>Thank You

>Two years ago, the Western Rifle Shooters Association launched their efforts, including this blog.

Since that time, we have conducted numerous shooting and medical clinics.

Our blog has hosted more than 324,000 visitors, with more than 612,000 page views.

We have met, either virtually or in person, hundreds of right-minded folks working for the same goals — freedom on the increase in this country, rather than in retreat.

That work continues, and today finds us in Lexington, Massachusetts at the Oath-Keepers Constitutional Oath Ceremony.

When we return on Tuesday evening, we’ll be announcing a special “thank you” event for WRSA readers at the Front Sight firearms training institute in Pahrump, Nevada later this year. You’ll want to check it out!

In the meantime, on behalf of everyone at WRSA, let me offer every WRSA reader a very sincere thank you for your readership, your contributions, and your friendship over the past two years.

May we each meet someday in the free country we each work so hard to achieve.


UPDATE 19 APRIL 09 0750 EDT: Please take a few minutes to read Mike’s thoughts on this particular Patriots’ Day.

2 responses to “>Thank You

  1. >CA, on behalf of those who follow your blog, let me thank you for the service you provide. We appreciate the valuable advice, lessons, news, and training tips.I thank you.

  2. >Along with many others, I’m waiting for reporting on theevent in Massachusetts (evena DVD to buy) Don’t see anythingin the MSM but maybe I’m ineptat scoping it out, I’m out of practice.