>Globama Declares Support of the World Socialist Eco-Agenda

>EU Referendum today features a great post on how the Obamessiah recently announced his belief in the great “global warming” swindle.

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Along with the nearly-inestimable economic damage that will result from international governmental action in support of this rubbish, the anti-warming crowds are so rabid in their need for control of human action that they propose to regulate production and emission of carbon — the most abundant element in our solar system.

Given that level of neurotic control fixation amongst the global elites, is there any rational question that Globama’s likely Secretary of State will also do all she can to bring about American adoption of the UN’s agenda against private arms ownership?

There shouldn’t be any question after reading Obama’s response to an arms-control questionnaire submitted during the 2008 Presidential campaign:

ACT: There are several international initiatives under consideration or in place to reduce the threats posed by conventional weapons that take the lives of noncombatants, including a limit or ban on cluster munitions use, a global arms trade treaty to better regulate weapons transfers, and the Ottawa Convention against anti-personnel landmines. What steps, if any, should be taken to limit conventional arms dangers?

Obama: In general, I strongly support international initiatives to limit harm to civilians caused by conventional weapons. In the Senate, I worked with Senator Lugar to pass legislation securing conventional weapons like shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, anti-personnel landmines, and other small arms; co-sponsored legislation introduced by Senators Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) prohibiting future procurement of victim-activated landmines; and voted for an amendment offered by Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Leahy prohibiting the use or transfer of cluster munitions absent rules of engagement ensuring they would not be employed near concentrations of civilians.

As president, I will help lead the way on these issues. Our military has legitimate concerns on these issues, and I look forward to consulting closely with leadership at the Department of Defense as we shape policies on these key issues. At the same time, I recognize that our forces have been moving away from using cluster munitions and anti-personnel landmines ourselves, and these trends can be accelerated with targeted investments in innovative technologies. We also have a strong national security interest in preventing the illegal trade in small arms, including rocket launchers sought by terrorists and other extremists. I will regain our leadership on these issues by joining our allies in negotiations and honoring U.S. commitments to seek alternatives to landmines, while also ensuring that our service members have the tools that they need to do the dangerous missions that we ask them to perform.

After all, when the globalist minions come to investigate allegations made anonymously by your greenie neighbor that you have exceeded your carbon allowance for the month, they’d prefer not to come down with high-velocity catastrophic hemorrhages as they do their bit for the planet, wouldn’t you say?

As the global socialists meet and scheme, American gun owners are hoping to defend against reimposition of the last AWB by buying hi-cap magazines and scary-looking rifles, never imagining that their recent purchases might simply be declared contraband and subject to uncompensated seizure, once a brief “buyback” period ends.

‘Twas ever thus: most folks prepare for the last war, rather than what is actually coming at them.

Lesson for the decade: hope is neither a strategy nor a tactic.

Alea iacta est.

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  1. >Worldwide regulation of carbon dioxide emissions is a worldwide hydraulic empire based on energy, rather than water. Historically, hydraulic empires are stable, and mostly fall to competition from the outside. Where’s the “outside” in a world that doesn’t yet have widespread space flight?