>Sound Advice From Across The Pond

>Courtesy of Theo comes this timely message, along with the helpful information below:

8 responses to “>Sound Advice From Across The Pond

  1. >The fact that the powers that be can’t control the real news posted on the internet means that they SURE WILL TRY TO. Sure, have a camera and know how to use it. That being said, once the tanks start steam-rolling civilians COUNT on the net going T/U until the technical problems are solved. “They” can’t allow to many unsettling images to get out. Revolutions have been started by less. Postal snail mail. Slow, but it still works. Get addresses while you can folks.

  2. >Could someone post a link to the story behind this picture?

  3. >Ditto Elliot’s request for the background to the pic.

  4. >Anon at 5:30 AM. forget the camera.You should have a gun(s) and know how to use that intstead. Always.. CIII

  5. >Could someone post a link to the story behind this picture?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HECMVdl-9SQ

  6. >Thanks for the tips. I did a google search and found this earlier.

  7. >The “Police Medic” line was my first belly-laugh of the day. Nowadays, gallows humor is all I have.