>Vanderboegh: Reply to Knox the Younger

>Knox the Younger Misses the Point, and the Boat


Knox the Younger has responded to my Open Letter and in the process has missed both the point and the boat.

The first sentence of his counterpoint deliberately mischaracterizes the reality we face. I say deliberately because he is otherwise a reasonably intelligent chip off the old Knox. (And I daresay that if his daddy ain’t rolling over in his grave, he is at least restive at his son’s latest foray.)

Sez KtY: “As expected, and intended, my latest Knox Report column has upset some in the, ‘All is lost; let’s start a shooting war’ camp. It is mind boggling to me that intelligent people could be so short sighted and misguided as to think that killing people and blowing things up is somehow going to make things better for our grandchildren.”

The predicate for armed conflict in this country will be made not by us, but by our would-be tyrants, who will pass more laws stealing our traditional liberties and seizing our property. It will be our enemies who, having read Knox’s soothing missive, ‘Let’s get real, no one’s going to resist the Leviathan,’ will take it as evidence — a professional opinion from ‘one of them’ — that they can plunder us and, if necessary, kill us, without risk of retaliatory violence.

If they make this mistake, this is how it will go:

** Confiscatory Law is discussed.

** Free people will vote with their wallets and buy up every firearm and round of ammunition in sight.

** The Leviathan, failing to take the warning seriously, passes the law.

** The KtY’s of the country say, “Oh, you want this?” and peaceably hand over their property and their liberty because the regime is “democratically elected.”

** The 3% refuses and gets ready.

** The Leviathan dispatches federal police to disarm the 3%.

** Three percenters are killed defending their lives and liberties. So are many federal cops.

** Wishing to live until retirement, federal cops bring more forces to next raid. Many raids kick in the doors of empty homes, those of the three percenters already on the move. Still, the raids go on.

** More fed cops die, some shot from behind by victim’s friends and neighbors.

** The Leviathan begins to realize that there are not enough forces to subdue the 3%.

** Now that the ball is opened, other three percenters, in the thousands — representing a tiny fraction of their total number– begin targeting, not the fedcops, but the politicians who sent them and the media who support them (Bill Clinton’s rules of engagement, not mine). They begin working through the list of “Yea” votes of the legislation, and the editorial boards of the newspaper who approved.

** When these “statesmen” become surrounded by so many bodyguards that they cannot be touched easily, their property, which can be reached, is totally destroyed. Television station towers are blown down, vacation homes torched, printing presses wrecked — sometimes by raids, sometimes by sabotage. The Leviathan discovers that the Chinese Communists are not the only ones who can hack computer systems.

Note that at any point along this narrative, the Leviathan can stop, back down, reconsider, negotiate. They are willing to fight to last dead federal cop.

Are they willing to fight to their own deaths?

I think not.

Note also how few rights-oriented people are necessary for this to work.

Knox spends much of his rebuttal belittling the number who he thinks would resist. Again, he offers no statistics, merely gratuitous opinions which may be as easily refuted.

Who indeed cares what the real number would be? It would still be enough.

He should recall how many cops tried to find the DC snipers – two mokes who were not very bright, had no support network, and a one-trick pony MO. They still managed to freeze the DC area for what, how many weeks? More then a month wasn’t it? Two morons — with the entire resources of the federal government and the local police looking for them, it was just two morons.

But why would the Leviathan go down this path in the first place?


Knox the Younger asks, “What I want to know is, where are the Washingtons, Jeffersons, Adamses and Hancocks? Who do these Bozos think is going to lead the new America out of the ashes and back to its Constitutional glory, and why arent these giants running for public office and leading the political revolution?”

They are around, they simply haven’t been pushed forward by events yet. Knox’s historical sense must be pretty meager if he counts Hancock as one of the desirables. I suppose, if he survives the coming bloody period by hiding, Knox himself can apply for Hancock’s slot.

Knox asks what our traditional enemies will be doing when the three percent (who he calls “terrorists”) are “busy crippling our nation and trying to foment rebellion?”

I reject the notion that it will be we who will cripple our nation and foment rebellion. He has us confused with the Leviathan. This decision is entirely up to our would-be oppressors. Of course our enemies will take advantage of such a situation. All the more reason why the Leviathan should not push us into this corner.

