>Grigg: Triumph of the "Quangocrats"

>William Grigg takes a look at the neglected question of how, at the same time private industry is shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs each month, those millions of “public servants” hanging from the taxpayers’ teats are enjoying both job security and prodigious pensions.

Read it all, but here’s a taste:

…As with all government spending, the fraudulent “stimulus” measure will devour wealth rather than creating it by abetting the growth of government employment at the expense of private productivity. The only people who will actually benefit from the “stimulus” package are those belonging to what the Brits call the “Quango Class.”

“Quango,” a term I learned only recently, refers to QUAsi-Non-Governmental Organizations,” or what are more commonly called “public/private partnerships.” Minette Marrin of the London Sunday Times, who introduced me to the term, describes “Quangocrats” as “the vast and growing army of state sector workers — public servants, civil servants, whatever you call them … the actual providers and arrangers of public services. You can find them in any town hall or local authority….”

In socialist Britain, as in the corporate socialist (that is, fascist) USA, private sector businesses that actually produce desired goods and offer useful services are shedding jobs by the million; private citizens are cinching in their belts and — as their retirement plans evaporate — contemplating the prospect of ending their days by expiring with their noses still firmly attached to whatever grindstone is still operating in this economically blighted land.

Meanwhile, writes Marrin, the public is beginning to suspect that “very large numbers of state sector people are … doing wasteful non-jobs, which we don’t want to pay anyone for doing … [And] the government keeps on creating these jobs despite constant, informed protest.” Those who find themselves thus employed are often “deeply … incompetent and yet very rarely face the consequences of their failure” and enjoy “secure pensions and security of employment” with the option of taking “very early retirement on full pensions” even as the rest of us will have to bear increasingly onerous taxes — both directly and through inflation — in order to provide the Quangocrats with the benefits to which they feel themselves entitled…

And the rumors of a second “stimulus bill” to be enacted this summer have already begun…

Had enough yet?

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  1. >I wish they’d expand governmental hiring, or at least stabilize it. A lot of DoD and Department of the Army civilian vacancies are drying up since December, and contractor jobs are going away as well. I’m ETS’ing with a bad back and thought it would be easier to join the post’s civilian workforce. Wherever Obama is expanding hiring, it’s not on Fort Campbell, Kentucky.