>Teach Your Children Well (Or Not)

>Thanks to Instapundit, take a look at this
lovely article on how to teach children to accept militarized police nonsense.

Make sure to check out the photos as well.

Think anyone mentioned the fate of Kathryn Johnston to the kiddies?

What about the friendly officers in that case and others?

Thought not.

2 responses to “>Teach Your Children Well (Or Not)

  1. >I find this to be one of the more disturbing things I’ve read in a long time. It shows that the “state” is desensitizing the youth of this country to accept this behavior. I don’t mind so much the government just being stupid, but this shows some forethought into how better to control the populous.

  2. >My friend, what do you think is the real motivation behind the absolutely pointless “security theatre” silliness at airports?It’s all about the conditioning:”Well, Gloria, the nice man said we have to put the 3 oz. shampoo into the clear bag, so we better do it. We wouldn’t want to get in trouble or miss our flight, now would we?”Our forefathers stop spinning in their graves just long enough to barf, then resume rotation.