>Quote of the Week

>“The Feds? Make me laugh. How come they think they’re the only ones with a list?”

— Overheard at a gun show this weekend

4 responses to “>Quote of the Week

  1. >The other thing they overlook is that some of us work right next to them…

  2. >Quantity has a quality all its own.How many people have lists? 1? 100? 10,000? 100,000? Only they, themselves, know. But the larger the number, the bigger the problem that the people with one list and limited manpower have.Let’s hope that the more intelligent among the leadership class understand AND RESPECT that, so that no one needs to refer to their list for anything other than entertainment purposes.

  3. >Along the same lines as ebd10, the second thing ‘they’ may overlook is that some of us live in the same neighborhoods…Al U. Minium

  4. >Do you have any idea of how much trouble I'm in, now that you have put it out that there might be folks besides myself who have "lists"?At least mine is short & sweet – just the names of those I am not going to be looking for. I've samed whole forests, and probably 2 universes worth of electrons going that route.stay safe.skidmark