>Volk on Freedom


Oleg reminds us of Simo Hayha and his exceptional accomplishments:
…Mr. Häyhä was credited with over 500 kills in his service during the Winter War with his service cut short as he was wounded on 3-6-40 by a Soviet sniper. Simo was shot in the face with what turned out to be an exploding bullet and he was taken out of action due to these wounds. The total time that Simo Häyhä served in the Winter War was 100 days with about 500 kills credited to him. His record is truly remarkable and is long since remembered in the nation of Finland.
In times of trouble it is often the quiet men that rise to greatness. This was indeed the case of the Finnish hero Simo Häyhä, who served on the horrendous Kollaa front in the Winter War of 1939-1940. The Finnish exploits on this front are known widely today as “The Miracle Of Kollaa” where the Finnish Army Infantry 34th Regiment’s 6th company overcame colossal odds against their survival. They did not just endure as they gave the Red Army invaders a fight that will forever be remembered. The Finnish lines continued to exist till the end of the War, being a true testament to the nation of Finland and the Finns that held the area. Simo Häyhä was a symbol of this front and he represents the true meaning of the word “sisu” – loosely translates to “Guts” in English.

Simo Hayha (right) and his commanding officer, 1940

It’s not the tools – though they are important. It is the will and the skill of the patriot that makes free men and women dangerous to tyrants.

If the Republicrat nanny-state totalitarians and their thuggish Praetorians in local, state, and Federal government knew that .1% of the 80 million American gun owners had half the “sisu” of Simo Hayha, we wouldn’t be slouching towards the confiscatory dystopia made inevitable by the promises and policies of both parties.

Instead, we have the spectacle of grown men and women applauding and in some cases screaming in rapture as the technological nets of a permanent surveillance state are thrown over every single one of us.

Let this be the epitaph of “America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights” and the bulk of its “Idiot Quisling Fudd” membership:

Tempus fugit.

2 responses to “>Volk on Freedom

  1. >The story may be apocryphal, but its funny anyway:Mr. Häyhä was asked if he found it difficult to shot all those Russians. His answer was certainly it was difficult – they kept running and dodging and hiding behind trees!

  2. >very well put habcan.its bad when both parties don’t even try to screw you behind your back. We as a people are getting shafted head on, and most people don’t say anything.