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>Commenter Redleg on our Defence of Duffer’s Drift post:

Here is the modern version of “the Defense of Duffers Drift”. It is entitled “Infantry Combat: The Rifle Platoon An Interactive Exercise in Small-Unit Tactics and Leadership”. It is available through Amazon.com.

You are asked to make choices at the end of each chapter. You are then told what chapter you have to read next based on your choice. There are some valuable lessons to be learned here, ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WITH NO COMBAT ARMS MILITARY EXPERIENCE.

There are two others available — one for the armor company and one for the infantry company. I feel the one for the infantry platoon is the most pertinent and would be the most beneficial to this situation though.

I found this book of value when I was in the Army.

Many thanks, Redleg.

Two other suggestions:

1) From Small Wars Journal, the Duffer’s Drift dream concept applied to counterinsurgency in Iraq — The Defense of Jisr al-Doreaa.

2) All of Poole’s works, starting with The Tiger’s Way: A U.S. Private’s Best Chance For Survival.

As you do your reading and thinking, don’t forget the Z axis either — the threat of air observation/interdiction, which freedom forces will face in abundance and which American-authored tactical manuals neglect (i.e., .mil air supremacy is assumed). However, as Sean and I opined in the Duffer’s comments:

Sean: Very instructive, and first rate. However, one must allow for the “aero-plane”, musn’t one? Oh, and tanks. And night vision devices. And smart bombs. And satellite pictures. And robotic devices. And oh, well, you know. Things a bit more complicated these days,eh,wot? More’s the pity.

CA: Sean:

You correctly point out one of our largest vulnerabilities.

However, as wise folks have counseled me, all of the modern toys depend on:

– POL (fuels and lubricants)

– specialists (toy operators)

– data connectivity/nodes (if the ones and zeros can’t get to or from, the toys no worky)

– other logistics (everyone has to eat, drink, crap, bathe, get ammo, med supplies, batteries, et cetera ad infinitum).

Thinking about interdiction on those points of vulnerability will help blunt the toys.

6 responses to “>Additional Military Readings

  1. >Hah, a choose your own adventure small unit tactics? that sounds like a blast.

  2. >How did the Polish general’s quote go, when asked how his light infantry was supposed to stand up to Nazi armor? “When they get out to take a piss, we’ll shoot them in the head.”

  3. >God I LOVE this blog!!!!!

  4. >Along the lines of “communications”, I’m currently researching an old technology capable of brute force radio denial. Anyone here know anything about “spark gap generators” and their use in early radio? Illegal as hell under FCC regs, since they transmit on ALL frequencies, but interesting knowledge to have handy.*Sigh* Looks like I’m going to have to put together another blog entry. I didn’t want to have yet another hobby to eat up my time, but someone needs to get this information out to people who might need it.ranamacar

  5. >It is interesting to read the latest US Army COIN manual from the point of view of insurgents. 1. Look harmless. Blend in. watch for ever-smaller eye-in-the-sky. Know that all radio traffic is instantly located, translated, jammed/spoofed by the NSA/CIA/Army agit-prop units. Land-lines and field phones may not be safe/secure. 2. Never, never, never give the big army a chance to engage in a fair fight. They will destroy the little army while declaring them to be criminals. 3. IED’s and EFP’s are THE force-multiplier to keep the big army buttoned up in their forts and armored vehicles. Improvised does not mean crude. Improvised probably means “placed by hand”. 4. Insurgency is a fight about economics and control, not about who can win a battle. Making the occupation very very expensive while repeatedly “tactically advancing/dispersing to a safer rear” is a win for the natives. Shortly (in a couple years), there will be a withdrawal of foreign troops or replacement with lower-quality different foreign troops (US troops being replaced with under-trained under-equipped central African troops). 5. Find a way to keep the local population on the side of local fighters. Keep local people housed, fed,treated somehow, and make sure that they know it’s the (freedom fighters) not the foreigners doing it. This is one of Hamas successful strategies that have made them partly a social-services and political agency rather than just a military organization. Without local support, it’s over and everyone will be slaves to foreign corporations and banks. Keep reading. Some of this stuff works and has no good countermeasure for the big army, short of total population extermination, and that has its’ own set of problems. Cheers.

  6. >Ranamacar: Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Drop a note here when the new entry is ready.Thanks again.