>It’s Not Paranoia When They ARE Out to Get You

>Much kerfuffle has been made over Congresswoman McCarthy’s HR 2640, which gained NRA support in an effort to “appear reasonable” and allegedly restrict access to guns by mentally-disturbed folks.

Here is what “being reasonable” gets you, with a hat-tip to Rivrdog.

Any chance of getting a similar list re police officers and other government officials with histories of mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and other no-nos?

What about broad-based support to require the purchaser’s permission for government access to mental health records prior to the purchase of a printing press, a computer, or a pen?

Thought not.

UPDATE 7/24/07: Although the questioner is either a plant for the G or a complete doofus, get a load of the “mental health angle” on this gun control question from the YouTube Democratic Presidential debate.

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