>Vanderboegh: The ATF Keeps Tap Dancing in a Minefield

>Mike updates the story he broke last May about a FedGov death threat against a noted member of the Second Amendment community.

Not good news, either. Read both articles, please.

To me, the key message is in this paragraph of the letter Mike sent to Attorney General Holder in May:

… And Eric, not to put too fine a point on it, but you and I both can make an educated guess about what mischief will likely ensue if ANY high-profile Second Amendment activist “has an accident”. Best to tell your lads and lasses to stick to those nice safe paper cases (you know, the ones with the 4473s completed with a “Y”, rather than “yes”) and confine their wet-work fantasies to their off-duty reading. There’s still lots of vicious drug gangs, murderous career criminals and real terrorists out there to keep them busy without picking a fight with honest American gunowners who merely want to be left alone…

As I noted here:

…For in the end, there is no chain of command for American freedom fighters. The lack of centralized command-and-control mechanisms that insulate leaderless insurrections from many conventional military tactics also leaves the “launch order” as a matter of individual (or small group) discretion…

Keep poking the bear, boys.

Just watch what happens next.

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