>Be Very Afraid: The Ascendancy of ‘Tommy Tactical’

Rivrdog shares his law enforcement experience and views on what he calls the “Tommy Tactical” mentality of many modern police officers, starting with an encounter between a CCW holder, a bad guy, and the responding officers:

The worst has happened. You, a CCW permitee who is carrying, are shopping in a store when an emotionally damaged person (EDP) enters with arms and the determination to take many people with him in his grand finale. He fires at you. You return fire.

You have engaged the shooter in a defensive gunfight, and by moving, correctly using cover and sparingly shooting, you have cornered the EDP in an area of the store away from the exits, and shoppers and employees have taken the opportunity to flee. Your role has switched from defensive to “hold your ground” tactics to keep the shooter bottled up so that he can’t escape to do more damage outside.

The police finally get there, and entering the active shooter scene, see you first and take you under fire, hitting you. Your days are done. It matters not what happened to the EDP.

Sound extreme for a scenario? It’s probably as close as it’s going to get to what would actually happen…

Read the whole thing, and never forget the attitude of the deputy police chief in the story linked by Rivrdog:

…Dean, who described himself as a lifelong gun user and a member of the National Rifle Association (emphasis added), said students with guns could create confusion in a school shooting situation because officers are trained to quickly find and take down shooters.

“If I enter a classroom and there are two people with a gun, who do you think is going to die,” he asked. “Both people.”

“To protect and serve” or “Shoot first, and ask for a bench trial later“?

You make the call.

Tempus fugit.

One response to “>Be Very Afraid: The Ascendancy of ‘Tommy Tactical’

  1. >quickly find and take down shooters? guy sounds like a mall ninja to me. If they were that quick they’d have stopped a school shooting.Sounds like sensational reporting – where they found some guy who is a bit high on himself. I think most police officers would be far more reasonable in their response than this john rambo ‘shoot em all, let god sort em’ out’ wannabe.