>Dead Wrong

> To paraphrase one of my intellectual lodestars, Bullwinkle J. Moose, “I gotta get me a new crystal ball.”

By now, you have read both the “Holder sez AWB2 and copkiller bullet ban” and “Pelosi imitates NRA and sez ‘enforce existing unconstitutional gun laws'” stories.

Ostensibly pro-2A folks are laying out how Wayne and Chris are gonna save all the NRA members, as long as everyone donates more money.


We’ve just completed step two on my continuum:

1) We’re screwed.

2) There’s gonna be a fight.

3) Let’s win.

Expect lots more on #3 in the coming weeks.

Audentes fortuna juvat.

7 responses to “>Dead Wrong

  1. >Both Holder and Obama have affirmed their intention on an AWB (and repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment). It easily be that Pelosi’s remarks are intended as a spoiler to the organisation of grass-roots opposition to the proposed changes.It could be sooner than you think if there’s another school shooting, or in a mall or a church. Or maybe some kind of terrorist group pulls something along the lines of the Mumbai stunt. Or they engineer another Waco-style atrocity (tho presumably better orchestrated for press and propaganda purposes this time).And Holder linking American-sourced “assault weapons” with violence in Mexico – they could simply sign a treaty with Mexico and it would open a path to negate Second Amendment guarantees that could be defended as Constitutional (via the clause giving supremacy to international treaties entered into by Fedgov).

  2. >time for a mass public NRA membership card burning?

  3. >Spartacus: Suggest we wait until the final betrayal. Action/reaction….

  4. >On #3….purchase the book,”Neither Predator Nor Prey”.And make sure that you read it….more than once.BobIII

  5. >Neither Predator Nor Prey