>What Is To Be Done: A Practical Reading List

Rawles had a good list of practical books and manuals the other day.

Hopefully, you’ll be using that list to fill any gaps in your existing library as you use the remaining time wisely.

I’ll be excerpting some material from this book over the next couple of weeks.

God willing.

Tempus fugit.

3 responses to “>What Is To Be Done: A Practical Reading List

  1. >Great minds think alike. OK, even tiny minds can think alike. But it’s intriguing sychronicity that you’re posting excerpts of the Guidebook for Marines at the same time that I’m including mention of it in the chapter I’m working on in Absolved.I have long told folks that if you buy just one book to expand your knowledge base as a militiaman or woman, make it the Guidebook for Marines. Older versions are of interest too, for the various weapons they cover. At the moment, I have before me the 11th revised version (1966) which covers stuff like the flame thrower and the M-14 rifle (along with the venerable M-1 rifle and BAR) and the 1st Revised edition (1948) which distills the lessons learned in World War II and has an excellent chapter on rifle grenades. I have perhaps another dozen more-modern editions of the Guidebook scattered about my library and stuck in caches in several counties and two states. The content is great stuff, and all in one place.VanderboeghIIIPS, also, when you’re shopping at the Marine Corps Association bookstore, look for these titles:The Passion of Command, by COL B.P. McCoyRifleman Dodd by C.S. ForresterThe Defense of Duffer’s Drift by E.D. SwintonThe Soldier’s Load by S.L.A. MarshallAll available from MCA at reasonable prices.

  2. >Don't forget one more essential book by a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant: "The Last Hundred Yards" by H.J. Poole!Another that's required reading in the Michigan Patriot Alliance is, "Six Ways In & Twelve Ways Out" by G.W.Jasper.

  3. >”Don’t forget one more essential book by a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant: ‘The Last Hundred Yards’ by H.J. Poole!”Absolutely. Apologies for the omission. Actually TLHY forms the background for my chapter “Doctrine” in Absolved.