>July’s Practical Shooting Events at Langhorne Rod & Gun, Langhorne, PA

>From Dr. Pacer from Langhorne R&GC:

Greetings to the Patriots of PA. Hope you all took time to remember what July 4 really stands for!

I’d like to take this opportunity to “Remind” you about some “important” dates this month cycle at Langhorne Rod and Gun Club, Inc.

First, this Saturday (July 7) at 9 (set up) 10:00 start is the second
“Action Pistol/Defensive Accuracy practical day “Only Hits Count”. Jason has posted his COF, which I transfer here for convenience:

Stage 1:
Out to Lunch:
Gun in holster (or at ready) from a seated position, stand and engage two
hostile, one friendly. Movement is required, lack of movement is a penalty,
three shots per hostile strong hand only while holding baby.

Stage 2:
Open Late Nights:
Gun in instant access safe (code 1234)
From a reclined position on a cot, get up and retrieve gun from instant
access safe. Engage two hostile, two friendly. Four shots per hostile.

Stage 3:
Can you loan me a dollar?
Gun in holster, bad breath distance from Hostile 1. Draw and fire Hostile 1
from retention position, move, engage hostile #2 & #3, find friendly 1 being
detained by hostile #4. Three shots per hostile.

Stage 4:
Gun in holster. Engage hostile 1-5, three shots per hostile, any order you
see fit.

Secondly, on July 14 there is a a NRA Range Safety Officer Course. If you
are interested in becoming a range officer for the various events at
Langhorne, and /or looking for work hours the same way, PLEASE contact me
ASAP so I can order materials!

Thirdly: As a neat trial by fire and “wake up” we are running a
Practical Rifle COF on July 15 that has a decidedly defensive application.
His post on the topic:

For those that attended the Sniper competition, this is going to be run the
same way. It will be a mixture of shooting, and non-shooting events,
including reloading, 100/200 score shooting, running, and other challenging
but safely controlled activities. This competition will be SOMEWHAT
PHYSICALLY DEMANDING, and as before will be an individual effort


1 – Semi-automatic, centerfire rifle capable of reliably firing at least
fifteen rounds in one loading. (e.g. M4, AR15,
Kalashnikov variant, G3, FAL, M1A). With at least five magazines, and 200
rounds of ammunition.
A SLING IS REQUIRED. It must be able to support the rifle reliably when on
your shoulder.
1a – A handgun with holster that is capable of firing ten rounds without
reloading, or extra magazines if not.
2 – Field removable Combat optic, with BUIS, or Iron sights exclusively.
3 – Sunscreen, Hat, Eye and Ear protection
4 – Physical fitness and endurance sufficient to endure a full day of
competitive shooting, running events, and other physically demanding tasks.
5 – Range experience, and discipline to follow instructions, and observe
basic safety rules.
6 – A personal water supply, such as a camelback, or big honkin’ jug and a
7 – A rucksack, which must be sized sufficiently to contain all gear you
will use that day.
8 – A Tee shirt, any color, any design, that fits you, and that you’ve said
your final good-bye’s to.
9 – Attentiveness to the match, and willingness to pitch in with target
changes, score recording, etc.
10 – PA shooters – Extra 20/30 round magazines to share with the Jersey
11 – Lunch, snacks, sodium tablets, whatever you need.

It’s better if I don’t reveal the CoF too precisely, but there are events
included such as these:

1 – The Tacticathalon (mixture of live firing events ranging from handgun to
2 – Oscar’s nasty garbage can.
3 – The preposition problem.
4 – Monica’s war.
5 – Monica’s war, with a “load”
6 – The brownwater commando.
7 – The Mogadishu mile.
8 – Me and my optic, and my backup irons.
9 – the Mad Minute.
10 – The Tee shirt killer

Some or all of these may be included, or altered at the match director’s
leisure (Remember the first event of the Sniper comp?) Targets will range
from polymer reactive, through realistic humanoid, through paper/cardboard.

I’m running the event, and will handle it with all the energy and
professionalism that I tried to bring to the first match.


I’m sorry but we’re not providing lunch on this one. If you have a PACT
timer, please bring it to allow us to speed up the individual effort stages.

Mark your magazines on the bottom of the floorplate with some identifying
mark to make sure you get them back.

Let me know if you’re coming, and if you’re bringing anyone so I have a
rough head count. Some of these events are full line, others are individual,
so I can take more shooters than the last match. No pre-registration
required. Members: $15.00 Non-members: $25.00

Start time will be 9:30am SHARP.

Finally, on August 4, the grounds will be crawling with WOMEN for the
National Wild Turkey Federation Women in the Outdoors event.

Girlshunt2 has lined up instructors for the following seminars (roughly two hours each):

Basic Step Aerobics
Cake Decorating
Dutch Oven Cooking
First Aid
Outdoor Cooking
Self Defense
Talk to the Animals
Trap Shooting
Wildlife Habitats

$50 gets your lady four seminars, a Lunch, a one year membership in Women in
the Outdoors and a one year subsrciption to women in the outdoors magazine.

Pass it on and help make these events a BLAST! For directions, go here.


Der Prez

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  1. >Now that the event is passed, can I get some more info on the scenarios?> 1 – The Tacticathalon (mixture of live firing events ranging from handgun toLMG).2 – Oscar’s nasty garbage can.3 – The preposition problem.4 – Monica’s war.5 – Monica’s war, with a “load”6 – The brownwater commando.7 – The Mogadishu mile.8 – Me and my optic, and my backup irons.9 – the Mad Minute.10 – The Tee shirt killerI’d like to incorporate some of them into the Sundance Shootouts.- Jared