>The Jihaddis Are Winning


4TH UPDATE 12 APRIL 08: Here’s a link to the current version of “Fitna”, which which reshot by its author to remove a cartoon image of Muhammed that created copyright concerns. Other than that change (effected by the substitution of a new cartoon image), the movie remains the same. I have tweaked the original post below to remove the links to the old version.

3RD UPDATE 03 APRIL 08: I have restored the links below, courtesy of Yuri. I will update this post when Geert Wilders distributes the next version of the film.

2ND UPDATE 01 APRIL 08: Confirmation re “Fitna” site hacking from Jihad Watch.

UPDATE 01 APRIL 08: The movie “Fitna” is being reedited by its creator to avoid a copyright infringement allegation re the “turban Mohammed” cartoon. In addition, one of the mirror sites linked below appears to have been hacked. I will update this post and the links when the actual movie “Fitna” is once again available.

UPDATE 31 MARCH 08: Live Leak yesterday placed “Fitna” back on its distribution. Good on ya, Live Leak! And don’t miss this non-PC British take on this overall situation in Europe.
Please take seventeen minutes and watch this movie before it disappears into our cowardly and dying civilization’s memory hole.

If that site is down, scroll down in the link above for alternative sites. That link also contains translations into a growing number of languages, should you be interested in passing the story to non-Anglophones.

Fjordman reviews the movie, and here’s some backstory if you are new to this important battle.

If you do not know whether or not you will submit to the Islamic onslaught, you need to make that decision soon.

Just as importantly, you need to know what decision has been made on that issue by your family and friends.

This clash between civilization and barbarism will not be over until the jihaddis have been suppressed, or Western Civilization has been destroyed.

Tempus fugit

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  1. >The whole English version can be found on my blog here.

  2. >Thanks, Yuri!