>Moore: "’Atlas Shrugged’ – From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years"


A video from the WSJ, as posted by Billy Beck.

Beck’s take?

Stephen Moore briefly expounds on his article about “Atlas Shrugged”, which I noted here.

It’s a neat little bite for introducing to people who may not know the book. I think the last thirty seconds or so is gratuitously optimistic gas. I think Moore is quite wrong about “The American People” in the general stroke. Twenty years ago, I might not have thought so but I do now. Just on the evidence of their voting, which I say is dispositive, I maintain that they’re going to have to run this whole course, and there might be something left with which to discipline the children by the time it’s done.

Still, pass it around. At least some people might wake up to what’s happening.
My view: the average American ain’t anywhere near awake yet, let alone in a teachable mindset.

It’s good that, as Lenin apparently said, “worse is better.”

We’ve got a whole lotta “worse” coming.

Alea iacta est.

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