>WRSA "Thank You!" Handgun Training Party at Front Sight — June 5-8, 2009

>Join us at the world-class Front Sight firearms training institute for a four-day defensive handgun course and rendezvous on June 5-8, 2009.

Details are:

Where: Pahrump, NV; map

When: June 5-8, 2009

How Much: $450/person

Admin: Here’s the rules per Front Sight — each student should download the application and background inquiry on the Front Sight website. Make copies. Fill out the application and background form.

Each guest who hasn’t had a Front Sight background done within the last year must submit the $50 background check payment with the application, background form, and course fee.

Label each application along the top with “Birthday Party for WRSA”.

Front Sight will email confirmation to each guest at least one week before the course.

Questions? Go to westernrifleshooters@gmail.com

NOTE: This training opportunity is just that — an opportunity put together by some of our WRSA members for folks to receive four days of quality handgun training with a retail price of $2000/person for $450/person. Some folks won’t like the fact that Front Sight requires all students to submit their info for a background check. It’s their school and their rules, so make your own risks/benefits analysis and proceed accordingly.

Hope to see you there!

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