>A Modest Political Proposal

> From Rivrdog, who sees in the withdrawal of Fred Thompson both the need and the opportunity for a real third party run in 2008.

I agree, given the equivocation to date by nominal Republican and ardent constitutionalist Ron Paul.

Key grafs:

…Nope, it’s Third Party Time, folks. Problem, both the Thirds that might apply, the Libertarian and the Constitution Party(ies) have a bad case of the moonbats. The Libertarians are mostly anarchist, national defense (but from within a Fortress America) being their only palatable long suit, and the Constitution party just keeps putting up religious whackos (so do the Big Ls).

If you’re going to live by the whacko, let’s die by the whacko.

Here is my idea for a Third Party:

The Revolution Party. Motto: “Revolution, It’s our Future”. Party Logo, same as the header on this blog, the Stars and Stripes, but with two arms crossed holding up firearms (let the arguments commence as to which two). The arms will be one female arm and one male arm because, Ladies, we can’t do this without you.

The party’s stated purpose: Change the Government. Change ALL the Government. Restore the rule of Constitutional law and the culture that went with it. Project that culture as far as it can be projected. Defeat other cultures (in battle as necessary) that conflict with ours. Re-educate the nation in the culture until it is the predominant culture. Tolerate other cultures, but only as they admit that here, within our borders, they are secondary to our Constitutional culture. Take pro-active steps to promote our culture (such as by de-funding ALL attempts to weaken it).

Realistically, the Revolution Party will have to be up and running in just a few years, and ready for conflict within four to six. The reason is that its tough core (corps?) will be people over 50 years of age, and we can’t be expected to fight forever…

Read the whole thing, and heed well Rivrdog’s admonition:

…There are steps to take to get ready for a conflict of this magnitude. If you’ve begun to take them, good for you. If you haven’t taken any steps, it’s time for you to decide if you are actually in favor of restoring a Constitutional culture, or if you are in favor of completing its downfall.

Tempus fugit.

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