>Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

>Go read this article from today’s WSJ.

Note especially the timing.

Now, to be clear — I don’t see either Mexico or Canada as major influentials.

But what about the folks who pull Mexican and Canadian strings?

Now consider the impact of this data from the US Treasury re foreign holders of FedGov debt.

Then ask yourself — as to the foreign powers on today’s stage:

Who would benefit from a dismembered, humiliated Uncle Sam?

Put another way: which nations, besides Israel, wouldn’t want to see such a scenario, at least at first blush?

Happy new year.

7 responses to “>Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. >Damn hand , i dont know where your source came up with this , but you would be better served citing the county by county breakdown on voting habits , not that votes have anything to do with insurection .

  2. >I can see a civil war happening, but not along those lines. I think the fellow is a bit daft.Red vs Blue. Rural vs Urban. Those make much more sense.

  3. >To me, what is significant is that:a) such discussions are taking place in the WSJ, andb) the issue is not “whether” but “when” and “with what result”.

  4. >Tennessee, Kentucky, and South Carolina in the EU?LOOOOOOL

  5. >As the borg say “resistance is futile”, there will be a civil war if we are ever to get our rights back. It is more likely that if we do split it will be in three sections. Oregon, Washington, and California, as the west coast. Everything east of those three but west of the great lakes will be Central. Then the East coast would be it’s own area.

  6. >OK, guys, let’s do a little critical thinking here.This Russki is a product of the KGB/FSB. Does anybody here think that he did this independent of that agency? If not, what is their objective? His scenario is a revanchist Soviet’s wetdream.The Southwest aligning itself with hopelessly disfunctional MEXICO? South Carolina with the EU? I don’t know about anyone else, but absent the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution which reconciles differences between states not covered by the Bill of Rights, I’m not going to cede one square inch of American soil to the motherless collectivists. If its war they want, then its war to the knife and knife to the hilt.’Nuff said.VanderboeghIII

  7. >These guys (KGB or not) didn’t put any thought into this at all. If you were to try to align different regions of the country with other powers, you would have to know the make-up, culture of these regions. The guy who made this map doesn’t know dick about America, and his map probably took him 10 minutes to make.If you want a better breakdown of the regions of the US, try “The Nine Nations of North America” by Joel Garreau. It was written way back in 1981, but his regions still stand up pretty well.Dumb Ruski could have put some thought into this exercise at least.