>Interest in "Long Rifle" Course in September?

>We have been discussing holding a “Long Rifle” course in Nevada in September.

The idea would be an organized clinic/practice session to develop both shooting and spotting skills under windy conditions out to 700 yards (possibly more).

Interested folks should drop a note to us at westernshooters@gmail.com.


2 responses to “>Interest in "Long Rifle" Course in September?

  1. >YES!!! I would love to see one. I could split the gas money with a buddy, and I would even bring my military pop up target for the “OSAMA-WHO’S YO MAMA” 1300 yd target. If we could get that far that is.

  2. >Bro:There’s a lot of empty space in NV as you know. You want to take a lased 1300 yard shot, we’ll find one.