>What Is To Be Done: OpFor Mindset

As you consider responses to the fall of the American Republic and the concomitant rise of totalitarianism, use the following items from Radley Balko’s The Agitator to help you understand the law enforcement mindset you will face:

1) NYPD Police Professionalism

2) Detective’s Response to Erroneous Raid on Mayor’s House

Alea iacta est.

2 responses to “>What Is To Be Done: OpFor Mindset

  1. >No threat stated or implied – just an observation: The particular police involved, the particular judges that issue the “no knock” warrants (really death warrants, as one of the posters in the 2nd linked article mentioned), the particular politicians that allow, encourage and order such behavior and particular nosy neighbors-informants should not be surprised if someday some people that are very ticked off at having their kin murdered do things that are, shall we say, “less restrained” than sitting around and mourning the loss of a loved one. Those particular people, after all, have vulnerabilities (including families) of their own, and a victim with little or nothing to lose won’t feel so restrained by the laws or morality of civilization. It all depends on when the frogs get tired of being boiled. When there is no justice and no HOPE for justice, outraged people throughout history have taken justice into their own hands.Just sayin’.

  2. >Your not the only one with such thoughts,Anon.Just sayin’… CIII