>Codrea: Inspector X

>Go and read David’s Examiner column today for his interview with a former ATF inspector.

Tactical question for your consideration: Assuming that there are a significant number of “reluctant” officers/agents/enforcers amongst the OpFor, what are the most efficient ways to convert those folks into informants/operatives for freedom?

Or is such a question hopelessly naive?

2 responses to “>Codrea: Inspector X

  1. >the ATF has approximately 2400 field agents, last i checked.they all collect paychecks denominated in the united states dollar, which is being destroyed.they are paid with the “new money,” which is worth today a value related to what it will tomorrow do to de-value all USD, everywhere.their own friends, their own extended family, will suffer because of it.as the process speeds up, their own friends, their own family, will no longer value those dollars at all, and will instead pick up guns to make their daily bread.they can help stop this any time.

  2. >Make friends and go shooting or have a bbq with them on the weekend. They likely wont stop doing their morally hazardous work, but they might give you a phone call when something very strange is weighing on their mind.The problem is that Enforcement Officers are typicaly self inclusive, many agents have very few non agent friends and tend to have a self reinforcing environment, which (as the DHS warns us) can be radicalizing. The inspector in the interview was likely excluded from such camradarie and started to expand his perspective. This is less likely to happen to enforcement agents. That being said, if it does happen, its likely to be done in places like gun stores and shooting ranges, or on saturday while talking to you neighbor mowing the lawn. Fact is, you dont join the ATF because you hate guns, and anyone with a healthy amount of respect for nice firearms is all bad in my book.