>Holder: Hosed 17-2

>¡Ya Basta! makes the announcement.

Codrea’s Examiner column points to the last line of defense:

…Time is running out. There is only one hope left if the confirmation is to be stopped.

That is for a senator to put a hold on his nomination.

As we’ve seen in prior columns, NRA will not be considering a confirmation vote as a vote that will affect their ratings of a senator. Our last best hope would appear to be Gun Owners of America. Will they publicly call on their A-rated senators to put a hold on the nominee, to obstruct, delay, filibuster, whatever it takes to prevent an enemy of the Second Amendment from becoming the nation’s top law enforcer?

A “no” vote is not enough.

Note too that Larry Pratt and GOA continues to do its job as the only no-compromise advocates for the freedom and RKBA crowd:

We will score the vote. We frequently give extra credit to bill sponsorship and other acts of leadership, such as leading a filibuster.

Let’s all remember to live by the iron rule of politics:



While thinking about next steps, take a moment and send some help to the GOA coffers, please.

The III crowd is considering how best to express outrage at the Lairds of Fairfax for their cowardice.

Suggestions solicited below.

One response to “>Holder: Hosed 17-2

  1. >IMHO, easiest way is to send in a “join” card or a renewal card, with a note telling them you won’t be NRA any longer, specifically due to Holder.