>COIN’s Siren Song

>Please read this essay from Sic Semper Tyrannis, as cited at Fabius Maximus, on the challenges of effective counterinsurgency where the indigenous folks don’t want to be pacified.

Money graf:

…In its fullest form the doctrine [of counterinsurgency] can be reduced to three basic elements:

1-Political warfare designed to eliminate the symbolic causes of revolt. This would include such efforts as a reduction of public corruption, adequate representation in government for all parts of the population, etc.

2- Economic development that provides incomes sufficiently large for the masses so that they are not inclined to risk the hazards of support for insurgents.

3- Counterguerrilla operations. Such operations must be a hazard for the insurgents and NOT for the population. We have not been doing well at that in Afghanistan. These counterguerrilla operations are conducted so as to provide a protective “screen” behind which “1” and “2” can occur.

Basically what is attempted in this doctrine is the construction of a society that is more attractive and viable than that promised by the insurgents
…(emphasis added)

As the situation in North America continues to devolve over the next decade, anyone care to set odds on the ability of an impoverished and discredited Washington (or Ottawa) being able to construct “a society that is more attractive and viable than that promised by the insurgents” — especially if the “insurgents” are preaching a gospel that says, “We won’t take your money, we won’t take your property, we won’t interfere in any way, shape or form with your family, and we’ll help you stop anybody who tries to do those things”?

Freedom could be very popular.

7 responses to “>COIN’s Siren Song

  1. >I'm afraid the "we will give you a welfare check" part will be the successful counterinsurgency move… 😦

  2. >Jack:Perhaps, but what if the counterinsurgent sponsor ain't got no money?See the Denninger post just now.

  3. >"Freedom could be very popular."During what percentage of historical time has freedom been popular, as compared to tax-funded central planning of welfare and warfare? To answer that question, I first ask, what does the archaeological evidence of freedom look like? I would expect to see a large middle class, where the bell-shaped distribution of human ability produces a bell-shaped distribution of wealth, with relatively few rich or poor. The rich don't get to steal by means of "law", nor by stampeding the poor and their "votes". Which leaves the original rise of the middle class during the renaissance…the early period in America before the aristocracy of founding fathers got traction…maybe an echo when WWII ended. I don't expect freedom to be popular, except very briefly. If there can be a stable freedom, I picture it as maintained by force by zealots against the screaming of nearly everyone else for looting. Any plan that allows a majority to do anything is a sure loser.

  4. >I think you underestimate the venal corrupt mendacity of our erstwhile "political" rivals. They WILL find a source of revenue to loot. Or just print more worthless money.

  5. >"But what services will you provide? Will you give us good police protection so we don't have to worry all the time about carrying guns? Will you give us good health care, as is our right? Will you help us if greedy employers won't pay us enough to live on? Will you humble the greedy and lucky who refuse to share their windfalls with those who missed out through no fault of their own?"Note, the promise doesn't have to be kept, it just needs to be made. Repeatedly, if necessary. Bottom line, you're lying to yourself. Several generations have to pass where they live, birth to death, in circumstances where personal responsibility is an absolute necessity. Only that can rebuild the moral structure of the people. It has been utterly corrupted by excessive prosperity.

  6. >Liberty is tomorrow's dream. Manifest destiny is yesterday's. Pray do not confuse the two.

  7. >Another "liberation" scene staged by the Zionist entity. Meet the old boss, same as the new boss.