>Vanderboegh: A Response to "A Simple Matter of Force"

Read Mike’s commentary on yesterday’s Olofson post.

Remember: The Obamites want freedom-loving Americans to react. Commenter MALTHUS said a mouthful yesterday:

The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.–Saul Alinsky

Here we begin our lurching toward the abyss. As patriots find themselves vexed by repeated violations of their God-given rights, the temptation of anarchy beckons.

This would be a grave mistake.

The Clinton/Obama cabal is well-versed in political jujitsu. All the forces of repression and subjugation are available to them. To directly challenge their authority by initiating armed resistance would simply strengthen their hold on power.

We can sap their power indirectly; we must do so by rebuilding our own crumbling foundations.

Volunteer to teach a Sunday school class. Meme: Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

Read up on the literature of liberty: the Anti-federalist papers, Frederich Bastiat’s “The Law”, Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom”.

Take a course of instruction on small unit tactics. Gabe Suarez, et al, offers them. As Alinsky (op. cit.) has noted, a threat is more to be feared than the threat’s execution. Don’t make empty threats; instead, be a palpable one.

Now is the time to prepare yourself morally, mentally and militarily. The fight will be joined sooner than anyone could want.

The best strategy is to let the other guy make the first fatal mistake. You cannot know the time or place of its happening but you can put your logistical house in order so as to better your chances of prevailing.

God speed.


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  1. >y you should mention The Law. It was this little booklet that we came upon from when my wife was in College Republicans. She never read it and I was bored. It has in less than a hundred pages helped explain why all the things I knew to be true were. It has replaced Conscience of a Conservative as the single most important book in my idealogical foundation. READ IT.