>.22 Long Rifle: Penetration At Distance

A friend send this field test summary on the potential utility of the ubiquitous .22LR on soft targets at distance.

Read it, then think about potential applications in your AO.

Tempus fugit.

3 responses to “>.22 Long Rifle: Penetration At Distance

  1. >If they were good enough for the Mossad, they should be good enough for us.

  2. >Awesome test and report by the turkey shooter. This shows how effective the .22LR can be out of a scoped rifle in an urban or suburban setting out to 300 yards. This is especially true given the lack of muzzle blast, and even more so if using subsonic match ammo. Subsonic 22LR out of a rifle barrel is almost as quiet as very expensive suppressors firing subsonic centerfire pistol ammo, and much quieter than suppressed centerfire rifles. And all of this in an inexpensive and innocuous package.

  3. >maybe i should rethink my decision to skip that 10/22…