Then Knox asks, “What exactly do they expect the ‘end’ of their rebellion to look like?”

Gee, I don’t know. Maybe the country I grew up in without the stain of segregation and racial discrimination?

Once they start this dance, if they want to get out of it with their lives, the Leviathan will have to dial back to a time when they didn’t control so much of our lives. It’s either that or they lose their lives. Which way do you think they’ll vote when they understand that?

Knox next criticizes us for advocating “revolution”, when it is really Restoration that we are seeking. We want the constitutional republic of the Founders back. We want it restored.

It is the collectivists who have infested and infected every corner of our government with the statism and corruption of their nanny regime.

They are the revolutionists.

They are the cannibals.

Knox also condemns us us for talking “revolution” but not “actively and diligently working hard every day to elect quality people to office at every level and to educate the elected officials already in office about their core responsibilities.”

What does he think we’ve been doing these past twenty years of more? Does he think we just jumped into this thing and started threatening people?

I was doing political work on behalf of the Second Amendment when Jeff Knox hadn’t sprouted short and curlies. The real question is how long do we continue to labor in those fields when the collectivists keep dumping Agent Orange on our work?

We have sacrificed in the political arena, we have fought and spent and argued ourselves half to death with the struggle.

And yet – here we stand today on the precipice.

Again I ask, how are we ever to win another national election after Obama and his minions pass amnesty for thirty million illegals? I tell you — we won’t, and if you think so you are smoking something hallucinatory.

Knox says “revolution” should be the last resort. I may agree with him, but the Founders didn’t. Read Gordon S. Wood’s Creation of the American Republic. Wood makes the point that the Founders reacted BEFORE they felt the lash. They resisted when they perceived the King picking up the whip.

And Obama’s “democracy” will oppress far more than King George III ever dreamed. Take the “gun show loophole.” This is nothing less than the seizing of control over the private sale of arms — ALL private sales, including handing a family heirloom down to your children.

Not even King George was that grasping.

And our enemies call it “reasonable regulation.”

It matters not, KtY, if you have a “voice” in the halls of government if that voice can be disregarded without consequence. It matters not that we have a vote if that vote can be discounted because of sheer numbers.

It’s not as if our enemies haven’t already measured us for our coffins. They have. They are not shy about their intentions. Pay attention to what they say.

KtY gives much ink to the threat of another OKC Bombing. Well, if he wishes to find today’s McVeighs and Nichols he should look on the confidential informant lists of the FBI and ATF. The feds know everything that goes on in the neoNazi and racist organizations of this country. They control them no less than they did the CPUSA cells in the 50s or the Panthers in the 70s. Will there be another OKC Bombing as a result of this? Probably, and for the same reasons as last time. Because the FBI, accidentally or deliberately, let the conspiracy go too far.

Knox should find out more about what actually happened at Oklahoma City before he uses it as a major argument of his thesis. I refer him to the work of Oklahoma journalist J.D. Cash of the McCurtain Gazette, among others.

I spent the Nineties fighting the racist stooges of the FBI. Any google search will be able to prove that. An upcoming book by Dr. Robert Churchill, entitled “Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant’s Face”, soon to be released by University of Michigan Press, documents what those of us whom Knox sneers at as “patriots” and “unorganized militias” did to fight terrorism back then.

Here is the point. No matter what the political landscape is in a constitutional republic, the rule of law, not the rule of man, should obtain. When it doesn’t, it becomes necessary for those who support the rule of law to shoot the tyrannical SOB who now seeks to rule in its stead when he comes to our homes to enforce it.

Knox the Younger concludes with this peroration:

“So I say to Mike Vanderboegh and those who believe as he apparently does: If you want to start a violent revolution, go do it in Iran, or Cuba, or Mexico, but don’t bring you destructive, self-defeating, chest beating into my fight for the Constitution and liberty. If the time comes when we must resort to violence to restore our republic, I will be in the vanguard, but until that time comes, I will dedicate my life – as my father dedicated his life – to using the Constitution, and the rights and limits it illuminates, as the most powerful weapon for preserving it and the republic.”

