>Vanderboegh: 60 Votes Can’t Buy Gun Control Love

>Read Mike’s latest.

And I’d go one step further re contact with any law enforcement officer:


You have nothing to gain and everything to lose, as the following two videos make clear:

Never Ever Talk to the Police – Part I

Never Ever Talk to the Police – Part II

6 responses to “>Vanderboegh: 60 Votes Can’t Buy Gun Control Love

  1. >Uh, where is it? We’re talking about Vandeboegh, right?

  2. >Your link isn’t.

  3. >Link fixed. Tx for the heads-up.

  4. >Those videos (1st by the fast-talking lawyer (I mean, like, a mile-a-minute) and 2nd by the former cop) are great. The time watching them will be time well spent by anyone. Not to spoil it, but the former cop agrees with the lawyer.

  5. >My business interests require me to deal with the DOJ/BATFE on a number of levels. Not talking to police is not entirely an option for everybody unless you want every firearms and accessories dealer and importer to cease business and go underground? Not that that would be viable anyway, as people like me already have our names on their lists of people that do such things…They’d be a bit interested if we all disappeared off the radar and the firearms trade didn’t go away.

  6. >Anon: if you were my client, I would insist on being present for any discussions with any law enforcement agency. Even with just their regulatory hats on, they are adverserial to your interests and those of your business.