>WRSA Schedule/Courses – Updated As Needed

>UPDATED 1/11/11: Several of us have attended very useful training sessions with both Gabe Suarez and the Front Sight organization; each are highly recommended.

Stay low, keep moving, use cover, reload often, and good luck.

Up the Republic!

8 responses to “>WRSA Schedule/Courses – Updated As Needed

  1. >Any progress on a date for GA?

  2. >Working it. You’ll know here first!

  3. >How about date or location for OR?

  4. >We’re waiting for a date here in Washington. (I promise to bring sun screen to Yakima this time)I’ve got an Correct Grad CMP HRA Garand I want to break in.

  5. >We plan to have the first six months of 2008 locked in by end of Jan.Keep watching!Happy new year, too!

  6. >time for an update…

  7. >I have a problem. A friend of mine is a lefthanded shooter, but is right eye dominent. He can not shot a rifle very accuritly. Any advice on how to fix this?

  8. >Practice, practice, practice. I shoot right handed and am left eye dominant, I'm also an "expert rifleman" according to the US Navy. Your friend will eventually learn to focus with his weak eye. It's kind of like learning how to shoot a pistol weak sided, a real pain, but it can be done.