>Living in an Imperial World: How Far We’ve Fallen

Given the increased amount of Federal observation around here lately, I thought it would be appropriate to post this link from the American Thinker giving us some “before” and “after” sketches of the ever-accelerating trend towards centralized Federal power in this former Republic:

…You know the story. Put a frog in hot water and he’ll jump out, but put him in cooler water and slowly raise the heat and he’ll stay in even as he boils to death. Are we frogs starting to boil in government stew? In the midst of a Presidential campaign where we seem to be deciding who’s universal health care is more universal and who’s global climate policy is more global, maybe it’s time to check the temperature of the pot we’re in.

The nature of the slow boil is that short-term changes are not detectable. So let’s look at a longer term to see just how much hotter it’s become. Let’s look at the last century and compare its beginning with its end and to current time…

Please take a few minutes and read the full article; it’s filled with hyperlink support for its view that after simmering for more than 90 years, the “frog soup” is almost ready.

Any bets on whether that frog can still jump?

Oh, and those of you wondering about the upside-down US Flag – please go here for an explanation. I’d say we are well within the confines of 4 USC 8(a) at this point in our political devolution.

Tempus fugit.

2 responses to “>Living in an Imperial World: How Far We’ve Fallen

  1. >Why thank you for the welcome! I too work for the feds. Now during a break I’m checking out your site. BTW, I’ve been to two Appleseed shoots and I’m very progun. Just so you know that working for the feds does NOT mean I’m anti-gun. Have a good day.

  2. >Enjoy yourself here. Hope to get a chance to shoot w/ you on the range someday.Let me ask a question, though, on the assumption that you are the visitor from DHS: how do you reconcile your pro-gun views working for an agency that is so integrally involved in the Federalization of law enforcement at every other level of American life, let alone the farce that is the TSA ‘security kabuki’?Phrased another way: can a person work for DHS and honestly consider themselves to be pro-freedom (which obviously encompasses a lot more than just guns)?I am sincerely interested in your thoughts on the topic.