>Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting by Zak Smith

>One word – outstanding.

Zak’s one of the principals at Colorado Multigun, whose mission is “to promote world-class multigun skills through competition. Multi-gun includes long range rifle, carbine, pistol, and shotgun, with an emphasis on their practical application.”

You can sign up for their match notifications at coloradomultigun-subscribe@googlegroups.com.

He’s also graciously granted us permission to publish his three-part series on practical long-range shooting.

Read ’em and enjoy:

Part 1: The Rifle & Gear

Part 2: Optics

Part 3: Shooting

3 responses to “>Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting by Zak Smith

  1. >Hey- Great Stuff. I’m not all the way through it yet, but this is exactly the type of info I was looking for.It’s nice to know that sometimes, mostly through blind luck, I do something right. I picked up the Savage 10FP in 308 w/ the Choate/John Plaster stock. I went with an IOR Valdada 4x14x50, which I’m guessing is comparable at the lower end of the scope picks. Now I just have to learn how to shoot it!!TC

  2. >Here’s an article I wrote on a match last weekend held in Logan NM:http://demigodllc.com/articles/blue-steel-ranch-steel-safari-2007/

  3. >Tx Zak. With your permission via email, I’ll post your article in the main body of the blog here.