>A Draft Curriculum

>Here’s what we are thinking about. Pistol courses are also in development.

Cardinal rules:

1) Practical, practical, practical. If it gets hits on steel, it stays. If not, it goes.

2) We know the meaning of the Second Amendment.

3) The more people who do, and can back up that belief with skills and mindset, the better.

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Basic Rifle I
– 25m zeroing/sights/optics
– Basic positions
– Sling use
– BRASS/Six steps

Basic Rifle II
– KD zeros to 400
– Position review/practice (including all stage 2 variants)
– Full distance practice/variety of targets
– Range estimation techniques
– Immediate action drills
– Wind introduction
– Intro to snaps/reactive targets
– Intro to the follow-up shot

Intermediate Rifle I
– Short range snaps/multiple targets/multiple shots
– Medium range snaps/multiple targets/multiple shots
– Moving safely with your rifle
– Position transitions
– Improvised rests/alternative positions
– Off-balance/weak side positions
– Slings for fun and travel
– Where’s your optics/where’s your irons transitions
– Improvisational skill-building (pistols, simulated malfunctions, multitasking, etc.)

Intermediate Rifle II
– Target detection/counterdetection
– KD zeros from 400 – 600
– Spotting skills
– Moving quietly with your rifle
– More range estimation
– More wind (depending on conditions)
– Reactive target practice
– Practical gear/equipment

Fieldcraft I
– Reading a map
– Topo maps and altimeter
– Map and Compass, declination
– Map and grid coordinates
– Using the Night Sky
– Solar Navigation

Fieldcraft II
– Shelter: Finding or making, improving
– Fire: Starting (flint steel, friction techniques, batteries, optics)/Building/Maintaining
– Water: Obtaining and purifying
– Food: Obtaining and purifying/preparation (edible plants, foraging insects, fishing for survival and harvest, trapping/snares/deadfalls for survival, hunting, crafting garments from harvested hides/tanning)
– More land navigation
– Mindset considerations

Field Medical I
– Basic sanitation/personal hygiene: why important?
– Physical conditioning
– Patient physical assessment
– Intro to hemorrhage care
– Cold and heat exposure
– Dehydration/nausea/vomiting/diarrhea
– Cleaning/closing/caring for minor lacerations
– Sprains/strains
– Care for closed fractures
– Care for open fractures
– Eye Injuries
– Antibiotics
– Intro to ethics

Field Medical II
– The Arrested Patient-Viable with Grid Up resources
– The Arrested Patient-Triage in Grid Down
– Care for defensive wounds
Stab Wounds
Gun shot wounds – limb
– Other “medical” chest, abdominal, head issues
– More hemorrhage control
– Intro to IV theory
– More antibiotics
– Intro to pain relief/anesthesia
– Delivery of newborn and care in grid-down/austere environment
– Principles of operating in an austere environment
– Dental emergencies
– Emotional issues/counseling
– More ethics/intro to triage

5 responses to “>A Draft Curriculum

  1. >Thanx cb,jack and the rest of you for starting this.I’ll check in regularly to see whats cooking.I hope this is a no holds bard kind of site.Lets drop the PC bs and talk about what we need to do to servive.

  2. >We should have first shoots/events posted by end of weekend.Spread the word, amigo.

  3. >Great sequence of instruction, Pete,et al.Wish Wyoming wasn’t so far from the coast.Good luck in this endeavor!B

  4. >”Western” means west of O degrees longitude.:-)If you have folks who want what we have, let’s talk.

  5. >So are you going to work through each stage on your blog, giving instruction? Links to video, such as on youtube, would be excellent, demonstrating each skill. The number of people who can go to a class is very small compared to the many thousands you could reach through youtube, giving one tip or skill at a time, or even a whole class in ten minute “bites.” Think about it. Why not spread the wealth and duplicate yourselves on video and then let it go viral?