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>A British Revolution?

>Read here, via Brits At Their Best via Wolf Howling.


…Is England on the verge of revolution?

To those who know this most peaceful of nations intimately, the question is bound to sound bizarre. Boasting attachment to the rule of law and democratic government, the English have not had a revolution since the 17th century.

Nevertheless, these days it is hard to be in the company of Englishmen without hearing talk of the need, indeed the imminence, of revolution…

Read the entries and embedded links, please.

Me? I’ll believe it when the first ten MPs, council jobsworths, or other members of the Turkey Army are defenestrated, impaled, garrotted, bludgeoned, or otherwise dispatched.

Heavens knows these wankers and their membership are beyond useless.

‘Rule, Brittania’, my aching keester.

>The Staff of Life

>Bill St. Clair points to an excellent article on making homegrown grains part of your self-sufficiency playbook.

What — you thought the People’s Glorious Five-Year Plan Tractor Commissariat was going to let counterrevolutionaries like you and your family have enough food to eat?

Better check your premises, tovarisch.

Man does not live by Lake City alone.

>Beck: Intensification

>Go and read Billy’s latest.

Then make sure you both know the correct answers to his questions, along with having both the will and a series of plans to deal with the inevitable consequences of those answers.

This is not a drill.


>Well, that was refreshing.

An entire weekend unplugged, with no intarwebs lookin’ at all.

Even more behind on email.

Apologies to those who have been waiting for a response. I’ll be beavering away all day today.

In the interim, please take a look at the comments to this essay.

I’d like to hear more principled discussion on how the Republic 3.0 version should deal with predatory foreign regimes/ideologies.

The geographic and temporal chasms that North America enjoyed in the time of Washington’s “entangling alliances” admonition no longer exist.

So how does one maintain domestic freedom w/o becoming intolerably vulnerable to the world’s predators? I think the answer has a lot to do with the US military’s long-standing ability to remain subordinate to civilian control, but I truly want to hear from folks on both the problem and the solution.