>Get Them Now: M1 Garands & Quality Greek Ammo

> Go to the Civilian Marksmanship Program website and check out the qualifications needed to purchase up to 12 Garands per year, starting at $445 each.

FAQs are here re one of the finest battle rifles in history, even by today’s standards. Yeah, parts are a hassle, but less so when you designate the six best rifles out of your 12 rifles/year allotment to firing duty and the remaining six sticks to parts detail.

Problem solved.

Then check out the prices for quality Greek non-corrosive surplus .30-’06 ball here. 768 rounds on en bloc clips in bandoliers for $238 shipped to the lower 48 states is a screaming deal.

Fill out the paperwork, send it in, and convert as many of your disintegrating-unto-toilet-paper US dollars as you can into machined steel, walnut, lead, copper, nitrocellulose, and brass.

Then harangue your friends and family into doing the same.

It’s the commodities play that keeps on rewarding its investors, but only if you then go and learn to shoot these rifles competently while you still can.

Start your study in the left margin of our blog, by clicking on the link for “How to Shoot the US Army Rifle M-1”.

We’ll be back with more training suggestions shortly.

Tempus fugit.

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