>Codrea: Congressman Peter King Plots Terrorist Act

>David Codrea explains in his Examiner column how a Republican Congressman plans to abolish due process for any person considered by the Attorney General to be an “extremist”:

…Here’s what I get from King’s bill: They will be able to put a person’s name on their “prohibited” list using redacted documents that can be withheld from the victims under the guise that releasing the information compromises national security. They will be able to do this without having convicted that person of a thing in a court of law–the accusation is enough…

Read all of David’s column, then pass it to others.

It takes a lot to appall me.

But Representative King has done so.

These people really seem to want a confrontation, so that they can roll out the next stages in their race towards American totalitarianism.

Tempus fugit.

3 responses to “>Codrea: Congressman Peter King Plots Terrorist Act

  1. >”want a confrontation”I can’t see this passing, but if it does, they will surely receive what they wish.

  2. >FWIW, the timing of these acts (the .mil participation in local police matters, both DHS reports, the Holder comments re AWB2, etc.) strongly suggests a pattern of provocation.Folks who plan to either do nothing or “draw the line at my front door” had best get out of the way.The Washington crowd wants and needs a fight, and if they can’t provoke one, they’ll stage one.Soon.

  3. >Concerned American(CB), I believe you have it right. Building to provocation is apparent. Caution and patience will be the order of the day. With all the usurpation of liberty the PTB are quietly attempting to obtain(and have already), there will is a time to fight with voice, ballot box, and ammo in that order. However, those that don’t realize that the voice and ballot box are nearly depleted are in for a surprise.Be ready to defend your liberty as merely voicing redress with ‘our’ government will get you on the naughty list and possibly a political prisoner behind bars.Das Katz