Manatee: “The Electoral College Is Waaaaacisss”

All mockery of the filthy Commie fatty aside, can there be any doubt that the Glorious Revolution has already begun?

For the Reds, at least.

PS: For my fellow Georgians, this state is the next Virginia.

Plan accordingly.

Bracken: On The Impeachment

AP link

This caper isn’t even close to over.

And why isn’t John Brennan in a car trunk somewhere, on his way to some of that old-time enhanced interrogation?

Z Blog: The Break Up

Money quote:

“…Everyday, more and more white people come to the conclusion that the people they see in politics, the media and popular culture are incompatible with the world they want for themselves and their decedents. That old bourgeois white culture is looking at America like the family exhausted by an alcoholic relative…”


Aesop: The Final Solution(s)

Not what you may think.


144:1 Sends

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Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You

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Brushbeater: Two Course Reviews – RTO and Urban Combat

Training matters.

Especially when it becomes unobtanium.

Tempus fugit.