>Running What Ya Brung

Spartacus sends this article from The Survival Podcast Forum on what happens to 22 students and a bunch of ARs, AKs and various pistols when you subject them to 12 very intense days and nearly a quarter million rounds of ammunition.

Read and learn.

Tempus fugit.

2 responses to “>Running What Ya Brung

  1. >This piece has been posted around widely, in the past day or so. Was posted several months back on an AK board IIRC. What I liked from the text, was the comment to the effect that Glock pistols performed poorly, and other pistols performed worse.

  2. >Used to do that stuff, a LOT. Best angle is to go around and stay out of the freakin mud. N’ ifn you can’t stay outa the mud, treat your gun like a princess, and keep her out of it. Not easy, but combat never is, and if you get all mudded up, and can’t get your shit in order, you will die. It is what it is.