>Living in an Imperial World – Part V

As we noted here, Miami police were seeking authority from the FAA for a test of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for tactical uses.

Approval for the UAV trial was announced today. More video here.

Most importantly, note the closing sentences in the Miami article:

…Honeywell has begun low-rate initial production of MAVs on a new line in Albuquerque, New Mexico, sized to manufacture up to 100 vehicles a month. “We expect several large contracts in 2008,” says Fulton.

The wise patriot will learn to think not only about OPSEC and COMSEC, but also 360-degree situational awareness in the x, y, and z axes.

This US Border Patrol PowerPoint presentation will give you more incentive to do so. Go here to download a free PowerPoint viewing program, which you’ll need to watch the little flying-dog-and-pony show from the Border boys.

The future is here, and it ain’t pretty.

Wo ist Leutnant Snoopy?

2 responses to “>Living in an Imperial World – Part V

  1. >Man, if that thing isn’t right out of “Dark Angel”.http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0204993/Better start playing with the Mil-Dot Master for those high angel shots.

  2. >Well, one of those rangefinders that compensates for elevation would definitely be useful to someone with resistive intent…..Just an observation, y’know.