>Facing Facts


Thanks to Tam at View from the Porch, we have Kit’s perspective on the current political scene:

…I used to write about politics all the time. That was back when I thought my “side” could win.” I still keep up with the issues, but I’ve come to the same realization that Jayman has – America does not want what I want out of government. America loves big government. They don’t care about taxes and punishing producers and the non-scalability of things like health care and school systems. America wants Big Brother to make them feel safe. America wants Nanny Government to give them money, food, health care, and whatever else America thinks it’s entitled to loot, courtesy of the producers…

That’s what America wants, because they’ve spent years building up an immunity to authoritarian government-is-my-One-True-God slavery. This isn’t a place for freedom lovers any more, and I will likely be in the minority for the rest of my life. My vote isn’t going to count (in national elections at least) for anything except a depressing whisper of protest, probably ever again…

Read the whole thing. We’ve added each lady to the blogroll, so drop by and get their take as the show proceeds.

Foor for thought: how do freedom-lovers adjust to long-term minority status, especially when the opfor will not simply leave them alone?

6 responses to “>Facing Facts

  1. >Sounds like conservatives need to grow up. One doesn’t always win or get ones way. Conservatives have been in control pretty much for the last 20 years. And now that it looks like they might lose some control they’re taking their ball and going home. That’s good because what we really want are voters that know to concern themselves with more than the 2nd amendment.In any case, what freedoms are we lacking in this country?

  2. >Dude:Try:- 1st Amendment political speech 90 days prior to a general election- 2nd Amendment RKBA in MA, NJ, IL, NY, DC, CA and elsewhere- 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures- 5th Amendment takings a la Kelo- 9th Amendment non-enumerated individual rights- 10th Amendment states’ rights.You are either blind, ignorant, or some combination thereof.

  3. >Dude, I was just asking to find out specifically what freedoms *you* thought we were lacking. No reason to be insulting.Aren’t nearly all of what you mentioned traceable back to Republicans? You forgot to mention the freedom to use drugs, pay for sex, and to choose how and when one wants to die.Compared to countries like China, though, we have it extremely good. In many countries, you and I would be executed for these postings. I’m certainly not for an authoritarian government but it is important to keep things in perspective. That’s something I think some of the folks you linked to in this posting have lost.

  4. >You’re right re the snark at the end of my post. It was unwarranted by your question.I don’t think comparison to the successor regime for history’s greatest mass murderers is the standard I would recommend.Basic stuff:- unrestricted political speech, subject only to libel and slander laws- unrestricted religious observance (including non-observance), limited only by the rule that one cannot inflict religion on another by force- unrestricted right to keep and bear arms, limited only by personal responsibility for any projectiles launched downrange- unrestricted retention of one’s own eanings, save for a de minimis income tax not to exceed 10%- unrestricted freedom from government interference as to your person, possessions, and property, except upon court order based on probable cause of the commission of a felony You’ll see a trend….and I agree with you that the best allies are ones that see that 2A is only part of the puzzle.

  5. >Budro, just for the sake of clarification – the Republicans aren’t my side either. I’ve been voting third party for more than a decade now, and will continue to do so. It’s just the lines have become so blurred for me that all the major candidates look the same.People say “vote third party!” “evangelize!” “empower the grassroots small government types!” but has any government anywhere on the planet gone MORE liberty-oriented rather than less over time? Not counting America in the 1770s, mind you. We will not have liberty in my lifetime.

  6. >As a former Republican, I used to believe that the party of Ronald Reagan was the party of (relative) freedom. The last eight years have cured me of that. Forever.The only chance I see for Liberty is for like-minded people to migrate to a particular place and effect a de facto secession.Then I look at the facts around the Free State NH and Free State Wyoming projects, and I despair.Moreover, it’s not as if I can just retreat inside my house and live my secessionist life there, as the new administration will root me out there via enforcement of its “healthcare”, taxation, and gun control laws. Sad days, indeed…