>Insert Your Own Caption

>Blame David.

And no, you can’t make the image go away, once your minds absorbs it and the necessary inferences to be drawn from it.

Raptus regaliter.

6 responses to “>Insert Your Own Caption

  1. >In a stunning display of art imitating life, Nancy Pelosi sponsored this float including her likeness. She was quoted as saying “It tastes like chicken”.

  2. >How about these:”You can fly higher and faster when someone is blowing smoke up your ass””Flying Blind””Better open your eyes before you fly into a mountain top””The flight of the Killer Angels”too much coffee, better stop.

  3. >Hmmm, just what is she holding on to anyway?

  4. >OK, OK…I'll just erase the vision with copious amounts of Jack Black.God, (& us III) save us, & goodnight.

  5. >”I can see the sun!”

  6. >Skullz has it sewed up. so to speak. Butt if I may:1. “Hey! Somebody call my Secret Service guys! Barney Frank is after me again, this time in drag as a cherub!”2. Following the example of Christ Matthews, perky Katie Couric files an up close and personal live report of the fragrance of the fecal matter of her friend and president, Bongo Obama.”It’s true!”, she squealed, ” his really doesn’t stink!”3. After ingesting three tubes of white caulking compound to insure the proper coloration, Mr. Obama performed one of his most requested party tricks by exuding a small statue of a cherub from his anus. The crowd applauded, but the festive mood grew darker when Rosie O’Donnel drunkenly began clamoring for him to create an image of Hillary complete with a dildo, for her private collection.