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TL Davis: Bad Cop. Good Cop?

TL on the crisis in American policing.

See also:

ZH: FBI Edits To Clinton Exoneration Go Far Beyond What Was Previously Known; Comey, McCabe, Strzok Implicated

It won’t change.

Their paymasters like it this way.

And their colleagues don’t believe the hassle is worth the trouble that will follow.

Herschel Replies To A LEO

With panache.

Buppert: Government Is Cancer

Not just the current government.

How much omnisurveillance and resultant force threatened against you by your Lessers do you need in your life?

And who is surprised by this?

USA Today: The U.S. bought weapons for Syrian rebels — and some wound up in the hands of ISIS terrorists

WaPo: ISIS stole U.S.-supplied rockets weeks after they arrived in Syria, report says


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It’s Been Fun

I’m going back to homing pigeons.

Why Pretend?

Good question.


Palate Cleanser

Gott segne uns, jeden Einzelnen.

Bracken Sends

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What’s This ‘Insurance Policy’?

The FBI’s Plot Against Trump

The Deep State’s Christmas Present to America: Surveillance That Never Ends

Welcome to FUSA.

Good luck fixing it.



Your NKVD in peace and war.

Herschel: Routine Investigative Stop

Grand Rapids Police Department Point Weapons At 11-Year Old

Routine in FUSA, that is.


Get yours today.

This Explains A Great Deal

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Z Blog: Lessons Of Indentity

“Who, whom” through the lens of tribe.

If everybody else is playing tackle football, those dressed and equipped for badminton are at a significant disadvantage.

Especially if the badminton team’s neighbors and families consider them to be dangerous radicals.

Forest brothers, anyone?

Reason: Scared Cops Are Scary


Officer safety is not a legal defense to an intentional homicide charge.

Who We Are: Catlady Nation Imports Its Own Murderers

From the extraordinary Ann Corcoran:

RRW: The Rohingya narrative driven by ‘human rights activists’ is a big lie

Welcome to West Britain.

Totally Legit: Your NKVD Valiantly Defending America From You

ZH: “Trump Should Go F Himself” – 10000 Texts Leak From FBI Agents On Russia Probe, Hillary Emails Investigation

Покажи мне этого человека, и я покажу тебе преступление.

Muh Russia Is A Dud – So This Will Be The Dem’s Play For The Mid Terms

From the Rightly-Guided One.


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More Coup Plotters Exposed – “Покажи мне этого человека, и я покажу тебе преступление”

The latest from Bracken.

Покажи мне этого человека, и я покажу тебе преступление.


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(Ditto; see related story here)


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Z Blog: Bugmen Ascendant

ERMAGERD!!!!1!! Someone Insulted Amerika’s NKVD!!!

Bovard: Yes, The FBI Is America’s Secret Police

Bovard: Yesterday’s FBI Article Drove ‘Murkans Bat-Shit Krazee!

From Over The Transom


Selco: A Fundamental Survival Lesson

Woe unto those who get what they want.

New Woodpile’s Here!


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Update From Bracken

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The Deep State Coup

A useful recap, especially for trans-Normies who have twigged to things just not seeming right.

May this classic prove to be prophecy in the fullest sense of the word.