The Constitution is a piece of paper if its spirit does not live in the hearts of men. If it is despised, disregarded and prostituted against the Founder’s intent, then it is so much toilet paper.

Knox still has not answered the question: What will he do when they use the “law” to move the line of firearms regulations behind us?

He says he stands for our traditional liberties. But how will he win a political argument with the system stacked against him and a loaded Federal gun shoved in his face?

Strip away the bluster and he has told us — he won’t. He’ll fold like a cheap suit. Having prepared the way for more oppression by spreading defeatism, he will stand on the sidelines while the Leviathan deals with us “domestic terrorists,” probably clucking his tongue with “I told you so’s.” If he doesn’t further lick the boots of his oppressor by providing them the names of us “terrorist malcontents” I’ll be surprised.

Collectivists don’t pay attention to legal niceties if they get in the way of their intentions. Like Stalin asked of the Pope, “How many divisions does HE have?” With the election of either candidate and a solid Democrat party majority in the national legislature, the line will be moved once again, this time behind us, and those of us who refuse to move will be dealt with.

I can understand why Knox the Lesser wishes to avoid the consequences of his previously enunciated principles. Everybody wants to live as long as possible.

So do I.

I want to live long enough to rock all my grandkids to sleep, singing them the same songs of freedom I did with my children. But what I want above all is for my grandchildren to inherit a free country.

In the end, it matters not what Knox thinks or says or writes. WE will not fold when the time comes. WE will fight. And the inexorable but faulty logic, appetite and power of the Leviathan will do the rest.

He may try to wish the coming conflict away. It will not happen.

We will fight, he will fold, they will lose. The Republic will be restored, despite little boot-lickers like Knox the Lesser, precisely because we will raise the cost of tyrants doing business in this country, just as the Founders did.

I repeat my previous advice to you, Jeff. Hide and watch. We’ll show you what the Founders taught us.

Your approval or disapproval is but a fart in the historical wind.

Mike Vanderboegh


6 responses to “>Vanderboegh: Reply to Knox the Younger

  1. >In classical times a son, nephew or younger brother of a great man would sometimes be referred to as (name) the lesser, rather than (name) the younger. Perhaps you would like to reinstate this practice?

  2. >Mike, “** The Leviathan dispatches federal police to disarm the 3%.”I give them a little more credit than that. They know the rules of 4GW, and they’ve read BHL Hart, they know the consequences of a frontal attack. Like it or not, you are the leader of a terrorist movement, in their eyes. The first “shot” fired will more likely be *your* – you specifically, Mike, and a few others as well – “unfortunate” car accident, or perhaps “suicide”. If you’re lucky, they’ll only discredit you, not assassinate you. They know better than to create martyrs. Sipsey street would have indeed been portrayed as a Ft Sumter, and that portrayal would have been believed, utterly, by the other 97%.Even if I’m wrong, and their cockiness overcomes their sense, it pays to never underestimate your enemy.

  3. >It’s been said that one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.Bull!A terrorist targets innocents in order to instill fear in the public. McVeigh was such. Or at least so stupid that he did not care what the repercussions of his actions were.The goal of the freedom fighter is to instill fear in the hearts of the enemies of that freedom which he holds dear. And a major indicator of membership in that enemy camp is how a public official feels about armed civilians. If they do not trust us why on earth should we trust them?Bless you Mike.III

  4. >Well said Mike, as always.We are standing by…III

  5. >The new Washington is doing the same thing the old Washington was doing — running his business after an honorable but otherwise undistinguished military stint.The new Jefferson is doing the same as the old Jefferson — running a business, and taking up an epistolary hobby, only writing a blog this time.The new Adams is doing the same as the old Adams — pursuing a law career, with some part of it dealing with issues of state and freedom. The new Hancock is doing the same thing as the old Hancock — smuggling contraband (then, molasses for drugs, now probably the drugs themselves) and evading taxes and laundering money.The new Franklin is blogging and publishing columns, the new Sam Adams is getting pressured by the local authorities about how to run his bar, and the new Paul Revere is reading this comment, and reminding himself to buy some more ammunition this weekend, just in case.