>"This is NOT a Tea Party. This is a Tea and Cakes Party." — A Threeper leaflet for handing out at "Tea Parties"

>From Mike Vanderboegh over on Sipsey Street:


I have a leaflet suitable for Three Percenters to hand out at “Tea Parties.” You may copy the picture and image below, or email me at GeorgeMason1776@aol.com for a Word document suitable for xeroxing.

Feel free to hand it out, but make sure the tag line showing its provenance is on there. I want the guilty parties to know who to blame. Here is what it says:

This is NOT a Tea Party.

This is a Tea and Cakes Party.

THIS is a Tea Party:

The original Boston Tea Party was a calculated act of law-breaking designed to send the British Empire a message it could not fail to comprehend. Making long-winded speeches, thumping impassioned chests and denouncing a government made up of people who have already written you off as unimportant, impotent and no threat to their plans is a waste of time, energy and oxygen.

As comfortable and deeply ingrained as they are in all Americans, the conventional political tactics of speech-making, letter-writing and electioneering have brought us to this precipice of defeat. The guttering flame of the Founders’ Republic is within one stiff breeze of going out forever. Both political parties have conspired through malice or incompetence to bring us to this state, yet still people look in vain to the system of party politics for salvation.

The Founders were not so stupid as to place all their hopes on a corrupt system. When the accepted channels of politics and remonstrance failed, they burned the King’s tax stamps, dumped his tea, broke the windows of his tax collectors with rocks and bricks, smuggled forbidden goods, defied “his royal majesty” in hundreds of other ways and dared him to do anything about it. Liberty is not free, nor is it without risk.

All these tactics are still available to us today. Any inventive mind could think of many more effective in this modern era. It is not necessary to collect a crowd to do them, either. Defiance in action can be expressed individually in many ingenious ways.

But let us not kid ourselves that standing around and listening to speeches that aren’t worth the hot air generated thereby is an effective strategy for dealing with the hard-eyed, hard-nosed collectivist domestic enemies of the Founders’ Republic in power today.

You want to send a message that you intend to defend your liberty and not talk about defending it?

Don’t mail a tea bag.

Think like the Founders, and ACT.

Mike Vanderboegh
PO Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126

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