>Beck: No Quarter

>From Billy Beck:

Mon Feb, 23 2009

(a comment elsewhere brought here because there just wasn’t enough contempt here, today)

“The tea-bag protest is a fabulous thing,…”

It’s rubbish. I guarantee you: everybody talking about this is going to make sure the monster is fed next April 15th and they cannot wait to get in line and vote again.

By the time these people get their stupid tea-bags in the mail, Amsoc will have achieved whole tactical and strategic leaps and bounds toward the commanding heights, and the slow-motion socialist revolution will have made another turn of its great wheel: the fait accompli in place.

I am not fooled by the noises of people who no longer live reality but, instead, every hollow metaphor that they can get between them and reality. And when I look to history for men of action and find their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” have come down to this, I get sick at my stomach.

“I never liked any of you sonsofbitches, but I always wished I could have.”

With every passing year, my conviction on my own epitaph becomes that much more determined.

It’s hard to believe: that I have lived in the same times with such craven punks, who can satisfy themselves so cheaply.

2 responses to “>Beck: No Quarter

  1. >A tea bag? What message does that send? They will never even see it due to the mail screening process, so it is largely a wasted effort.If we want to send them a message, we need to ALL send a copy of a generic RANGE TARGET (no actual bullet holes and no threatening language – just “We will not disarm”) to the HOME ADDRESS of our local congress-traitor anonymously.These tyrants will certainly take offense and try to get the sender charged with some “terrorism” crime for this simple act of political FREE SPEECH, but isn’t that all the more reason to do it?If we are so afraid of appearing to be “threatening” and terrified of possibly offending the delicate sensibilities of these traitors, how in the heck do you expect them to be afraid that we may actually rise up and fight them once they decide to EXTERMINATE us?They believe we will NEVER fight back because we never HAVE, and we have been far too civil and polite in our dealings with them. They need to understand that if it comes to a fight, their pawns are not the object of the game…

  2. >If your going to letters and such to your reps put your name on it. If you don’t believe in it enough to stand in front of it you lack credibility. Its the person who is unafraid to become known that scares them the most.