>Even A Blue Pill Won’t Help

Thanks to Dirt Rhodes Scholar, now added to our blogroll, here are two articles on what “constitutionalists” and other problem children will likely be facing in the next decade.

In the first article, the author explains why dissident Americans ought to be very concerned with the legal framework brought about by the current Administration re the various “enemy combatants” captured in the “Global War On A Tactic.” A sample:

No greater threat to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights has ever existed than the current doctrine of “Enemy Combatant Status” (also known as
“unlawful combatant” status). This doctrine is like a toxic, poisonous weed that, if not pulled out by the roots, will grow to choke and kill the tree of liberty. It threatens to wipe out our Bill of Rights and plunge us into a nightmare of military supremacy over the civilian power and unchecked executive rule by decree, where the courts, rather than serving as defenders of liberty, are mere willing administrators of a new Kafkaesque system of indefinite military detention and trial. We must fight this doctrine or see our freedoms perish, and with them, the last restraints on the U.S. war machine. To fight it, we must know the facts of its illegitimate birth and silent nurturing at the hands of politicians, generals, government lawyers and complicit judges. We must be willing to acknowledge that Lincoln, FDR, the New Deal Court, and now even the liberals on the current Court have all been willing midwives to this monstrosity. As Patrick Henry said, “Whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, [we must be] willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it.”

Please read the whole thing, as well as Mr. Stewart’s research paper on the same topic.

Add this FBI classic, throw in a little Bovard, and to paraphrase Tom Lehrer’s Cold War classic We Will All Go Together When We Go:

We will all gulag together when we go

But remember – it was me who told you so

Lock ’em up

Reeducate ’em

Don’t forget to beat and hate ’em

For their lawyers cannot save them where they’ll go…

Tempus fugit.

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  1. >Thanks Cabinboy. But if you really want to keep em up late at night, have them read the one titled The Clinton Era Proposal to Use Military Tribunals on McVeigh and the Militias.That is the one that should make their hair really stand on end. Best, Stewart