>A Republic, If You Can Regain It

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Don’t tolerate the claim that this country was intended to be a democracy.

And consider how, if ever, can delegated authority be controlled.

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  1. >Excellent video.

  2. >An entrenched oligarchy is currently the biggest structural problem these United States face.If we must have a representative government, there are several options to limit the damage done by any one representative or group thereof.First off, we ought not allow the idea of majority rule. I like the idea of consensus approval. If you cannot get near-unanimous approval of a measure, we ought not make this a law.One idea (credit L. Neil Smith) is to include on any ballot for office, right above the write-in blank, a line that allows one to say “none of the above is acceptable.” If NOTA won a plurality, the office would be vacant, or a by-election could be held to fill the office.Another idea is to have each voter either represent themselves or provide a proxy to another person to represent them. Said proxy could be revocable, and the person holding it would vote with the weight of whatever proxies they held. This works pretty well for corporate governance.Another idea would be to institute the draft for political representation. Each person who registered to vote would agree to serve in the local legislature or the US congress, if a random selection came up with their name. They serve their term and are then free of further obligation.

  3. >And consider how, if ever, can delegated authority be controlled.A true delegation of authority isn’t the problem; the problem is a pretend delegation of authority by majority vote that is really a usurpation. Once majority vote is considered legitimate by an individual, crime against that individual increases exponentially. For example, the articles of confederation didn’t restrain the growth of government: it failed quickly by allowing its displacement by the constitution. The anti-federalist papers prove its contemporaries understood the future problems nearly as well as we do. The constitution didn’t restrain the growth of government: it failed quickly with the alien and sedition acts and the whiskey rebellion, and proceeded to fail ever worse unto the present.History disproves the claim that a republic or a constitution ever worked. The apparent freedom in the 1780’s was just the early stages of cancer where government hadn’t grown big yet. You know the story about how lily pads that double overnight go from negligible to covering the pond in a week? Safety only comes from having zero lily pads, not a small, “correct”, “limited” amount. If you find a lily pad in your pond, remove it. Your safety isn’t improved by a small amount of cancer, or a small amount of having your rights infringed by others (aka crime). The whine about ‘no freedom without laws’ deliberately confuses negative rights, like the bill of rights, with positive rights, like most of the rest of law. You have maximum freedom when you have a zero amount of being ruled by others, for what is crime other than being forced to do something at gunpoint?This video describes anarchy as rioting; but rioting isn’t anarchy, rioting is a crime. Their fear of disorder overwhelms their love of liberty and they run to mommy or daddy (oligarchy) for emotional safety. Government schools have trained you to fear liberty, and you are institutionalized. But don’t run back into your stall in the burning barn, try something different this time. Try liberty.

  4. >Examples of honest delegations of authority include hiring a realtor, an insurance agency, a lawyer, a bodyguard, or a person to direct traffic at your farmer’s market. An individual person makes this decision for themselves, and can revoke it themselves.Dishonest usurpations of authority are when any person claims the authority to make decisions for somebody else, without that other person’s explicit and unforced consent. Any aspect of majority rule, such as a vote, is a symptom of dishonest usurpation.Does your tribe operate by majority rule? Will it forcibly override the preferences of members who are being ‘unreasonable’, on the grounds that, in a survival emergency, it must put up a unified front towards an external threat? Why do think it will act differently in the future?George Washington was bled to death by well-meaning doctors who didn’t know any better; and similarly, most of these tribal-sized governments are sincere mistakes by people of good will. What mistakes are the leaders you follow making?

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  6. >the explanation of democracy is very good. however.anarchy is being misconstrued here. the change from government to no government yields chaos, true. quick and temporary changes are more chaotic. slow changes are less chaotic. it is not the beginning or the end that is the cause of that strife, it is the velocity of the changes.the ancient chinese understood this well, apparently. the culture’s greatest philosophical product is called “the book of changes.” the story of siddhartha, the buddha, ends in his understanding of life by way of a river. a river is always changing, it flows continually. yet it remains in place, as dangerous or as life-giving as it ever was.all of human history is undergoing this process in a very broad fashion. empires have gotten shorter in their life spans since the romans. they’ve also ended more and more violently, and left smaller and smaller forms of government behind.at the end of this process, some of us believe, is the kingdom of god. this is an anarchy, with respect to government of men, by men. it is ordained and orchestrated by god’s laws.but what we need to get there is understanding, knowledge. it’s not an external change. it’s simply seeing things for what they really are, with a language that is not orwellian. calling a spade a spade.the greatest realization of the american experiment, i hope, is that taxes are theft, and a form of slavery. if we can get beyond that, we can begin to perform our government experiments with a lot less strife and hatred.soon, we will simply be pondering government, not bringing it to bear on others.perhaps we will finally understand that there is no state. that we live in anarchy, even now, and that statism is simply pretending otherwise. that life flows in spite of government.

  7. >Everyone please read “Un intended Con sequences” by J ohn R oss. It’s a fictional account of the gradual usurpation of American’s rights based on historical evidence. And, it provides a grassroots strategy which negates the need for firefights in the streets IF our cries for justice and freedom are continued to be ignored by the legistraitors and Executraitors.