>Liberty Stickers

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And isn’t someone working on the III stencil?

Tempus fugit.

2 responses to “>Liberty Stickers

  1. >i’m a reformed stenciler. it could be easily done.

  2. >Hmmm. Brainstorm mode on. How about:”We Free – We III””We Are Free – We Are III””III and Free””III Therefore Free””Just III, But Free””Why III? Just ask Me””It only takes III to be Free””We III – A Band of Brothers””III – Just like the Founders””To be Free, be one of the III””III for the Liberty Tree””III – The Three Percent Solution””III for Victory””III for Liberty””We III for Liberty””III = Free””All it takes is III””We can do it with III””Ready, Aim, III””III – Lock ‘n Load!””III – Lock, Stock, and Barrel””III will survive””Truth + III = Freedom””III – You Have Been Warned””III – It’s about Freedom””Don’t underestimate the III””Are you one of the III?””Land of the III, Home of the Brave””Live III or Die”(perhaps this last with “III” superimposed with “Free” as a take off on the NH motto?)OK, coffee inspired thoughts dwindling now…..