>Remember Chief Flynn

> From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via Instapundit comes this story of police lawbreaking in the face of a state attorney general’s opinion:

Madison gun owner Auric Gold said he often carries a handgun in a holster while walking in his east side neighborhood, a right that attorney general J.B. Van Hollen affirmed in a memorandum to prosecutors on Monday.

Van Hollen said it’s legal to openly carry a gun on the street in Wisconsin and advised prosecutors that merely having a gun doesn’t, by itself, warrant a disorderly conduct charge.

The advisory gives those who choose to carry guns in public more confidence in doing so but isn’t likely to spark a rush to arms, said Gold, who works with OpenCarry.org, a gun rights advocacy group based in Virginia…

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said he’ll continue to tell officers they can’t assume people are carrying guns legally in a city that has seen nearly 200 homicides in the past two years.

“My message to my troops is if you see anybody carrying a gun on the streets of Milwaukee, we’ll put them on the ground, take the gun away and then decide whether you have a right to carry it,” Flynn said.

“Maybe I’ll end up with a protest of cowboys. In the meantime, I’ve got serious offenders with access to handguns. It’s irresponsible to send a message to them that if they just carry it openly no one can bother them…”

As Professor Reynolds advises:

So if you see Police Chief Ed Flynn, put him on the ground, take his wallet away, and then decide whether he’s accepted any bribes that day. If, after doing that, you think the money’s his, give his wallet back. Who cares what the law says? It’s the Milwaukee Way!

Remember Chief Flynn.

Sic semper tyrannis.

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  1. >I see he “started” his “career” in Jersey City. I personally have spent lots of time there trucking in and around,with no problems.But it is quite the shit hole.I’m starting to think maybe this is where the problem of crimes/guns really lies,with POS “Officers” like him who know nothing else but what they “learned” on the “streets” in such places. Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium CIII

  2. >Auric Gold? I seem to be having a Bond-ian moment here…

  3. >Here is an update regarding Chief Ed Flynn. Not only is he a gun grabbing political clown, apparently he is an ass grabbing clown!http://www.bittenandbound.com/2009/06/19/jessica-mcbride-is-police-chief-edward-flynns-affair-photos/